THIS IS “The Come To Jesus” Moment!


The Monster is ANGRY.  The Monster is LIVID!  I have spent hundreds of hours away from my family and months of my life looking for the spider who is behind the unbelievable insanity of the 2008 election cycle and current world events.  I knew the CFR, Trilateral and Bilderbergs were just the front men for the real shadow figures who WROTE the game, are moving the chess pieces on the board, live above the game, and DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK!  Not only do they not care what you think, they started the whole political bigotry of Democrats versus Republicans.  They want you squabbling like little children on the playground while they weave the awful net that you are now caught in….and what do I see and hear everywhere I go?

Conservatives versus Liberals.

The Left versus the Right.

The Democrats versus the Republicans.

Jesus Fuckin’ Christ PEOPLE!

Stop allowing them to control you!




You have to get past the labels they gave you to bash each other with!

If you must apply labels then start with American Patriots versus Corrupt Politicians.


(Author’s Note: I guess I have not explained this well enough to everybody.  STOP thinking of yourselves as being better than somebody else and starting thinking that the aristocracy that is running this country from the board rooms are NO BETTER than you.  The boards of the companies owned by the aristocracy bought the politicians and created the game.  Turn your eyes toward the real problem.)

By Logistics Monster


  • Hi Diamond- I know someone who has printed up 5,000 copies of the radical parts of H.R. 1388 to hand out at a tea party. I think, with all your spare time :), you should print up a short summary- not complicated- of what you know. That same person would print up copies to hand out as well. I think all the tea parties should have information to hand out- Why we are holding tea parties, what is going on in government right now and what it means for them, how they can find out more information and take action.

  • KenoshaMarge -

    Once you stop being a Partisan Pinhead and stop allowing yourself to wear one of the phony labels they use to keep us at each other’s throats it’s easy to see the enemy.

    The enemy is government and it’s corrupt enabler, big media. Big business always has and always will try to get away with all the money it can get it’s greedy paws on. The government and media, which is a big business, are the ones that allow them to succeed.

    Partisanship is an insanity that must come to a halt if we are ever to have our Democracy back. And we need to take it “back” because it no longer belongs to us.

    Right on target Diamond Tiger. Right on target!

  • I’ve felt this way for a very long time, but if you’re not careful you find yourself being sucked in to their labels… and you find yourself trying to justify or defend your stance… and that’s what they want.
    Distract, Disorient, Disable.

    The biggest distractions in our culture are our celebutards – “Dancing with the Next American Idol” type shows on TV and… WOW! Ma-drone-a can’t adopt her little girl from Africa… WHO CARES!!! and the biggest celebutard of all – the supreme leader himself.

    What good is a gathering on Tax Day? What do we hope to accomplish? I’ll show up, but I have real doubts it’ll do any good. I’m kind of expecting a ‘Kent State’ moment somewhere in the bunch. I hope not – but I no longer trust the ones who used to protect and serve.

    Does anyone else have a sick feeling in the pit of their stomach? Or is that just me?

  • Yes, Sandra, many of us have a sick feeling in the pit of our stomach that no medication can reach.

    I have read Diamond’s “Pilgrim’s Post” several times and am going back to read it more, because every time I do, I pick up something more that takes me back to other researching I have done for other things.

    True, these present day evil personages and groups are part of the spider web, but they are just stooges for the real powerful people whose families have been in control for centuries. But these groups have been, and still are, the enablers.

    The secret societies started with “The Brotherhood of the Snake”. Look that one up and have a few nightmares about how long this has been going on. The links of the chain follow each generation and all connect with today.

    In the 19th Century, Cecil Rhodes tried to build a One World Government with the British Empire on top. He was sponsored by the Rothschild’s secret society called “The Round Table”. Research the members of the “Round Table” and you will find that most of them are right here in Diamond’s post.

    Do some reading and researching on your own people – it’s that important. Diamond has been working her butt off to get the information to us, but she can’t do everything. There are still many links to this chain that need to be explored and written about. These insidious people leave no bases uncovered.

    And this egomaniac in our White House is just another link in the chain.

  • <b?Who shit in your Wheaties?

