HR1388 Gets New Name In The Senate

Update: 3/27/09:  Go here for details on the new legislation, HR1444.

IT’S BAAACK!! The Truth About HR1388, Serve America Act and The Obama Youth Army


(Update #5: 3-24-09 Evening:  go HERE! for more recent post.)

(Update #4: 3-24-09 7:19pm est.:  I cannot find any mention anywhere that this was actually voted on today.  I will keep looking.)

(Update #3: 3-24-09: It appears that this bill is being bundled with S277 Serve America Act which is going to be voted on today.  They are going through an awful lot of trouble to hide this bill and you would not believe who has been showing up to see how much we know about what is happening with it — hint, hint, the US Senate, besides others.  All of my loyal readers can send a wave out to Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue.  Welcome, and I will add you to the list.)

Please go check the Constitution Page at the top of this blog:

13th Amendment:

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime where of the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

(Update #2: 3-24-09:  The Senate will reconvene at 2:15pm eastern for this bill.  It will be shown on C-Span 2.)

(Update: 3-24-09: There is no mention of the vote on this bill. I have been looking since yesterday afternoon. As soon as I find information pertaining to it’s passage or defeat, I will post it here.)

obamayouthThis morning I received an email from a Facebook group that I became part of yesterday, Stop HR1388!! informing me that the Senate has a different name for HR1388 and is flying it under the radar to be voted on today.  What is interesting is that Tyrant Harry Reid, (and I am going to start calling all of them tyrants* because they are acting like tyrants), has asked and been granted cloture.  For those of you that are wondering EXACTLY what that means, here’s the definition from the Legal Dictionary:

Cloture is a means of terminating a filibuster, which is a prolonged speech on the floor of the Senate designed to forestall legislative action.

More from GovTrack:


Sen. Harry Reid [D-NV]: Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that it be in order to proceed to Calendar No. 35, H.R. 1388, the National Service Reauthorization Act.

Chair: Without objection, it is so ordered.

Sen. Harry Reid [D-NV]: Mr. President, I now move to proceed to Calendar No. 35, H.R. 1388, and I send a cloture motion to the desk.

Chair: The cloture motion having been presented under rule XXII, the Chair directs the clerk to read the motion.

Chair: The bill clerk read as follows:

Chair: Cloture Motion

Chair: We, the undersigned Senators, in accordance with the provisions of rule XXII of the Standing Rules of the Senate, hereby move to bring to a close debate on the motion to proceed to Calendar No. 35, H.R. 1388, a bill to reauthorize and reform the national service laws.

Sen. Harry Reid [D-NV]: Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the cloture vote occur on Monday, March 23 at 6 p.m.; and that if cloture is invoked, then postcloture time count as if cloture had been invoked at 3 p.m. that day; further, that the mandatory quorum be waived.

Chair: Without objection, it is so ordered.

I personally do not think calling our Senators is going to do any good.  They have the bit in their teeth and they are running with it.  This is just more evidence that the Democrats have “run wild” and are trying to slam through as much liberal leftist crap as they can before Bambi’s time runs out. (see Forgery)

For those of you that want to call the Senate and give them a piece of your mind, the switchboard number is 202-224-3121.

Any of my loyal readers want to do some digging and find out who started this group?  City This would be very inspiring if we had not experienced the Hitler Youth Years.

*72% of the American Public was against the Stimulus Bill and they passed it. 99 out of 100 Americans were against Tarp and they passed it.

By Logistics Monster


  • Diamond. I’ll see what I can find out I have friends in the school system here and I’ll see if they know if anyone is pushing it hard.

    I do know that David Gergen is a Charter Trustee, and Charlie Rose is a VP and Dean. It has gone international, as in City Year, South Africa.

    Now that you have inquired about it, their slogan is more suspect. “Give a year, change the world” and “Are you ready to change the world?”

    There goes that word CHANGE again.

    I’ll make some calls tonight and see if, and whom, anyone is really pushing it in this school system.

