“Democrats Gone Wild”; HR1664 and HR1444

Representative Alan Grayson is OUT OF HIS MIND just like the rest of the non-representative representatives who need to just go home because their services are NO LONGER REQUIRED when they put this kind of fascist manure out on display.  Limiting the pay of any private sector employee is so far beyond the pale that I KNOW the Founding Fathers are just itching for a chance to bitch-slap idiots like Alan Grayson right into their next lives.  Anbody want to play “Slippery Slope”?  THIS is exactly the reason why government and private sector business are not supposed to mix!  Those companies should have been allowed to fail and stop the bleeding of the nation, except now we know why they were not allowed to fail.  I have to stop ranting; Neil does a fine job of skewering open-mouth breathing, dipstick Grayson.

For those of you that do not know about H.R.1664, go here.

Let’s move on to the next “Democrats Gone Wild” sideshow; H.R. 1444 which I wrote about last week which addresses spending our money with the purpose of Congress setting up a commission to study the feasibility of mandatory service for young people.  Why are we allowing them to spend our money on Hitler Youth 2.0 under the guise of patriotism and selflessness.  How about Field Of Dreams, “Build it and they will come” instead.  Make the programs available and people will sign up instead of coming for our children for indoctrination into the National Civilian Army.

Ladies and Gentlemen: it is time to end the fascist dictatorship of the 546 people running this country right now.  You and I could do a better job!

By Logistics Monster


  • If a mouse like Neil Cavuto can turn into a pitbull like this, then perhaps there is hope that the MSM is finally starting to see the problems inherent in “the plan”. If the media releases its death grip on the truth, America may finally awaken and rise as one to say “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not taking it anymore”!

    Congress has become too emboldened, too fast. If they are just renumbering the bills that we say no to and resubmitting them, they do not fear the American people. It’s time to make them afraid.

  • GG – “they” will never release the media…we must gather and speak to each other. Time to fire congress for good.

  • It is good to see Niel Cavuto with such guts. I guess the MSM does have one or two that from time to time stray from the pack, or is it just a ruse to get us riled up? Remember “they” are gearing up for martial law, “they” control the MSM, and this may just be the beginning of “them” getting us riled up to revolt, so “they” can lower the boom. We must not to do this on their schedule, but on ours. Congress is broken and we need to disassemble it and start over. We have the right, no, the obligation to do this.

    The tea parties are a good start, and just the right opportunity to talk to your neighbors and to start the ball rolling. If everyone that attends a tea party will go down to the local police department and swear out a complaint, and demand that the congressional delegates for their area be charged with treason and dereliction of duty, maybe we can do something. They all took an oath to defend the Constitution, and have defaulted on that oath. It is also illegal to hold office in more than one Branch of the Government at a time, and all Congressmen that are lawyers, are members of the court, and therefore ineligible to hold office in either the Executive or Legislative Branches. Do not go to the police department alone, or go in a mass, I think it would be better to go in small groups of four or five, and be witnesses for each other. Get the name and badge number of the officer that took the complaint, and follow through with the DA in about a week. This will take coordination and the time to start is now!

    It is our government and we have the obligation to pass it on in good shape to the next generation, and to educate them on how to keep it (like no one did for us…thank God for the internet and the ability to communicate, educate, and pass important information around). We must ALL file charges of treason and dereliction of duty charges on them and demand that they be honored. Police officers are servants of the people, and by law they have to take formal charges filed by a citizen and follow through, or they are in defalut of their oaths and subject to the same charges.

    If tens of thousands of formal sworn complaints are filed, the charges must be honored. The criminals must be arrested and stand trial. Lets see the MSM hide or spin that! Maybe we can avoid another civil war, just have them all arrested and thrown out of office simultaneously!

    Every American has an obligation, sworn to or not, to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC!

