The Second Revolution Has No Leader…Yet

I do not know too many people that could have said this better.  What is it going to take people?  The Government taxing us into complete submission, or coming to your door to take your children away for their “mandatory service requirement”?  By then, it will be too late.  If Canada Free Press has a problem with me shamelessly reprinting the whole article, they can let me know  – but I don’t think that is going to happen.

From, (believe it or not), Canada Free Press:

A Revolution without a Leader

By JB Williams Saturday, March 28, 2009

Two recent columns have generated millions of hits and thousands of reader comments web wide, all with a single common sentiment expressed and a single question asked…

America needs a second FREEDOM revolution, a Tea Party…
Who will lead the Second American Revolution?

In case you have not read the columns generating so much reaction, here are the links to the subject columns for your convenience…

Americans Largely Silent as Their Nation is Systematically Destroyed– Mar 24, 2009
What are “the People” Thinking As 546 Political Pigs Destroy their Nation? – Mar 3, 2009

Millions of Americans see what is happening to their nation. Many saw it coming and did their civic duty, campaigning and voting against it in 2006 and 2008, but to no avail.

With the people paralyzed by the post-election prospect of their worst fears coming true, economic calamity, explosive growth of a dangerously abusive power-drunk federal government, a multi-generational future of record breaking taxpayer debt as far as the eye can see, and an administration rushing to confiscate control of private industry after private industry, individual freedom and liberty seem nothing more than lost ideas of the past.

Confused by a daily diet of media contrived propaganda supporting leftist Ivy League lies and a global push for international socialism, the average American feels cornered, powerless and alone in their depressed anguish over the loss of the freest, most prosperous and powerful nation ever known to mankind.

They are desperate and looking for a leader to organize their march against federal tyranny under Democratic Socialists, soon to leave the freest nation on earth in a third world state of mandatory servitude under a Saul Alinsky – Bill Ayers and Barack Obama version of modern Democratic Marxism by mob rule.

So far, no such Leader has Emerged!

Even if congressional Republicans had the numbers to make a difference, which they don’t now, there appears to be not a single congressional Republican with the fundamental American principles and values, let alone the backbone, to lead such a charge in the face of an exploding international effort to slaughter all things American.

Leadership from anyone in Washington DC can be ruled out today. Turning things around in 2010 or 2012 can also be ruled out, as national elections will never be legitimate again after 20 million illegal aliens are given amnesty with full voting rights, along with lifetime membership in a labor union, the Democrat (socialist) Party and ACORN.

That leaves the pool of angry average Americans from which to rise up a leader of the Second American Revolution. The next leader of American freedom and liberty will come from the people, not from the halls of an overtly corrupt congress.

Who in their right mind, would sign up for such a daunting task, full of real personal risks?

Can the Average American be Trusted to Follow?

The 2006 and 2008 elections revealed a few very disturbing trends in American society.

  • The majority of Americans now prefer the promise of free-stuff over freedom
  • The half of Americans that pay only 2.99% of all federal taxes consistently attempt to vote themselves access to other people’s earnings, no matter the cost to freedom
  • The half of Americans that pay 97.01% of all federal taxes find themselves the unrepresented defenseless target of every new Washington DC initiative
  • Half of voting Americans are completely brainwashed against all things American
  • The other half are too busy getting through life to notice, too frightened, or too baffled by Ivy League B.S. to know what to do about it
  • Constitutional Republicans are indeed the new American minority

But even so-called conservatives have clearly lost their way…

When conservatives have to ask, “What can I do?” – this means that they have either already lost sight of what the Founders told them to do under such conditions, or they have lost the will to do it…

The mere fact that so many “conservatives” are now searching for a “messiah” of their own, to lead them out of the all consuming darkness, is yet another indication that even conservatives have lost touch with the founding American principles and values established for just such an occasion.

We the People!

Never in the history of mankind has government, made up of corrupt career politicians forever pandering for personal power, ever been the solution to any problem. In fact, almost every problem on earth, and certainly every problem our country faces today, was caused by career politicians that make up an increasingly corrupt government.

WE the PEOPLE have always been the ONLY solution!

But the people lost control of their government and they know it. They are scrambling in search of a means to regain control before it’s too late, and after decades of being misinformed and lied to, they are having trouble seeing through the smoke and mirrors of Washington politics.

The People ALWAYS have the POWER!

