Month: March 2009

The Hunt For Proof Continues

Dr. Orly has been busy.  Here are bits and links to what is currently happening with "THE CASE".  An interesting theory is that everything that we are seeing is being shoved through because Bambi knows he does not have time.  Also, please make sure to go here and check out the video, "Obots In Search Of Change."  I couldn't stop laughing. "Lack of response by Obama administration is an act of treason" by Sgt. Brian Keith, USMC Fellow Americans, My name is SSgt Brian Keith. In the past I have let myself blindly believe that serving in the military was…
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Rahm, Rush, and Newt

Grail Guardian left this comment very early yesterday and her question cuts right down the middle! I’ve been thinking about this since last night, and the question that keeps popping into my head is this: Why does Barack Obama want Rush Limbaugh to be the de facto leader of the Republican party? The answer is simple: the two men represent the extremes on each side of the political spectrum. Obama can only be effective if there is a polar opposite to him, and vice versa. Obama scares them to the far left, Limbaugh scares them to the extreme right; those…
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Obama’s Martial Law Endgame

Do not be snookered readers; there is a reason why the insanity of the current government is being allowed to go full throttle. I want to thank TruthIsGold for sending a link to me tonight.  I know that we all have read our history and have been digging to see what the endgame is actually going to be.  I personally have been following the money, the central banks, and various nefarious personas because I believe the Usurper in Chief is trying to create another perfect storm to turn this country into a dictatorship.  I would be as arrogant as The…
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Time To Take Our Medicine

Ultimately, "we", the American people are to blame for what is happening in our country right now because we have been a trusting, sleeping giant and we have allowed progressively more corrupt Congresses and White Houses to enact laws that are counterproductive to the American Way Of Life, and now it is time to take our medicine.  The only question now is which medicine are we willing to take; the recession medicine or the depression medicine.  Are we going to clean out Washington, or are we and future generations going to be standing in the unemployment line while Bambi turns…
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