HR1388, S277, Serve America Act To Be Voted On 3/26/09

UPDATE: 3/27/09: Go here for details on new legislation; HR 1444.

IT’S BAAACK!! The Truth About HR1388, Serve America Act and The Obama Youth Army


Update: 5:27 pm

HR1388, S277 Serve America Act, National Service Programs bill has passed -78 ayes, 20 nays.  Now we get to watch them pat each other on the back.

Another situation where we get to say “we are so screwed”.

Update: Full vote on this bill at 5pm eastern today.

It is currently 4pm eastern and the senate is in a quorum call.  This bill, HR1388, S277, Serve America Act will be voted on later today and then we will all have the answer.  I will be updating this post as events unfold.  For more information of what has previously occurred, go here.

Highlight of the Day?  ACORN is going to be receiving taxpayer money.

By Logistics Monster


  • Of course ACORN is going to receive taxpayer’s money. When I was watching the debate on this this morning I could hardly contain myself. Vickers R-LA spoke for a while and made a very sensible case against ACORN. Then came Ms Baltimore, Barbara Mikulski, and if you heard her you know that she is very much in favor of ACORN. I worked many a campaign for Mikulski and at one time thought she was OK because a friend voouched for her. She is in actuality a two faced back stabber and a liar. She is so full of hot air that if you stuck a spear into her she would explode.

    But then we knew that sll those toadies sucking up to the One would vote in ACORN’s favor because it is Obama’s baby. Maybe providence will intervene and the whole bill will be defeated. Fat chance.

    OT – Something weird is going on at my end. Norton informs me that there have been nine high level attempts to hack into my computer in the last two days. All blocked, of course. Am I becoming too rabid?
    Tough toenail – I’m liable to get more so if the present trend keeps up. This went on for a while some time ago, when I was researching some controversial groups, but at the time of this attempted invasion today, I was trying to get some information on Alexis DeTouqville
    (he was mentioned by Villers) and his take on America. But yesterday I was only at three blogs as I recall, yours being one of them.

  • Well, looks like we’re going to see “THE OBAMA YOUTH CORPS” or should I say “STORM TROOPERS” running around in their neat brown uniforms with the Obama “O” on the sleeves.

  • Carrot Top -

    Just popping out of the rabbit hole for a breather and to grab a carrot before they go $ski high. Why? Because of H.R. 875 …….
    Is you home garden going to be against the law soon?

    Yes it is true. H.R. 875 Introduced by Rep. Rosa DeLauro [D-CT] Use your vote to get her out!!!!!!!!! This is not good for small farmers.

    The new government wants to control the food we eat here and abroad. They are applying “hazardous” rules to everything that is home grown including yours in your garden, bought from a small farmer or farmers markets, organic farms. Big brother wants to be able to trace the food back to the farmer or whoever. What happens if you don’t want to fill out the form to comply, hundreds of thousands of farmers are going to comply with this when they come onto their property and are told to comply with this or else. Don’t believe it? Believe it. Check it out for yourself. Get ready for rising food prices.
    insert H. R. 875 in upper search window, it will come up
    Back down the rabbit hole I go….

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