But if they don’t know that they have the power, have forgotten or are afraid to use that power, then they are indeed powerless.

There is no conservative messiah coming to your rescue. The leader you are looking for is YOU! You are the ONLY one who can lead a charge against a government which no longer represents your constitution, your republic, or your individual freedom and liberty.

Stop asking for someone else to do the heavy lifting for you. Collectively, YOU have the power that NO individual has, alone.

Radio and TV personality Glenn Beck is attempting to help the people organize in his “We Surround Them” initiative. Others have suggested that Rush Limbaugh should lead the charge, with his twenty million listeners. Some have even asked if I would be willing to lead… as if I have any more power than they do.

Michelle Malkin and others have organized protest events under “Tea Parties” scheduled for the 2009 tax day. Sean Hannity and Mark Levine have tried to lead the American people back to their constitutional foundation.

What are you asking any of these people to do? What do you expect them to do, that you won’t do yourself? Why do you think that any of these people have more power than you?

What are you Prepared to do?

If I, or Rush, or Beck set up a freedom foundation to organize a real people’s revolt against the current destruction of our constitutional republic, how much money, time and effort are you prepared to sacrifice to support that effort? What are you willing to sacrifice for the future of your country, for your own personal freedom?

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” – Declaration of Independence

Are we there yet? Has the federal government become destructive of these ends? If so, what are the people prepared to do about it?

YOU are the ONLY Solution?

Whether by peaceful means or violent action, only YOU can alter the current course of events.

I was recently asked to write a column covering the subject of the Tea Party initiative. I warned the publisher that I might not have the take on the subject he was looking for, but it was my take he was interested in hearing. Here’s what I wrote… Tea Party vs. Real Tea Party, Rhetoric vs. Real Action

Many Americans not yet so indoctrinated in leftist drivel as to foolishly believe that communism is some progressive idea, are indeed beginning to wake up and not a moment too soon. But are they doing all they can to prevent the imminent collapse of the nation they have always known? Or, like their messiah seeking leftist counterparts, are they paralyzed with fear of their overly powerful government, hoping for a conservative messiah to lead them from darkness?

YOU are the Solution!

You have the power to stop the destruction of your country. But you have bought into the lie that you don’t. You have accepted the notion that you are powerless against the unconstitutional DC elitists. You have bought hook, line and sinker into the rhetoric that our current problems are too complex for you to comprehend and that therefore, only Ivy League lawyers are able to save you and your nation from yourselves…

Yet, you are the only possible solution to what is happening in America today. The Founders made certain to give us the power to right all wrongs, to defend the constitutional republic against all enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC!

What are you doing with that power?

If you fail to use that power in a peaceful resistance today, you will leave yourself with only violent options tomorrow.

If you understand what I’m trying to say here, and are truly prepared to do something real to save this nation from the people who like nothing about America, its founding principles and values, those who now refer to all freedom loving patriots as nothing more than “domestic terrorists” or “right-wing extremists,” then you must begin to act…

To put a very fine point on the matter, the ONLY peaceful solution at this late hour is a full scale massive tax strike, a real Tea Party, in which a massive number of Americans simply refuse to continue funding what they believe wholeheartedly to be an evil corrupt government hell bent upon destroying their nation.

65 million Americans were smart enough to vote against the people now dismantling America, individual right by individual right. What if all 65 million were also courageous enough to take a serious (but peaceful) stand against the current march into unbridled Marxism, by standing together, refusing to fund one more minute of the evil in Washington DC? Can you even begin to imagine the events that would follow such a massive stand? There would be some 500 new job openings in Washington DC soon after…

If the people fail to take peaceful action by defunding the evil befalling our nation, only violent options will remain. If they wait until they are broke, living a soup line existence, stripped of their Second Amendment rights, then they will have waited too long and they will no longer have the power to reverse any of it.

All complex problems require the simplest of solutions. Socialism always ends once government runs out of access to other people’s money. You can make them run out of money now, or wait until they make you run out of money first… Sooner or later, socialism will fail, just as it has everywhere it has ever been tried.

Or, you can wait until there is no option left but to take your country back by force.

But let’s not kid each other here… Leftists know something you are not yet ready to admit…

If you don’t have the courage to take peaceful action, you won’t have the courage to take violent action either.

If you are still looking for a leader, find a mirror…

JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. JB Williams’ website is

JB Williams can be reached at:

By Logistics Monster


  • Mercurio -

    **I Just Had To Post This One – Diamond**

    Wow, I had no idea there could be such an amazing combination of material on a website.

