Gun Sales, Ammunition, and Homeland Tyranny

No news yet on S3577 “The Mandatory Volunteerism Of Obama American Youth” in the Senate.  I am having to suffer through the traitor Ben Bernanke talk in circles while the Senate puts on the dog and pony show for those Americans that are still asleep and think it is real.

For those of us that are awake, please be aware that if you are a gun owner or a future gun owner, make sure you do not buy ammunition in large quantities because Homeland Security is now VISITING people that do.

Gun sales going ballistic

One northern Warren County resident found out recently the government is paying attention to such ammunition sales.

West said a customer of his recently stocked up on .223-caliber rounds, a caliber often used in assault-style weapons. The customer bought 1,000 rounds a few months ago through a mail order company. Shortly after the purchase, he received a visit from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, whose interest was apparently piqued by a large-scale purchase of that caliber.

“His wife was home. He was at church,” West said.

Imagine that!  An American citizen with a 2nd Amendment RIGHT going to church and owning guns at the same time.  Homeland Security MUST visit this man because he obviously falls under the category of domestic terrorist.
In other news; buy stock in gun manufacturers – they are booming.

Going great guns: Handheld, semiautomatic sales increase

It’s unclear how effective President Barack Obama’s policies will be in reversing the nation’s economic slide, but since his election he has proven to be a one-man stimulus package for one sector of the economy — gun sales.

Since November, sales of handguns and tactical or semiautomatic rifles have increased by 50 percent in 15 states as gun shops and sporting-goods stores like the Kittery Trading Post and Dick’s Sporting Goods have benefited from concerns, real or not, that the Obama administration will enact strict gun-control laws such as a revival of the 1994 assault weapons ban — or even, as some pro-gun Web sites have suggested, take guns away from lawful owners.

Nationwide, according to data from the FBI and the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, November gun background checks increased 42 percent from the year before. In December, background checks were up 24 percent, 29 percent in January, and 23 percent in February. Background checks are considered an indication of retail sale activity.

“We’ve had a double-digit increase in sales of handguns and tactical rifles beginning about a week before the election…,” said Fox Keim, vice president of the Kittery Trading Post. “Manufacturers can’t keep up with demand and we are seeing a backlog of orders ranging from six months to two years for certain products.”

Smith & Wesson, which has a Rochester barrel-making facility and is one of the country’s largest firearms manufacturers, reported in its most recent financial statement that hunting rifle sales were down nearly 46 percent, but “sales of all other firearms, specifically handguns and tactical rifles, were $70.7 million, a $23.8 million or 51 percent increase over the same quarter last fiscal year.”

Sturm, Ruger & Co., another major firearms company, reported that fourth-quarter 2008 sales of firearms jumped 42 percent versus the prior year, primarily due to increased sales of pistols.

Keim said ammunition sales at the Kittery Trading Post have “skyrocketed” as well and that customer feedback reveals that some gun owners are wary of the Obama administration’s gun-control plans.

“The general pro-gun public believes he will restrict gun sales or reinstate the assault weapon ban, which we believe was absolutely pointless,” Keim said.

“People are afraid and rightly so,” said Penny Dean, attorney for Gun Owners of New Hampshire. Dean believes the spike in gun sales is due to a combination of factors for lawful gun owners — the country’s fiscal crisis, rising unemployment, and fears the Obama administration will tax guns and ammunition so heavily that it will make them unaffordable.

“They are trying to price the average person out of the market,” Dean said about a piece of legislation in Congress. “If you look at Obama’s record, you know he’s not a pro-gun person. This is like normal consumer behavior. If you like spring water and hear someone is going to ban it, you’re going to bring a pickup (truck) and stock up.”

Peter Hamm, of the Washington-D.C.-based Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, questions what he sees as the “lunacy” of those who are buying guns and fear-mongering the complicated issues of gun owner rights and gun control.

“They demonized Barack Obama as the worst threat to gun ownership ever and scared people,” Hamm said. “In this economic environment, I question the sanity of extremists who are buying up guns. What kind of choices are they making for their families?”

Hamm said the spike in gun sales is “proof positive that there’s no problem in buying firearms in America.”

He also suggests that everyone take a second look at what Congress is actually doing for gun control.

“We are very disappointed with Congress on the gun issue,” Hamm said. “Congress is going in the wrong direction and trying to eviscerate gun-control laws such as the D.C. handgun ban.”

David Finkelhor, a sociology professor at the University of New Hampshire, said the current political and economic conditions have created a climate of uncertainty.

“In this recession, we are suffering from (what) economists say is a crisis of confidence,” he said. “People don’t know where things are heading and a lot of people are running nightmare scenarios.”