  • Letty Bromenschenkel -

    What a day! No wonder “GUIDING LIGHT” WAS CANCELLED! We have a 24 hour long Soap Opera coming out of DC every day now:

    Hey there you serfs, “SHARE MORE”, Biden preaches. YOU all just have to share more to save the WORLD! SO in fear of being put in jail or worse shot you obey the mandate, look around to see what is left to share just as you have been fleeced out of your entire income, assets, cash, life savings, and jobs for the next 50 years.

    AH HA ! “RIDE SHARE” Mandatory car pooling blasts out at me during the Glenn Beck show as he reads a proposal by the Obama transport Sec. saying probably mandating “car pooling’ as in give every parasite a ride to the market, bread lines, free shoot up houses has to be the best idea of sharing to save the World that this administration can imagine. You think ?

    OH come on now look around, congress points out that you can share more by paying new energy taxes to the tune of about $3,000 per year to save the WORLD!

    SO my brain explodes to quote Beck. Because I am so alergic to pain I will gladly share the pain because they would NEVER ALLOW my head to be patched together under their RATION HEALTH CARE and Slash Medicare plans to give more illegals free health care and to pay for abortions around the world and to remove all of those Tattoos and then pass out condoms to our working kids in Obama’s slave labor camps.

    What else is left to share I wonder, is it really possible that Dodd- Barney demand that we share our houses with their radical parasites!

    Shaking with fear, I am feverishly paging through all of those millions of pages of bills, amendments, proposals floating around in DC. Anything is possible because you generally only hear about “change” if you are still awake after midnight.

    On the bright side, I will still probably have some old clothes that will ONLY FIT ME. Even better, because I do NOT live in CA, I can keep my BLACK CAR to share of course.


    I am 69 and thinking it might be a good idea to borrow my son’s HARLEY so that I do not have to share a ride to DC on July 4th.

    HOPE I WON’T be alone on the capital steps that day because BIDEN says we all have to share more! I expect every one of you to be there to share those steps with me.

  • Letty? July 4th is very symbolic but the Bastards aren’t there on that day (on another frakkin’ vacation) and the idea is to send their asses home. We are working on a date right now!!!

  • Letty Bromenschenkel -

    SO folks what R U GOING TO DO ABOUT IT:::

    Thinking, it is such a little sacrifice to bring 10 people out on just ONE DAY to save the rest of our lives and the entire futures of our kids and grandchildren.

    AS Tiger and all of the other Paul Revere voices who spend endless hours in research and facts searches to give us a reality check, have said:

    THERE IS NO specific “leader” for a movement which means to you that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU HAS TO BE a Leader in your own trusted circle of inflence and bring those circles together to make an impression.

    WE ALL KNOW: The phones are off the hook in DC the Fax machines are unplugged, the emails go into their spam folders and are “DELETED” instantly, and the POST OFFICE can no longer afford to deliver your snail mail.

    We can type our fingers off and frankly NO ONE will even NOTICE! Good exercise if you play the piano.

    We can no longer pour water on a drowning horse, we all need to meet and greet and move to action

    BE There April 15th

    Be There July 4th

    NO VIOLENCE needed! We all have exploding headaches from the rage and anger, however, we are NOT ACORN or Obama Radicals. They can go out and destroy so that we have jobs rebuilding.

    Be creative, make it a huge national party! have fun too.

    Bottom line, my grandkids will NOT BE DRAGGED OFF TO OBAMA’s slave labor camps! I promise them every day!

  • They are still saying September 11-14 however that is too late! I have been trying in earnest to get a hold of Eric Odom who is leading the national tea party. We have a mutual friend. I want the tea party with many of millions in DC moved up and moved up fast….September is too late!

  • July 4th is the wrong date….Congress will not be there! It is time to tell them all to go home!

  • Ladies and Gentlemen: I will be on TheDameTruth radio program this coming Monday night with Pat Dollard of ACTIVE – his site is not completely up yet but this is the group that I am backing to get the DC March off the ground. I will post something in the next few days with a link – DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE. We are working on it – even though you are not reading about it.

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