From time to time I have received this email message from FeedBlitz; in fact all of the few people that have unsubscribed have had this message:

XXXX has unsubscribed from “Logistics Monster”

The reason is: 08: ISP requested removal

I am currently working with support at my most outstanding server, Media Temple to find out what actually is going on here. Considering the volume and type of visitor I have had over the last three days because of HR1388, I am not surprised that somebody is trying to red flag my site.

My three virus programs are not flagging my site.  Let me know if you are running into any kind of problem with this.

I thought you might like to see what happened to Atlas Shrugs who has the same problem:


A reader forwarded me this exchange. Does anyone have information on how this is generated? It is jaw dropping, the lengths the bots will go through just to suppress information.

-Forwarded Message Attachment–
From:  XXXXX
Subject: Atlas Shrugs
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 06:55:46 -0500

What the ? I got an instant message that this a fraud site from AT & T and if I continue, I do so at my own risk?


–Forwarded Message Attachment–
From:  XXXXX
Subject: Atlas Shrugs
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 06:55:46 -0500

I don’t know if you know about this blog. It is by Pamela Geller, a Jewish woman from New York. She is about my age. She is very good. She has lots of people from all over who send her video and information about things that are going on all over the world. For example, I know who Hugo Chavez is, but I did not know about the anti-semitism that is going on in Venezuela right now. Two and three weeks ago, she had video and photos from every anti-jewish rally from all over. Anyway, this is a good place to get your news that you won’t hear or see on TV.

Just for knowing, I have been getting a lot of subscribers writing me that their daily updates have stopped coming. And why? The notifications I have been getting from Feedblitz (the subscriber list company) say Reader XXX has unsubscribed from “Atlas Shrugs.” The reason is: 08: ISP requested removal.

“ISP requested removal” WTF?

UPDATE: D’vorah adds:

“Pamela; that’s been happening to me also; you surf to website that gives you a warning that if you continue on it will load a virus into your computer.  I don’t know how an ISP (Internet Service Provider) for example, Time Warner or RCN, would have the “nerve” to block a site, unless the site actually has been “hacked” and that makes it impossible for others to continue on or continue on despite a scary warning.

If you get a chance, stop by that post and read the comments.

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