9 thoughts on “NEW THOMAS PAINE VIDEO 4/11/09”

  1. diamondtiger,

    When words and rallys fail as they did 235 years ago, what course do we follow? Subservience to the chains and slavery of Communism and a outdated, barbaric Moslem religion.

    None for me thanks.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. There are many more of us today than there were 235 years ago. Millions more. Hopefully our voices will be enough. Of course, we have to be loud enough to be heard.

  3. I had read once that only about 6% of the colonists were up for the revolution, the majority of the colonists were still loyal to the crown. I would be willing to put the percentage today at 10% and climbing. That would be about 30 million…the largest army in the world. No wonder “they” want to take our guns away!!!! It is said that 80 million Americans own guns, if they all get on board…..

    Thanks for the post and your tireless work. God bless and keep safe Bob Basso! Thank God for the internet!!!!

  4. This is a great video. I saw it on Glenn Beck. For some reason I’ve been having trouble getting the audio on any internet video lately.

    OT – Happy Easter Everybody!

  5. PM,

    Of course the colonists had a bit more on their minds, like survival. If only more Americans today could equate what’s happening with our very survival, we would have more support than any of us could believe! The current problem is that people are more concerned about paying for this ipods and LCT tvs than about their basic rights and Constitutional rights being taken away by our non-representing Congress Critters on a daily basis.

    Hopefully these Thomas Paine videos can turn the tide. I’m forwarding this to everyone in my address book.


    Consider the TEA PARTIES as just a WARM UP!

    Acorn radicals and terrorists have 15 years of organizing experience

    The SOROS RENT A Crowd around the world have had 10 years of experience.

    This the first attempt by “NORMAL” citizens to organize and protest.

    KEEP your focus on the “END GAME” 2010 and 2012, the campaign to throw the bums out! There are 49% of “ELIGIBLE” voters who did not vote. Of those who voted were dead people, and duplicate votes and Acorn ginned up votes.

    WE can win this!

    SO NOW:::ON to NOTRE DAME in MAY !
    ON to DC and along the freeways on July 4th

    THEN for the big show: 2010 and inbetween from top to bottom we will be on the streets to campaign to throw the bums out

    THE PAY-OFF 2012 when we throw out the corrupt criminal, socialist, facist Obama Administration.

    We are just doing some practice runs here that will worst case get some attention and attract some “GOOD GUYS”

  7. Thanks for this great site. I’m a 65yr. old grandparent
    and I will fight the DEVIL himself for the LIBERTY of those two little girls. I’m so encourged to see the younger generation take up the fight, we CAN STOP THIS IF WE BAND TOGETHER. I will stand by you MY BROTHER.

  8. on july 4th i8 say will go out to every bridge , overpass , billboard and paint on banners IN giant letters

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