Please join the Dames, Pat Dollard and myself on Blogtalk Radio this afternoon/evening as we review what is happening in our country, why, and how we can affect a different outcome.


The Dame Truth

Monday Nights at 8 PM EST
Join the Dames as we welcome the A-Team of the Movement to take back our country, restore the republic, and get the truth out, a show at a time: Organizer, filmmaker, blogger and radio host Extraordinaire Pat Dollard of ACCDF/ACTIVE  and , and Researcher and blogger Extraordinaire, Logistics Monster as they tell you WHAT’S going on,  WHAT to do about it, WHY you need to get ACTIVE with ACCDF, and HOW you can do it!   It is now time for the Issue to be Joined, and these brilliant, committed Patriots will tell us how to maximize our  effectiveness with solid plans and solutions as we pull together as Americans to make our voices heard once again.

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