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Please join the Dames, Pat Dollard and myself on Blogtalk Radio this afternoon/evening as we review what is happening in our country, why, and how we can affect a different outcome.


The Dame Truth

Monday Nights at 8 PM EST
Join the Dames as we welcome the A-Team of the Movement to take back our country, restore the republic, and get the truth out, a show at a time: Organizer, filmmaker, blogger and radio host Extraordinaire Pat Dollard of ACCDF/ACTIVE  and , and Researcher and blogger Extraordinaire, Logistics Monster as they tell you WHAT’S going on,  WHAT to do about it, WHY you need to get ACTIVE with ACCDF, and HOW you can do it!   It is now time for the Issue to be Joined, and these brilliant, committed Patriots will tell us how to maximize our  effectiveness with solid plans and solutions as we pull together as Americans to make our voices heard once again.
By Logistics Monster

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  • Letty Bromenschenkel -

    OBAMA can shut down our power, communication system, our food supply, our gas and oil supply in ONE HOUR OR LESS!

    THEN who ya gonna “call” “email” “drive around to see” “notify” or worse even know what is going on ?

    There are at least 14 bills with variationspassing through the house and senate that are going to devastate and instantly destroy this nation as we know it:

    AND when they are passed in the middle of the night !

    IF everyone does NOT get 10 people to get 10 people to “organize” a revolt, and move to action.

    1. We will become a 3rd world country within 1 year or less.

    2. OUR kids and grandchildren will be dragged off to “YOUTH SLAVE LABOR CAMPS” His youth ARMY camps.

    3. the parasites, leeches, deranged, tyrants, demented, brain fried druggies will be moved into our homes.

    4. IF YOU WANT a “loaf of bread” you will have to buy a “modified bike” from GM and put your measly savings into OBAMA’s banks !

    R U LISTENING::: they want to control your income who runs your company, etc.

    5. ONE LONG WEEKEND, he will shut off our power and our communications and so WHO WILL YOU CALL THEN ? July 4th ? Memorial Day? Labor Day ? Watch the “RED DAWN” ! That will give you an idea of what you can look forward to:

    6. AND NOW IT IS reparations < PAY AND PAY AND PAY AND PAY FOR Slavery: Which we had zero part of:

    80,000 US TROOPS R NOW being trained to do what to us if we revolt: R YOUR kids in Uniform going to be forced to do …

    The “special Obama forces” along with ACORN and other radicals will be dispatched to keep us all in line! ( you can no longer get unlimited ammo for your weapons) ! “retailers are telling that there is a HUGE HUGE “contract” that is being “FILLED” first.

    ASK ? who is getting the AMMO ?? ACORN, the RADICALS, THE BROWN SHIRTS ?

    MAJOR corporations and billions of dollars are leaving the country every week to escape Obama’s wrath on this nation ! He is executing PAY BACK TIME FOR “slavery” and or whatever at warp speed !

    SO now you have a choice, type all of the meaningless crap for days and send meaningless junk in email chains, and blog and blog all that we already know about and or will you get some spine to move your circle of influence into action:

    APRIL 15th < BE THERE


    JULY 4th < BE THERE !

    NOW IS THE TIME TO “CALL” “FAX” “email and send snail mail” and tell everyone you know to take names, kick serious butt, and move to action.

    AS Germany went under HITLER

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