You May Be A Domestic Terrorist If….

You know it is time for a bit of snark when a person finds out that reading the Constitution and having Campaign For Liberty bumper-stickers automatically qualifies them to possibly be militia.

You May Be A Domestic Terrorist If…….

The Original Domestic Terrorists
The Original Domestic Terrorists
  • you are breathing.
  • you can read.
  • you can spell.
  • you have thought about taking a trip to Boston.
  • you enjoy a cup of hot tea.
  • you are a Capitalist.
  • you have read a quote by the Founding Fathers.
  • you had a passing thought, sometime in your life,  about reading the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  • you have emailed your Congressional Representatives.
  • you have thought about emailing your Congressional Representatives.
  • you have an opinion.
  • you attend a religious service once a year.
  • you know how to surf the internet.
  • you have requested a passport.
  • you have paid your taxes.
  • you are a registered voter.
  • you have actually voted in a election.
  • you believe in a higher power.
  • you thought about buying a picture of a gun.
  • you wear a t-shirt that says “Made In America”.
  • you tell the truth.
  • you are a homeschooling mom or dad.
  • you want what is best for your children and the country.
  • you have money in a 401k or the stockmarket
  • you have a garden, oops that puts Michelle (Eva Peron) Obama on the list.
  • you think that money doesn’t grow on trees and The Fed should stop printing money while it is behind.
  • you know how many stars and stripes are on the flag.
  • you understand that there is no free lunch.
  • you know that “wine country” is in California.
  • you have an IQ above 80.
  • you have  sailed on a boat.
  • you like the number 13.
  • you have read an American history book.
  • you think Thomas Paine is a great author.
  • you have flown commercial at least once in your life.
  • you use electricity or keys; (see Ben Franklin).
  • you write letters; (see Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams).
  • have the last name of any of the above founding fathers.
  • you have scowled and threatened your dishes while washing them.
  • have played bridge.
  • you know how to balance your checkbook.
  • you think the MSM is biased.
  • you have considered buying an American Flag.
  • you have more than 2 little gray cells speaking to each other.
  • you have used a vacuum cleaner.
  • you are quite possibly sure that militias exist.
  • you believe in aliens.
  • you think you may know what the 2nd Amendment stands for.
  • you are smarter than the average congressional representative.
  • you have a canine companion named Buddy.
  • you are waiting for California to fall into the ocean.
  • you have thought about putting a gun rack on your CAR.
  • you have fantasized about not every paying taxes again.
  • you are a natural born American citizen.
  • you like bonuses.
  • You think our government is taking us off a cliff where we will never recover from the debt being heaped on us and our children.

Now it’s your turn!  I am sure you can do better than I…

Happy Friday

Let The Revolution Begin!

By Logistics Monster


  • David Gagin -

    In reply to American Genie: “OMG! I almost forgot. If you don’t watch television.”

    OMG, I never thought of THAT! I thought I was just being practical. Let’s do the MATH: 200 channels x nothing good to watch = nothing good to watch. And then when you consider you have to pay to also watch paid commercials, it just doesn’t seem cost effective. I gave it up more than 10 years ago and never looked back. Occasionally there’s something interesting on CSPAN, other than that it’s drivel we can do well without. The downside is that people give you that quizzical look when you can’t respond to questions related to TV programming. After this, if you all don’t hear from me again, you know that I’ve been arrested because refusal to accept mind conditioning via television marks you as a domestic terrorist.

  • David,

    I don’t get quizzical looks when I tell folks I don’t watch television. They usually don’t believe me, or they look at me like I’m crazy. When some folks find out that we don’t even have cable or a satellite system they don’t know how we survive. We use our TV’s for watching DVD’s, or the occasional news or sports program. My 13 year old doesn’t understand how it’s bad for her, but so far I’m holding my ground. She may watch the occasional DVD or play a video game. She has become a voracious reader.

    If they put all the non television viewers in the same place, I’ll see you there!

    God bless America!

  • David Gagin -

    American Genie,
    That might be a small group! Anyway, seeing Nancy Pelosi on TV as I mentioned above, that was really a youTube clip, not actual tv. And I can just hear the words coming out of her mouth “…and yer little dog, TOO!” Does it make me a domestic terrorist if I am mystified at how she keeps getting re-elected? While I’m here, I would like to urge/encourage everyone to attend a TEA party of their choice. The website is taxdayteaparty-dot-com and pick your state for list of cities.

  • Hey all – I need some help. Can someone find the video of Harry Reid saying we can do anything we want or we can do whatever we want? It had something to do with his original statement of not allowing Burris to come into the Senate. I am so freakin’ buried right now I just do not have the time to look for it – already spent an hour and just can’t devote anymore time to it – but really need that link!


  • David Gagin -

    I’ll take a look for it tomorrow. It may take a while because there’s a ton of stuff about her on youtube. And um…I don’t think she’s an idiot. Very intelligent, but misguided and quite evil, hence the comparison to the witch. But she thinks she’s just dandy, along with her California constituents who keep re-electing her. Quite telling was the verbal spanking she received from the Pope, which was entirely deserved and which could have included excommunication. Will she repent? Don’t hold your breath!

  • David – Idiot child is just a figure of speech. Of course she is smart…at least politically smart, and as for getting a verbal spanking from the Pope – do not be so easily led. They chose her to deliver the message as she would have an easy cover story of “the spanking”. Are you following me? The Vatican is the oldest, longest running continuous world government. Think about what is going on right now and tell me what it adds up to for you – and email me…DO NOT leave your answer here.


  • You may be a domestic terrorist if you wonder why the same names keep appearing in the membership lists of The Bilderbergs, The Trilateralists, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Administration. Some in the Cabinet.

  • David Gagin -

    the e-mail I sent came back undeliverable, meaning I sent to the wrong address, and I don’t know the right one.

  • There is only one reason why you may be a domestic terrorist.

    It is only true IF you meet the following three requirements:

    1.) You commit a federal crime.
    2.) That crime poses a danger to the health and well being of U.S. citizens.
    3.) You commit that crime for political purposes.

    For example: The Outing of Valerie Plame and Brewster Jennings.

    1.) George Bush intentionally Outed Valerie Plame and Brewster Jennings, which is a federal crime.

    2.) CIA agents caught behind enemy lines were caught and disappeared. Valuable resources were taken out of the real war on terrorism, specifically in Iran. Less knowledge of Iranian military and covert operations makes all Americans less safe.

    3.) Bush outed Plame and Jennings to punish her husband for daring to challenge the false findings on yellow cake, AND to send a message to anyone who would dare contradict the actions of the Bush Administration.

    Therefore, George W. Bush is a Domestic Terrorist as defined by the U.S. Patriot Act.

  • Kevin,

    If you are looking for someone to defend George Bush (either one), you are in the wrong place. However I think you may have just added another entry inadvertently:

    You might be a Domestic Terrorist if you don’t blame George W. Bush for every bad thing to transpire since the Garden of Eden.

  • Boston Minuteman -

    When do I get to go to Guantanamo Bay for my vacation??? Being that I fit more than one catagory listed here!

  • sign me up. i guess they will pass the plate later so they can pay for our meals since we do not wish to contribute to their cause

    starting today no more medicare or medicaid pts for me

  • Dahveed -

    If you don’t pay your taxes, you’re not a domestic terrorist, you’re a Obama cabinet nominee…

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