    I just love reading this stuff.

    Keep up the good work!!

    It’s just that the mix of insanity, misguided patriotism, and (blind) fanatical conservatism just makes my day. I mean, seriously…are you-dare I say it-serious?!

    HOLY F****** JESUS CHRIST ON A POGO STICK! The content published here is just too funny.

    Conservatism is dead, deal with it. And let’s say Socialism kicked in like you say it is, well then fine by me! If only to know that fanatics like you are unhappy. Hey, I’ve was unhappy with the way things were run under “Dubyah” and had to live through eight (8) years of it. So just f**king deal with the fact that Obama is president; though I call him King Obama or just ‘The Messiah’ since that’s what he is, right? We’re living in the year 2009, and we don’t need any more irrational and outdated principals; please wake up.

    Psh, but I guess I’m the one at a loss here since I wasted my time commenting on this site. Now excuse me as I go trim my three-foot-long beard and then to bed right beside my three atheist, bisexual wives.

  • Principals are never outdated, they may be asleep or lost but I am sure by your language you probably do not understand that concept.

    The sleeping principals are being awoken and the lost ones are being found. That is why sites like this are all over the internet.

    You are free ( at least for now) to disagree but you really have not idea what this movement is about, or maybe you do and does that scare you? It should not because all will benefit by what others do and in this case that is alright.

    I am just wondering Do you put food in that mouth?

  • My guess is 99% of those who are supposed to represent us in DC are corrupt and in it for themselves…there are a few people in DC I like Michelle Bachmann…though she is very far right! (she grilled the hell out of Timmy “Tax Cheat” Geithner) and Posey, freshman Congressman from FL…he is listening to his constituents who want all presidential candidates to produce birth certificates…brave guy he has proposed an amendment that would require a vault BC…he has been accused of attacking Bambi and being a Republican (which he is), he is doing his job, he is known as a serious reformer…

  • Mercurio – you may or may not understand what is going on when you can no longer leave comments like that or speak something like that out loud.

  • Mercurio – Are you for real, or just some illiterate teenager who had one drink too many? This site does more for the truth seeking American than all the MSM combined. The American MSM is afraid of TPTB, so they print nothing resembling what is actually gong on.

    Diamond, thank you for the post. I went to Canada Free Press via your link and emailed the article to a Civics teacher friend of mine. That article said it all. With all the publications in America we can only see the truth printed in Canada.

    I’m sure you know that Mercurio and his idiotic ramblings are not an example of what your readers feel about your site.It is said that when an individual is so ignorant, and with a very limited vocabulary, they resort to filth to try to express themselves. Mercurio seems to be such a person.

    Keep up the good work, Diamond. You do this country a great service.

  • Diamond, fantastic article from Canada Free Press!

    My son and I will be part of the march to DC. Also, I will send your site flying around today. It’s important that we all consider revolting against the excessive taxation. If we all stopped paying the back breaking, unconstitutional income tax we would be empowered.

    Stand up, stand up people, while you still can.

    As for Mercurio maybe he/she should spend more time posting on the I’m sure his/her comments would be more appreciated there.

  • I suggest Mercurio trot on over to IA and listen to a broadcast from Voice of Korea…he can steep himself in the propaganda from the last Stalinist state and if he’s awake, he’ll see how similar it sounds to what we get from the media here…

    I’ve listened to North Korea on and off for years via shortwave radio….and found a site with sample broadcasts so those without SW receivers can get a taste…”glorification of our immortal leader” sounds just like MSNBC…

    The Past Week: March 22-28, 2009 (A Split in Russian Political Forces as Putin Weakens; The Voice of Korea, North Korean Propaganda Outlet; G-20 Protests Begin; A Prescient Wish for a Bush Successor ca. 2006; X-Rated Google Earth)

  • You know you are hitting home when the OBOTS start screaming at you again.

    Kind of like Reid dissing Justice Roberts now that Dr. Taitz has talked to him personally.