  • I know that. I wrote a piece on the CFR and the Proposed North American Union, and when I researched the membership list I almost had a heart attack. I have long suspected David Gergen, but Charley Rose surprised me. There are many more names on that list that will cause you to have a migraine.

    I came back here because thinking about the City Year thing set my little grey cells turning. I’ll tell you one thing. If I find, (and I’m afraid that I will, that this is part of the plan afoot by TPTB connected with the Obama Youth Corps, I’ll go to the next, and every, School Board meeting and really rant.

    They don’t frighten me, Diamond. I just fought a long battle with cancer and came out the winner. I’ve been kept on this earth for a reason, and maybe it is to make as much noise as I can. I don’t want to sound dramatic about it, but when you stare the grim reaper in the eye and tell him to go peddle his wares elsewhere, there is little else that can frighten you.

    There is nothing we can do about King Harry until he comes up for election again, but when they start messing with our children we have to start marching.

  • “They don’t frighten me, Diamond….I don’t want to sound dramatic about it, but when you stare the grim reaper in the eye and tell him to go peddle his wares elsewhere, there is little else that can frighten you.”

    That is exactly why I do not fear these bastards either – been there, done that.

    I have so much respect for you Lee – you have no idea!

  • Diamond, you may already be aware of this, but here goes.

    City Year was founded in 1988 by Michael Brown and Alan Khazei, who were roommates at Harvard Law School.

    Michael Brown, I’m sure you’ve heard of him. He was a Legislative Aide for Leon Panetta, and at one time clerked for Stephen Breyer when Breyer was a Federal Judge. He has won several awards for Community Services. (He is not to be confused with the Michael (you’re doin’ a heck of a job, Brownie) Brown of Fema fame.

    Alan Khazei, other than he is a lawyer who has a deep interest in the Community Service area. He has since left City Year and founded another Community Service organization called “Be The Change”. He is also CEO of this organization. Their goal is building nonpartisan citizen support for systemic solutions to our nation’s problems.

    City Year is apparently now City Year Inc. Cofounded by the same Michael Brown and Jennifer Eplett Reilly.

    Ms. Reilly is a wife, mother and civic leader who graduated from Wellesley in 1985 with a degree in political science. She has an MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration. Her husband is Sean Reilly, president of Lamar Advertising Co. Ms Reilly left her investment banking career in N.Y. in 1988 to devote her time to Community Improvements.

    It is said that Bill Clinton modeled his Americorps Program on the City Year Program.

    If I can reach my friends at home tonight I will try to find out if the organization has appealed to the Seniors. Their age linit is 17 – 24.

    If you noticed the word CHANGE keeps cropping up. Weird.

  • we all know the expression, “what a small world”…
    my point being, the obviousness of the ties is akin to reciting the six degrees of separation from kevin bacon.
    everything leads to everything else, and there are no coincidences.

    there are so many parallels within “code words” here that for anyone to think these plans have not been forged for years would be ludicrous.

    abandon ship.

    tiger mama, i’m scared for the young un’s.

  • This will make your day – David Gergen is also associated with “Be The Change” run by Alan Khazei.

    City Year, Inc., held a dinner in Baton Rouge, La. with the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund and The Baton Rouge Area Foundation. Among other honored speakers were Bill Clinton and Illinois Senator Barack Obama.

    IMO the more I think about it, the more I tend to believe that the intent is to bundle these groups in with Americorps, whereby they would already be products of the Federal Gov’t, since Americorps is already. I must be sick. When somebody gives me a tip that might be suspicious I’m worse than a rat terrier. I’m not satisfied until I catch the rat or am PROVEN wrong.

    See ya later.

  • The above dinner was in 2006. Sorry about that ommission. That is important, I think because it could set a time line to other happenings.

  • Petunia – do not be scared. The rise in gun sales in America is now being attributed to…WAIT FOR IT….WOMEN! I would love to see what would happen if they came for my son…


    This is another side affect of sh**ing all over women in the last election cycle. We are taking care of ourselves and our families.