    I had to explain to several people they were not becoming Republicans, but learning their beliefs were not what they thought they were. I explained breaking from the Democratic Party woke them up to the person they always were with real principles and values. They all thanked and said it was good not to follow the pack anymore!

    lee go to the sidebar of The Pilgrim Society and read the meaning of USAPS…in Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins talks about SAPS….they are the same thing….SAPs are special access programs…very deep programs that don’t require Congressional approval…Perkins was working for the US Treasury during his tenure as an economic hit man…saps…while working in private industry…Who do you think was behind it? It was US/Britich IMPERIALISM at its best!

  • Tim – I am going to take your suggestion and put something together as a pdf that is simple, accurate and can be easily understood. Will let you know when it is done.

  • Woo hoo, Lee! Now you’re gettin’ into my favorite territory!! Sumerian and Egyptian history, and yes – it does go that far back. What’s tough to trace is what happened after the torch was passed by the Templars to the Freemasons, but there is a continuous chain of custody of the “secrets” these societies hold; the difference is that the ancients didn’t intend for it to be used against the people, it was meant to help the people and to be used only by what we now know as the shaman/priest class for the common good. Take a spiritual doctrine (for lack of a better word) and pass it on to people who are not 100% committed, and it turns into a power tool beyond compare. Apply greed and hedonism, and it becomes a mass weapon of destruction of unbelievable proportion. The time has come for the people to reclaim their God-given rights (which our Founders knew were inalienable) from the Corrupt Bastards that have hijacked them for their own self-serving game! No more secrets! The truth will set us free again!

  • This is what you and I have spoken of often DT. The only way we are going to be successful is to drop the wedges that have been created to divide us. When you hear anyone speak of the “culture of life,” family values,” “choice,” etc, these are red herrings that are being tossed out to keep us apart, or co-opt this movement. That means the Rushes, the Hannitys, the Imuses, the talking heads on the left…when they use partisan agenda language they are dividing you. There is only one issue now: saving the constitutional republic. As John Adams warned us, once it is turned from liberty there is no redeeming it.

    It may be that it is too late, and we must create our own institutions to supplant the current structures in order to restore constitutional order. In doing so we may be put to the task of defending them. But regardless of our politics, our goal must be the same: supplanting the oligarchy before it fully enslaves us. The web is nearly finished. By the end of the year it might be too late.

    Let us commit all that we have, and all that we hope for our posterity, to this cause. Not since World War II has human freedom been so put to task. Though we may stumble, though we may not have all the answers, we must struggle all the same.

    I will not be enslaved. I choose freedom.

  • Grail, as always, right up there with my faves, Diamond and Msplaced! The history of corrupt entities co-opting sacred truths to their own ends and exploitation of others is legend, unfortunately. Simply put, a hammer can build beautiful shelter or inflict grievous death. It looks as though those who have lost their moral compass and traded it for the illusion of power have taken these precious tools and put them to ill use. Karma, in the end, will rule, as it always does, and it is up to us now to stand up for ourselves and restore honor and freedom to the Republic for which our flag stands, with liberty and justice for all.

  • Diamond girl & Shtuey, Yeah, what YOU said…AMEN 100%. Time to get on board with the program, all! This is NOT the dress rehearsal. If we continue to lambaste one another, we will do the job just as the Society players have decreed. Thwart them. Stop them. Join together and together we can do this!

  • TIG,

    Amen! The fools that trade their souls for fools gold will pay the heaviest price in the end. Our job now is to stand together and overlook our differences in order to see our most precious commonality: we are free, we are Americans, and we are hope to the rest of the world!

  • Leaping Spark -

    We are the last beacon of freedom in the world, and Obama and his puppet masters are working as quickly as possible to destroy our liberty and freedoms. They actually have about 50% of Americans believing that America has been a complete failure, and their Socialistic government is the solution to our problems.

    “We the people own America and its institutions,when we grow tired of a government we have the constitutional right to amend it, or the revolutionary right to overthrow it.” Abe Lincoln

    The Obama radical express must be stopped, and I think honest Abe explained the two options quite well.

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