  • i think Mercurio is too young to remember the fear of growing up in the 1950s in the heat of the cold war with all the practice air raids and the news reels of Hitler at the beginning of every movie that you went to in a theater. The government was scaring the bejesus into everyone. Young people today just don’t have the same fear of communism that we had. Even my grown kids scoff at me when I mention it
    I wish I could have the nerve to not pay my taxes on tax day. Mine are not taken out of my paychecks and I owe the full amount. God only knows where it going to come from since my work has been cut just about in half in the past few months and it has been impossible for me to save any money. I have had a struggle just paying my health insurance, mortgage, and my hugh oil bills this winter. Unlike the big money people (Geithner,etc.) I would end up going to jail, I,m sure. If I thought 50million other people were going to withhold taxes I would do it, too.

  • Nancy – I’m working on it. Everybody change the withholding for a few months so they don’t take anything out. 😉

  • People tend to either credit lawyers and judges far too much or discredit them to the extreme. The truth is lawyers and judges are greatly restricted by the privilege of license or of office. The people who are patriots have far more freedom of action and far less restrictions in our society.

    Did you know that any citizen patriot can bring a criminal case against Barrack Hussein Obama in the County in which they reside? You do not have to be an Attorney General to indict a ham sandwich or a Barrack Obama. If a patriot had evidence of a crime committed by the 2008 BO campaign and that patriot presented said evidence to a sympathetic Grand Jury with a charge of conspiracy to commit said crime against Barrack Obama, that patriot could get BO indicted like that proverbial ham sandwich.

    You might wonder how you get evidence against BO and members of his 2008 campaign? There were many newspaper, internet blog and TV reports of crimes committed by BO’s campaign workers all across the USA in 2007 and 2008. All you have to do is perform a google search to begin to write your presentation of criminal information for the indictment of BO and his co-conspirators in your County.

    You might also give your friendly Sheriff or Police Chief a call and see if you can get some assistance from local law enforcement personnel in gathering evidence against the BO campaign.

  • First, I’d like to say that I love your site, Diamond! I’ve spent a lot of time here lately, and I’ve been emailing links to your various blog entries to friends and family. Unfortunately, most of them have their heads stuck in the sand and are too preoccupied with their own life to care much about what is going on in our country.

    I read the article in this blog entry earlier today, and my husband read it, also. I think the idea of Americans not paying their taxes is a great one, but I can’t see the majority of people going along with that idea due to fear of what will happen to them. After all, in order to get away with not paying your taxes, one must be an employee of the Obama administration. 😉

    I can certainly understand the fear associated with the consequences of not paying your taxes, but what most people don’t realize is that money talks. Planning tea parties is nice, but what is it really going to accomplish? No one in our corrupt government is listening to us! Case in point: my husband called our senator’s office the other day to voice our objection to the Serve America Act. He was hung up on by the woman who answered the phone because she didn’t like what he had to say, and he wasn’t being rude either! So, if the arrogant clowns “running” our country see fit to hang up on their constituents, throwing a few tea parties isn’t going to make our Non-Representatives suddenly take interest in what We The People want. The only language these corrupt individuals understand is money!

    My husband and I are hardworking, law-abiding citizens, but I’d gladly stop paying our taxes if it meant a solution to removing the idiots in the White House and Congress who are destroying our country. Unfortunately, my husband wasn’t willing to get on board with that idea. So, what I suggested instead is that we change our withholding allowance. We’ve always claimed zero on our W-4, but why should our money sit in the government’s pocket rather than our own? And it certainly isn’t illegal to change your withholding allowance.

    Per TurboTax, we can change our withholding allowance from 0 to 7, and if TurboTax is good enough for Timmy, then, by golly, it’s good enough for us! So, as of tomorrow, my husband is happily going into work with a new W-4 in hand. If millions of people marched into work and changed their withholding allowance, perhaps that would get someone’s attention!

  • Kristen? You and you hubby got it! I changed my W-4 a few weeks ago…when my hours got cut and I really got fed up with paying Congress. Now if I could just get some pro bono time from a tax attorney – I have another great idea. Spread the word – change your W-4’s. LOL

    …and California Patriot: I do not know if he paid the fines and there is a clause where the government “loans” a person the money to pay their back taxes and then they are required to pay them back. There seems to be some controversy around whether TTT every paid any of it back. Another perk of the “elite”.

  • Practical Madman -

    I want to see the canceled checks before I believe that TTT paid his back taxes!
    I am self employed and I am still fighting with my wife as to weather I will pay any taxes this year. If we don’t then the powers that be will just print more, and water ours down even more….so what is new about that?
    My wife is liberal (don’t know how I let myself get caught in this one) and we just may end up divorced over this issue. I want freedom, she has no problem with socialism!

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