Bambi and Rahmbo are building an army, and this is the beginning; now we have to stop it in the Senate.
From Wake Up America Movement:
The House of Representatives sailed through HR1388 this Wednesday– without conscience or attention to consequence – in keeping with their voting record so far this year. A version of this
measure is now in the hands of the Senate. If passed into law, it will fulfill Obama/Axelrod’s largest linchpin to take over our country and our society- by taking over our youth (and even attempt to lure
in our needy senior citizens by “paying” them to co-operate.

More details on this looming danger-the greatest we have faced since Obama took over are revealed at Wake Up America movement website. COVERING UP THIS GIVE ACT IS THE REASON for all
the intentionally-timed commotion on AIG. What they stand to gain on this National Service Laws rewrite is far greater than anything they lose on temporary criticism for their AIG conduct!

AN URGENT PETITION to the SENATE – for the signature of you and your readership- is ready and waiting for everyone’s signature. W.A.M. will send with all signers on Monday A.M. so do act fast!
(After signing this PETITION, you will gain immediate access to other ACTION TOOLS on this critical issue.)

RIGHT NOW: will you please OFFER PROTECTION to our country’s future generations, your children,  your aged relations (plus all existing American charities and authentic community service groups) by POSTING THIS LETTER TO THE SENATE on YOUR WEBSITE OR FORUM TODAY!  (Also please forward to all email lists – below dotted line on this send.)

This Letter to the Senate will briefly update your readers on what’s really happening in D.C.
and give them an opportunity to make our voices heard immediately. WE MUST STOP THE
GIVE ACT- we can only do so by acting TOGETHER IMMEDIATELY!

PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE LINK TO THE NO-G.I.V.E Petition – where more details on this dreadful Nazi law are also located:

————————————————————————————————————–URGENT: STOP the G.I.V.E. ACT from TAKING AWAY OUR RIGHTS


HERE IS A FAX LETTER to SEND YOUR SENATORS showing WE KNOW what’s really GOING ON in D.C. All are welcome to send this letter as is- or revise to suit. Link below will provide free FAX access plus all contact info for all US Senators after you sign the Petition.

For more information and to sign NO G.I.V.E Petition, go to:

To: U.S.Senator (name here)
Fax # here
Regarding: Taking Away American Rights in the name of G.I.V.E Act
As a voter and political activist, I am appalled at the lack of diligence and conscience with which our Congress has been conducting itself. It is clear to all informed citizens by now that the AIG fiasco lies directly in the lap of Congress itself.

Whatever the Treasury Secretary did or did not know, it is known that the Stimulus Bill which Capitol Hill made law contained a loophole for the controversial AIG bonuses. If you all were taking responsible time to study legislation before you, irresponsible outcomes like this would not be happening!

Other incidents of questionable contents which your bodies have voted through to law this year are too numerous to mention. When the consequences of these new laws also become more apparent to the American public, will you all just continue to play the blame game – without accepting responsibility for your negligence? Like the billions for A.C.O.R.N., L.C.C.R. and the recent CARD CHECK push to make American workers and businesses subject to the demands of an International Union (SEIU). At least one of these organizations is already recognized for criminal conduct. We need you to pay attention!

We the People are disgusted with the misuse of Mainstream Media to divert attention from critical issues as one scandal after another is used to distract the public from the controversial, misguided, massive spending which you, as a body, are voting through. This includes your own recent pay raise while the rest of America is losing financial ground, stock value, jobs and their homes.

The current legislation to rewrite the “National Service Act” into a government-run indoctrination of American youth – and government take-over of the role of charitable institutions and community service organization (including pay-offs to involve hapless senior citizens) is absolutely the very last straw! The lengths to which the Obama regime is going to push its agenda into a permanent alteration of the face and fabric of our nation – all under the guise of “rushed emergency measures” – has become glaringly obvious and revolting to all our country stands for!

If you have the integrity to hold the Senate seat to which We the People have elected you – and you perform with due diligence on this measure – you will certainly stop this G.I.V.E Act take-over from becoming law. This letter from one voter is an urgent plea, representing millions of Americans, who look on in horror as our trusted officials undercut our economy – with ill-timed and ill-advised sweeping, rushed revisions of our nation’s laws which undermine our entire way of life.

I pray you will recall we are meant to be “One Nation Under God” – not one nation under Obama and urgently request that you demonstrate respect for your constituents, our Constitution and the United States by doing the job we have hired you to do. Please apply the full power of your office to withdraw any and all legislation re: U.S. National Service standards and requirements and its further funding and return your attention to the really critical matters at hand – to preserve our security, liberties and prosperity- not to undo them all in this dangerous manner.

Your actions on this matter will be scrutinized and your responsible conduct on costly, damaging National Service revisions will move quickly to public attention with lasting consequence!

From a voter and activist in the state you are sworn to represent,

So there you go….just one more thing to sail by while you weren’t paying attention.

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