Tax Day Tea Parties – San Antonio

UPDATE: 4/15/09 GO HERE!!!!

Tax Day Tea Party

I am going to be putting up the videos here and there, and informing those that want to know how to join a tea party in their city, to go here.  For those of you looking for Glenn Beck’s 912 Project, go here.

Our elected officials have stopped listening to us and will not pay attention until we show up and are present -PEACEABLY Protesting Their Deafness!

The best invitation so far, and very apt:

By Logistics Monster


  • Diamond, the secrecy options for the tax panel means we had better watch out. To be headed by Paul Volcker, former chairman of the Federal Reserve. Paul Volcker, as you know is CFR and TLC. Laura Tyson, another member of the panel is CFR. She is a brilliant economist, but her membership in the CFR and her connections to Richard Haas, President of The Council on Foreign Relations are suspect.

    BTW Diamond, this is off topic, but I thought you would be interested.

    The new skyscraper being built to replace the Twin Towers has received it’s first commercial tenant. IT is Ventone Industrial Ltd., a Chinese Real Estate Co.

    They have just rendered a $10 million letter of credit to the Port Authority to lease the top stories of the 70 story building. Stories 64 through 69 to be called The China Center. The top floor – the Penthouse – I wonder what China will use that for?

    They have a 20 year lease. Must be going to buy a lot of US Real Estate. The lease takes effect upon completion of the building which is expected to be in 2013.

  • Kathy! Please post as many as you like – just as long as one link per comment or you will end up in spam. As for the links – better here where everybody can see and share them then sitting my poor mailbox for 2-3 days while I try to catch up. 🙂

  • Jack Kelly -

    I hope Washington will hear our voices and take seriously our complaints. As a UTSA student we are meeting at Joe Mommas Cafe, Babcock & 1604

  • Danielle -

    GLEN BECK Just announced he is going to be BROADCASTING at the ALAMO on TAX DAY! OMGOSH!! HOW AWESOME!!

  • Please tell me that the san antonio tax day tea party,

  • Thomas Painefull -

    People gripe about the Chinese buying real estate. What the hell you gonna do? Tell them capitalisim is only good when it works in our favor? Physician, heal thyself…and quit your friggin’ crying.

    I lost no money in the stock market, I always refused to buy anything I could not afford, and I have never believed the people on Wall Street are worth a penny much less the millions they get/got paid. I have no debt. I watch in disbelief as people still refuse to believe that you eventually have to pay the bills. Americans screwed themselves.

    I watched it happen and could not convince the irrationally greedy and the Fox News watching yellow ribbon wearing jingoistic morons to truly love America and to wake up. The numbers did not add up, but you could not tell that to the tons of jackasses I ran into who thought a person making 60K could buy a house for 900K. Pony up America, you might want to learn how to speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and practice your Chinese writing. Look through your home and see what you own…who built it?

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