    I could be taking this too seriously – but I do not realistically think so.

    …and Lee – you rock again. You are an amazing woman!

  • Diamond-My husband and I just recently purchased a gun for the first time. I am not any spring chicken and I never thought I would own a gun. We are now looking into a second gun , as we have just applied for a cwp.

    When we took the class for the permit there were 27 and 9 of which were women. On Texas Darlins site there was a poster who commented that it is justice that so many of the sites were started by women, you were mention, along with Atlas and Texas Darlin. What tptb have not counted on is the hand that rocks the cradle. You just have to watch any show on nature and to what lengths the female will go to protect the young.

    I am not one to do male bashing and most women just want peaceful resolutions to problems but I for one know that my angst is not for myself by for my grown children who are productive members of society who are just trying to live their lives and obey the law.

    So for all the good ole boys out there, try to remember growing up. what was your feeling when your mother was really pissed at you and just multiply that by millions, that is what you are dealing with now, as mothers we are willing to put our lives on the line for are children, no matter what their ages are.

  • Kathy – “the hand that rocks the cradle”…a very apt expression and it reminds me of something my spousal unit said about moms running the country. We do – we are the backbone and when women start buying guns (there was a 24% and 23% increase from last year respectively in Jan 09 and Feb 09) the TPTB had better start paying attention.

    We have been the silent majority for a long time and because we still do not feel that we are heard, we are moving en masse to make sure our families are protected and fed. I purchased my first gun (NEVER thought I would own one) YESTERDAY.

    I love your comment; “So for all the good ole boys out there, try to remember growing up. what was your feeling when your mother was really pissed at you and just multiply that by millions”.

    They still don’t get it.

  • Olivia Reed -

    Are you people serious? Do you have any idea what City Year is?

    I lived in Boston and used to see these young people every morning and you know what they do? They go to inner-city schools and tutor. They tutor!

    Classrooms are overcrowded, teachers are overwhelmed and City Year corps members go in and try to help alleviate some of the pressures teachers are under.

    The uniform, the calisthenics, all of that is arbitrary. What matters is that they are in schools mentoring and tutoring and running after school programs.

  • Do any of you remember the COKE commercial back in the 70s, “I’D LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING IN PERFECT HARMONY”? Well I wonder how long it will be before that MORON in the white house brings it back to “sell” his agenda? PEPSI already has signed on to it with their billboards> One along I-80 in Sacramento had in large letters “HOPE” with the “O” looking like the OBAMA red white and blue symbol!

  • Diamond
    My wife and both my daughters know how to use a firearm. We all go out to a range on a regular basis. Both my wife and I are retired military, (I’m also retired law enforcement.) and we advocate ALL women to keep and learn how to use a firearm for self protection. I don’t see how the “NAZIS” plan on tracking the ammo bought today. Thousands have been stocking up on ammo since before the elections. The citizens of this nation (I mean the patriots) are armed to the teeth, and NOBAMA and his “criminals” are in for a rude awakening!

  • Augusto Villalon -

    HR-1388 and whatever the Senate will call it, is no more no less that Fidel Castro’s militia which we witnessed in 1959. They will control the USA. The people of the USA should rise tomorrow morning after the senate signs it into law and riot until they take it out. Any Cuban who wirnessed what happened to us will tell you that the similarities are astounding.

  • 1sgboom – bought mine yesterday. I also believe that everybody should know own and know how to use one. MAKE THE CONSTITUTION a living breathing document instead of just saying it is one.

  • Augusto, thanks for leaving your comment. Views such as yours are not heard often enough. I am flipping out because my grandparents fled eastern europe in front of communism and i also know the similarities.

  • WTF? I just heard that the Senate “Rubber stamped” approval of the “OBAMA YOUTH CORPS” bill. I wonder if they will give out those neat brown shirt Storm Trooper uniforms.

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