You May Be A Domestic Terrorist If….

You know it is time for a bit of snark when a person finds out that reading the Constitution and having Campaign For Liberty bumper-stickers automatically qualifies them to possibly be militia.

You May Be A Domestic Terrorist If…….

The Original Domestic Terrorists
The Original Domestic Terrorists
  • you are breathing.
  • you can read.
  • you can spell.
  • you have thought about taking a trip to Boston.
  • you enjoy a cup of hot tea.
  • you are a Capitalist.
  • you have read a quote by the Founding Fathers.
  • you had a passing thought, sometime in your life,  about reading the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  • you have emailed your Congressional Representatives.
  • you have thought about emailing your Congressional Representatives.
  • you have an opinion.
  • you attend a religious service once a year.
  • you know how to surf the internet.
  • you have requested a passport.
  • you have paid your taxes.
  • you are a registered voter.
  • you have actually voted in a election.
  • you believe in a higher power.
  • you thought about buying a picture of a gun.
  • you wear a t-shirt that says “Made In America”.
  • you tell the truth.
  • you are a homeschooling mom or dad.
  • you want what is best for your children and the country.
  • you have money in a 401k or the stockmarket
  • you have a garden, oops that puts Michelle (Eva Peron) Obama on the list.
  • you think that money doesn’t grow on trees and The Fed should stop printing money while it is behind.
  • you know how many stars and stripes are on the flag.
  • you understand that there is no free lunch.
  • you know that “wine country” is in California.
  • you have an IQ above 80.
  • you have  sailed on a boat.
  • you like the number 13.
  • you have read an American history book.
  • you think Thomas Paine is a great author.
  • you have flown commercial at least once in your life.
  • you use electricity or keys; (see Ben Franklin).
  • you write letters; (see Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams).
  • have the last name of any of the above founding fathers.
  • you have scowled and threatened your dishes while washing them.
  • have played bridge.
  • you know how to balance your checkbook.
  • you think the MSM is biased.
  • you have considered buying an American Flag.
  • you have more than 2 little gray cells speaking to each other.
  • you have used a vacuum cleaner.
  • you are quite possibly sure that militias exist.
  • you believe in aliens.
  • you think you may know what the 2nd Amendment stands for.
  • you are smarter than the average congressional representative.
  • you have a canine companion named Buddy.
  • you are waiting for California to fall into the ocean.
  • you have thought about putting a gun rack on your CAR.
  • you have fantasized about not every paying taxes again.
  • you are a natural born American citizen.
  • you like bonuses.
  • You think our government is taking us off a cliff where we will never recover from the debt being heaped on us and our children.

Now it’s your turn!  I am sure you can do better than I…

Happy Friday

Let The Revolution Begin!

By Logistics Monster


  • lol….well I know my family is on that list all five of us! Eeven my son and his girlfriend! I am watching them play the wii….my arm is being a pain so I am enjoying their fun….you know how moms are!

  • No one can do better than you Diamond…you said it all…and continue to with all of your tireless work you put in on this site and the information you gather. Do you sleep? (love the new layout)

    It is a shame that our military, police, and congressional representatives have no brains, or conscience. If they had either then they would realize that they all took an oath to “defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC”, and that by not doing so (or even reading the constitution) THEY HAVE BECOME THE LATTER!!!

  • Put me on that list. The only item I’m not sure I qualify for is the spelling. Sometimes when I read back my own comments I wonder how I ever got out of elementary school, much less college. Sheesh!

    If believing in the Constitution, and having reverence for our country’s Founding Fathers makes you a “Domestic Terrorist” then I plead guilty – with pride.

  • P.S. I forgot to wave to the Federal Reserve. They are here again IMO because Bernanke wants to see what you have to say about his last announcement of releasing another $1+ Trillion into the money supply. (to buy treasury bonds?)

  • Thirty plus years ago, I swore to uphold the Constitution as a military man (27 yrs) and a police officer (29 yrs) and even though I’m retired, I will STILL defend it….I’m proud to say that I am a DOMESTIC TERRORIST!!! Come get me Obama!!

  • Sandra Miller Linhart -

    You may be a domestic terrorist if you read Logistics Monster…

    and say: “Amen, Sister-chik!”

    (I still wanna be you when I grow up!)

  • Oh, wait! I got one! I got one! Pick Me! *hand raised high in the air while popping in and out of my seat like Nanny PeeLoser at a presidential address*

    YMBADT if: You beat your rugs and water-board your winders.

