Jay Rockefeller Is Coming For The Internet

indie-voterRemember who this is….the great grandson of John D. Rockefeller who was behind the Federal Reserve being put in place.  His other relations?   David Rockefeller, Jr., member of the CFR, and David Rockefeller Sr., founder of the Trilateral Commission and former director of the CFR.  My readers know all the dirt on this family.

We all knew they would be coming for the internet because it is the “people’s communication” tool.

I have a message for TPTB,  “Let Them Eat Cake” Day is coming….

(One More Thing: Question for my readers: Why would JP Morgan be on my site for the last 57 minutes reading about the G.I.V.E. act when they arrived using Google and the search phrase “stop the give act“? Ideas?)

UPDATE: 4/5/09:

Jay Rockefeller’s S773, S778 and Internet Cybersecurity

By Logistics Monster


  • Yeah, I’ll bet the web just burns Rocky’s butt bigtime! Well, guess what, Mr. Rokefeller; I say the Federal Reserve should never have been invented in the first place. I’m betting I can find more people to agree with my statement than you can find to agree with yours!

    Seriously, watch out for the Internet v2 concept they’ve been hatching. This sounds like they’re laying the groundwork for it, telling us how unsafe the current web is. That way when they come out with Big Brother Internet II it will be preconfigured to spy on us and eliminate dissenting voices. If When you hear that this is coming, it will be time for more than letters and e-mails. They will be taking our only form of true communication away. This will happen quickly now that Rockefeller has announced it discreetly. Excellent catch, Diamond!

  • The Red Lemur would like to say, “Hey Rocky, howzit? Guess what? We are totally onto you, and after generations of your bullshit, we want your ass!”

  • CP – they are so close to grabbing the brass ring that they are throwing all in. Going to be a very large surprise for them.

  • How dare you throw out a bone while I’m still chasing the rat?

    Jay Rockefeller is a carpetbagging S.O.B. I couldn’t get the audio, but I assume he was subtly suggesting to Locke that it would be a good move for the Commerce Dept to take away our only channel of privacy. It’s really not completely private, but it’s all we have. They don’t want us to have a venue where we can communicate with others who feel as we do without resorting to traveling to meetings that they could infiltrate at will. They know that most of us don’t have the time.

    Off hand, Diamond, I would think J P Morgan was here because of the Federal Reserve link. But the question is – why were they reading about the GIVE Act? It has to be part of the puzzle. That will take some priming of the little grey cells and mine are past priming tonight.

  • Lee – they want to see how much opposition exists to mandatory servitude for the youngest of our citizens. These bastards have funded this campaign against liberty that we are now(unfortunately) living through.

    I say let them pass it.

    There is more than one way to skin a cat.

    The bone will hold until your grey cells are operating at peak efficiency.

  • Tiger, why do you say ” let them pass it.” Won’t it be a little late after the cows are out of the barn?

  • Let me say this about Rocky….he is truly by far one of e dumbest senators I have ever listened to! Nothing he has said makes much sense and has nothing what so ever to do with Locke’s confirmation hearing.

    WTF! OVER!

  • Lee – add Mellon Bank and Credit Suisse to JP Morgan following HR1388. The banks really do seem to want us all drafted.

  • Remember Rahm Emmanuel told us we should ALL be volunteering for “service” because citizenship is a privilege not a right!
    What service did Obama do, what did Rahn do here in the U.S.?
    They want us in a mandatory program and they will try to bring on the smart card (or chip) to keep track of us, if we let them. Remember that soldiers have no right to refuse an id chip implanted in their bodies. 1388 is being considered on the floor of the Senate even as I write.

  • spsuzee,

    Bear in mind that the current occupant of the White House is an illegal usurper, and the 11th Congress is in violation of their oath to uphold the Constitution (as is the Supreme Court) rendering them illegal as well. Nothing they do is legally binding, and there is currently no judicial authority that can uphold their actions as the SCOTUS is also in violation of the Constitutional oath. It will all get straightened out in the wash…

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