“Here’s To You Mr. Jefferson”

I am all good with this until Mike Church gets to Reagan; he was as much a part of this problem as the traitors in DC right now.  I am currently trying to ascertain how long it has been since we had a president that wasn’t chosen by power players in the background; Jackson, Lincoln?

The Republicans just voted with the Democrats to pass the Pay for Performance Bill, the next G20 is going to be held in NEW YORK in SEPTEMBER (See Pilgrim Society), and the House is going to pass the “let’s sink the American Economy” $3.8 Trillion Budget, “rock around our descendent’s necks”, tonight.

All of that being said – enjoy!!!

H/T to reader Kathy for the link.

By Logistics Monster


  • I can not remember where I heard this so it may not be accurate, but Reagan was not suppose to be the President, Bush was and Reagan did not want to have Bush as vp but had been threatened in some way. As we know he was almost killed and that would of course allowed Bush to president sooner than he was.

    I am not standing up for any of them as my eyes are opened but I do believe that Reagan was not suppose to win, I think that is one that TPTB lost.

  • I don’t know if Lincoln was “chosen” or not, Diamond, but if I had to guess I’d guess so.

    I am an un-reconstructed southerner. I think Lincoln was a terrible president, and that his history has been whitewashed, so that folks don’t know what the 2nd American Revolution was all about. Much the same as today it was about state’s rights.

    The so-called Emancipation Proclamation was a political ploy which did nothing to actually free any slaves since he only “freed” slaves in states which he legally had no control over. None of the slaves in the north were freed until after General Lee surrendered and “reconstruction” was begun. Many slaves in the south were freed, but chose to stay with the masters who had always seen to their every need. Contrary to popular notions very few slaves were mistreated after they were purchased from the extremely cruel slave traders. What good were they if they could not do the work because of mistreatment? Plus why would a reasonable person abuse something for which they had invested a large sum of money? Abraham Lincoln was one of the most racist human beings to ever have lived. That is one way in which the criminal punk in chief does remind me on old Abe.

    Might have to do some more digging on this at a later time.

    Sorry if I sound too preachy, but I get so sick of Abe being held up as some wonderful American hero of race relations when he was more of a racist than George Wallace who was actually a racist out of political necessity at the time & place he was at. I think he made peace with a lot of folks (black & white) later in his political career over his staged acts of racism.

    Still can’t receive any emails on this machine. Hope you received my report from computer virus hell. I’ll probably get over quota at the server & lose a lot of emails before I get it figured out.

    Thanks for more great work. You are so awesome!

    God bless America!

  • Letty Bromenschenkel -

    WE will be OUT IN FORCE, On

    April 15th
    July 4th
    September whatever date !


    Self determination

    I promise my awesome 2 grandsons every single day that I will die trying to save them from these radicals, parasites, leeches, traitors, tyrants, communists, socialists, and from the EVIL that is growing to enslave them and destroy their future, rob them of their rights to self determination, their liberties, and their freedom.

    SO NOW WHAT R U GOING TO DO ABOUT IT for your kids and grandchildren ?

  • Oh, if you need to get in touch you can call me collect or leave a comment on one of my old posts at genie’s dream.

    I hope to get a new post up soon.

  • Letty Bromenschenkel -


    I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR from anyone of you that

    1. IT IS NOT Obama
    2. that is is NOT the democrats!
    3. that we should blame Bush
    4. that we should blame the GOP !



    OBAMA, who could have should have as he swore::::
    to PROTECT and defend us from all enemies domestic and foreign… blah blah

    WELL SHOW ME where he has honored any part of his oath just ONCE.

    HE flashes his middle finger and then that evil smirk:

    HE COULD HAVE stopped ACORN and the parasites from terrorizing the AIG executives;

    HE could have stopped congress from the obscene spending and waste of our labors for the next 100 years!

    HE FLASHED HIS MIDDLE FINGER and then released that evil smirk:


    SPEND MORE TIME getting the citizens to revolt!

  • Letty – take a breathe and go up to the top of the page and read The Pilgrims Society. Understand that Obama and the Congress are the pawns in a massive chess game. I do not focus on Obama because without the Congress to do his and their bidding, he is nothing. The first step is deprive the Pilgrims of their army – the congress.

  • BlindJustice -

    This is chilling….to all of you that have come before me thank you for your REVIVED spirit…haven’t felt this empowered ever…you know Raum Emaunal was right when he said “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste”. We…the PEOPLE…I repeat the PEOPLE…will solve this by ousting and exposing all of you for what you are….TRAITORS….and to resorte true law and order…and to all you PATRIOTS I have your back…please let me know about anything that develops in means of organizing…God Bless the United State of America.

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