Day: April 11, 2009

Because We All Need A Good Laugh!

I am shamelessly swiping this because I hope it makes you laugh as hard as it did me.  Thanks James, whoever and whereever you are.... From Facts About Goldman Sachs: A Goldman Sachs Story. Some Fiction - Some Truth - Something to Think About NOTE: Here is one from James as he posted on another blog on October 1, 2008. What's Good for GS Is Good for the Country THE WAY IT WOULD HAVE ENDED: (if Bush, Cheney or Paulson had an ounce of brains) Josh Bolton (outside the Oval Office): Mr President, Hank Paulson is here, he says he's…
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Remember Our Friend Goldman Sachs?

Oh my lovelies, you are going to enjoy this; I am sure. It's like finding your car keys after a 15 minute search, a treasure, or a tall glass of lemonade on a really hot day. How many times have we said to ourselves and each other; "follow the money"?  What have we been doing for the last year except following the money? I want to tip my hat to  Rescottish for emailing this information to me so that I may pass it on to you, and thank him for bringing a more indepth view of another piece of the…
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