  • David Gagin -

    You might be a domestic terrorist if…

    …you are mildly suspicious about fences on which the razor wire stantions point inward.

    …you are dubious about the president’s description of how the first plane hit the WTC.

    …you might agree that you have a duty to self and neighbor to protect the innocent from attacks (with a fire arm, or axe handle, or fireplace poker, heck even a brick will do!)

    …you take serious, for even the shortest imaginable moment of time, that you really should lay in a supply of non-perishables. The kind you can cook without a microwave.
    …you hurry home from work to listen to Mark Levin and sip homemade wine.

  • These are all wonderful! Keep ’em coming!

    “You Vote For McCain”….I couldn’t not stop laughing Kathy!

    Are you all not terrified that coming here may put you on a list somewhere because you read The Monster or are you like me….f*** em – they need to get REAL JOBS!

  • 1sgboom is echoing the sentiments of more people than the PTB realize. I would have expected to be scooped up by now…no longer worried. Come get me for speaking the truth!

  • Sandra – I am looking for the link for that story – will send over as soon as I find it. Thanks for reminding me.

  • If your farts violate the Geneva Conventions you’re definitely a domestic terrorist.

    Like the new look by the way!

  • David Gagin -

    You might be a domestic terrorist if…
    …gestapo-like tactics of local police annoy you.

    …you see Nancy Pelosi on TV, and a classic 1939 movie staring Judy Garland comes to mind…not that she looks anything like Miss Garland.

    …it occurs to you that during the campaigns candidates obfuscate to avoid answering questions directly. And then after they win, they obfuscate to avoid answering questions directly.

  • You might be a domestic terrorist if:

    …your leg doesn’t tingle when Obama speaks
    …you’ve never flipped off Hillary Clinton
    …you believe Sarah Palin gave birth to her son Trigg
    …you think it’s wrong for dead people to vote
    …you believe that Obama promised to withdraw from Iraq during the election
    …you believe the holocost occurred
    …you don’t believe in “magic bullets”
    …you think Chester Arthur was not actually a US President
    …you think it’s odd that one of the people that decided to launder $185 billion in federal money through AIG last fall so the European central banks could rake in billions from US taxpayers was named Secretary of the Treasury a few months later
    …you think that because the Committee on Foreign Relations said they want a North American Union by 1020 that we’ll actually have a North American Union by 1020
    …you think that the men and women who risk life and limb to defend our nation should not have to pay for their own health care
    …you don’t think that the US Census should be taken by political operatives
    …you think volunteering should be voluntary

  • GG! Oh my freakin’ god these are great!

    my favs:
    …you think it’s wrong for dead people to vote
    …your leg doesn’t tingle when Obama speaks
    …you’ve never flipped off Hillary Clinton

    let’s keep it going people – I am putting it on it’s own page soon!

  • David Gagin -

    Very gratifying indeed to see the responses here…and I thought I was the only one with all this repressed outrage about what is happening in Washington, and TO this country- which is ours! It comes to mind, one lesson learned here is that our ‘representatives’, whom we elect have a crying need for adult supervision once they leave home to that city. I mean, haven’t they shown us again and again they have to be watched every second? And if you think a certain congresswoman named Carolyn (D) from New York should be fired, and “tubbed” immediately, and all those sponsoring the GIVE act with her…well you just might be a domestic terrorist in every sense because you DARE to think the Government has no business conscripting anyone, least of all our children!

  • If you hang the flag upside down.
    If you fly the Gadsden Flag.
    If you refuse to say that criminal punk is your president.
    If you send your kid to private school.
    If you mention (gasp!) God.

    These are not as good as most of the others, but will probably eventually get one busted.

    OMG! I almost forgot. If you don’t watch television.

    God bless America! (most certainly if you say that!)

  • Oh, this is great – If you write to Judge James Robertson & say:
    “How dare you use a flimsy thing like the Constitution to darken your sanctimonious door!”

    “The insane idea that a blue gum baboon slashing our Constitution has to prove U.S. citizenship – as our silly old Constitution demands – is too absurd to consider in the sacred chambers of the tiny tin gods of the Potomac, adorning the royal purple and sipping Jim Jones Kool-Aid.”
    -Jesse Merrell

    This will definitely get you a visit from the Federal marshals. (see story at

    God bless America!

  • you know that there are 50 states, not 57

    you know who the president of France is : hint it is not Chirac

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