Finkelhor said the spike in gun sales could be “a conscious political strategy to make the news and send a message to political authorities.” But he cautions against reading too much into the gun sales increase.

“You can get a boom from a very small sliver of the population,” he said.

The political rhetoric over guns is heating up.

Wayne LaPierre, president of the National Rifle Association, said during a recent speech at the Conservative Political Action Committee that record guns sales are the result of people choosing to protect themselves.

“The Second Amendment breathes life into liberty,” LaPierre said. “The Founding Fathers understood that the guys with the guns make the rules.”

Jenn Coffey, a state representative from Andover and New Hampshire coordinator for Second Amendment Sisters, said she is not surprised by the increase in gun sales because of concerns about crime, terrorism and an administration unfriendly toward gun rights.

“We’ve seen a major increase in women becoming active and they are afraid that the government is going to disarm them and put them at risk,” Coffey said.

Gun owner Genie Jennings of South Berwick, Maine, experienced that concern firsthand.

“Gun sales are rising because a lot of people will not be able to buy the guns and ammunition they want to in the near future,” Jennings said. “The day after the election, I got calls from a variety of people who weren’t gun owners. Some I knew and some I didn’t, but they were worried they might not be able to buy what they needed to protect themselves.”

By Logistics Monster


  • I don’t know how I missed that, I swear I looked at that post & called myself reading it. Been reading too much, need to go practice shooting, I guess. It’s great being married to a man that knows more about guns than I ever want to know.

    Ladies, pretty is not always practical. My favorite is butt ugly, but it works.

    Thank you, Diamond!

    God bless America!

  • OT. Diamond, I finally got hold of two friends in the school system. One is on the Board and the other is an AP Psychology and also teaches Civics. Neither seemed to know anything about City Year. But what is more alarming neither was familiar with HR1388. Big shock when I told them it would probably be voted on in the Senate today. Dear God, no wonder we’re in so much trouble.

    The teacher said she would put feelers out with the Counselin Dept. since that is where the information on City Year would be coming if it is in the school system.
    It would have to be High School since the age range is 17-24.

  • Lee – I have been doing some reading. No wonder your friends are confused. There are 4 different versions of the SR1388 G.I.V.E. Act. There is S277 Serve America Act that has been changed once already and then there is S3577 National Service Authorization Act that was added onto S277…that’s why nobody could find it. It is being bundled with Americorp funding. I am separating the strands right now and will put something up soon.

  • Thanks, Diamond. I was getting a little bothered that they weren’t more informed. I feel better about them now.

  • I just saw this on the sidebar at Investigating Obama.

    Sentinel Radio
    Obama’s Slavery Bill Passes In The Senate – They Walk On The Constitution One More Time While America Sleeps – National Service Corps Bill Clears Senate Hurdle By Kate Phillips Following overwhelming House passage last week, the Senate tonight voted 74 to 14 on a pr…
    3 hours ago

    God bless America!

  • Genie – this was last night (3-23) – it was a procedural vote to get it to the floor. I do not believe that it actually has been voted on yet. I also read somewhere (and I will find the info) that they will be voting on it “later this week”.

    This is all worded so that everybody will stop fighting it, just like the primaries when the AP said that Obama had won a state so that they could repress voter turnout.

  • Donnie Roberts -

    I guess I’ll be getting a visit from homeland security since I just recived 1000 rounds of ammo I ordered it before I read this wish I had known sooner

  • I guess I was not so much thinking about the enemy outside the house as one who breaks in the house, with home invasions on the rise, but it certainly does make sense about letting people know where you are. Just a beginners mistake.

  • Donnie? One more thing – when they show up – let us know here at the Monster – I will write it up and send it to a few contacts.

  • Kathy,

    I’m glad we were able to let you know before you ever have to use that knowledge. We can pray that you never do.

    God bless America!

  • American Genie and Diamond,

    Thank you and I pray I never have to use that knowledge.

  • It doesn’t matter what your gun looks like, just as long as it is in good working order. My personal opinion is you should keep nothing smaller than a .38 cal, with a minimum amount of 500 rounds. The smaller guns….25 auto, 380,22 etc are good for closeup self protection.If you have a semiautomatic handgun, you should have at least 3 full magazines. ( I usually carry 4) Everyone should join the NRA it’s only $25.00, and the benefits are worth it, besides the larger the group, the better.

  • Donnie Roberts -

    Let’s try this – Everyone Sending The Second Amendment on July 4th

    On july the fourth, cut and paste the second amendment to a simple word document. mail it to every congressman, senator and the president. Do not add to it, do not inject your own opinion let the second do it’s job as written. Contact every gun owner you know and get this one rolling. Contact the NRA and others. Move it or lose it.

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