Quick Note About Conspiracies

Is the conspiracy theory that the Federal Reserve crashing the economy so that the Council on Foreign Relations can get us involved in either the North American Union or one global government really a conspiracy when The Federal Reserve and now Goldman Sachs are on this site reading “The Fed”?

What do you think about the Federal Reserve printing $1 TRILLION to buy long-term treasuries two days ago?

My opinion?  No conspiracy theory here; I’ve read the facts and done the research and now I am watching a 100 year plan unfolding.

Ladies and Gentlemen:  We need to start faxing and emailing our Congress and tell them they can either step down or wait around for Bastille Day; I feel it coming….

Thomas Paine

By Logistics Monster


  • Diamond, nobody can convince me that this isn’t a conspiracy, and I was first aware of the underhanded shenanigans when Jimmy Carter was president. Carter, as I’m sure you know if anybody does, was given the ok by David Rockefeller and then the money and support for him started pouring in. Before 1976 who ever heard of Jimmy Carter if you didn’t live in Georgia?

    After Rockefeller and the Trilateralist Commission gave their stamp of approval to Carter he began to get a build-up that far outpaced his actual accomplishments. He was just a small time peanut farmer who made it to be the Governor of Georgia. Sure, he was the Commander of a nuclear submarine, but that particular sub didn’t do anything or go anywhere. He was in no way a war hero.

    Once he was selected by the same powers to be that selected Barack Obama he proceed to load his cabinet and the administration with members of the Trilateralist Commission, which I’m sure you also know is an offshoot of The Bilderbergers. About the only difference in their membership is that the Bilderbergers wouldn’t include Asians (they might now, but I don’t think so, I’ll have to check that out as soon as I get a little time). But the Trilateralists embrace Japanese and other Asians as well as Europeans and Americans. To David Rockefeller and his group it is all about global money, global power, global government and global religion.

    You’re absolutely right – it started a long time ago, and I’m sick and tired of people telling me I’m nuts or wearing that tin-foil hat. I thought that squandering all that TARP money, sending it to foreign banks – China and Dubai, for two, would wake people up. But I’m findng that this is all so far out that some people won’t believe it until Obama’s crew of hand-picked civilian gestapo starts rounding them up and placing them in Fema camps.

    Sorry about this, I’m still harboring a flu bug and my head is spinning, or I probably wouldn’ rant on like this, but this last dumb act of congress convinces me that they are in on it too. Let’s hope there are some sane heads in the senate, but I wouldn’t bet any money
    on it. I know that there are members of the congress in the Trilateralist Commission – just search their membership list and it will tell you all you need to know about that.

  • it was tinfoil hat up until September when they pushed the TARP through. Everything is falling into place for them and it really comes down to how tired and worn out are Americans. Are you going to march on DC or just let them roll over us because we have been running a freakin’ marathon for years and years. Do you not agree that taking away 50% of everybody’s wealth is just a tad bit demoralizing?


  • By definition you and I are now Domestic Terrorists…Beck’s show yesterday was a must see…hubby said it was like they wrote the description of a Domestic terrorist just for me accept I am no fan of Barr, Baldwin or Paul…otherwise I fit some of the description…lol…

  • I guess I am in good company standing next to you and millions of Americans beside standing next to the Founding Fathers.

  • Great new page, Diamond – where do you get the art work? Is it yours? Everyone around me thinks I’m a bit off track as well, no matter how much research I do for them. I don’t want to be in a position to say “I told you so” when the Orwellian future arrives. Is there nowhere else to go while we can? How is that Hawaii succession thing going? I love Hawaii.

  • Cats – we AREN’T going anywhere. We are taking our country back from the corruptocrats. Yes?!

    As for Hawaii – succession would be suicide. Enough said.

  • When people think I am “tin foil hat” material, I just show them the chemtrails in the sky, and they start to question reality. They understand “that isn’t normal or natural”, and they start to wonder “why is my beloved government doing this to us?”. It seems that most are so asleep they never even look up at the sky or see it, until someone points it out. I thank the government for giving such a blatant sign in the sky, because they are helping the “conspiracy theory” gain credibility. hmmmm…why WOULD the government be spraying stuff in the sky?

  • Some people are in a perpetual state of denial. I thank you for being here, & for all the info you give us.

    Watch for an email from me. I have what probably is not a new slant on the criminal punk in chief, but the dots are being connected in my brain in such away that I must share with someone I trust other than my husband. He spurred this line of thought after he told me that he heard the dear leader speaking in Farsi on the radio. He said that he has never heard Farsi, but that it sounded too good to just be a beginner speaking the language, & it really bothered him.

    I’ll collect my thoughts that are scattered from here to the moon & email you later.

    God bless America!

  • To American Genie – Also at the end of Obama’s televised message to Iran, he ended with a few phrases in Farsi. Not knowing the language, I don’t know if he was just sending New Year’s (NoRuz) greetings to the Iranian people or if he was transmitting a secret message for the big guys. And no, it wasn’t a beginner speaking. No uhs or ahs or ums that we get when he is trying to communicate to us in English. This was a fluid statement with no uncertain pauses whatsoever. But then, didn’t he say Americans should have a second language? I thought he suggested French, but I could have been mistaken. He intimated that Americans who didn’t have a second language were uneducated and stupid. I can’t be classified as stupid then, because I know how to speak “Pig Latin”.

    Diamond, I forgot to tell you that I really like your new format. It makes it easier to come buy and see who has been eavesdropping on you lately. Thanks for the info.

  • David Gagin -

    You know…I have been TRYING to splain to people how they are on the wrong track by blaming Bush, or Obama, or Carter…They are all on the same team, and the D vs. R subterfuge has got most people confused! There really isn’t two parties except where the MSM is concerned. When the president announced in 1991 that NWO was a matter of fact, I thought ah HAH! This will be what shakes them out of stupor…alas…nuthin’. I read None Dare Call it Treason in high school. Maybe I shouldn’t have, because that book changed my whole outlook.

  • David Gagin -

    Diamond…my duh! lol

    Seriously though, that was a long time ago. The agenda has progressed to advanced stages, and the need for true patriots is never greater. For all: Do see the “Thomas Paine” videos if you haven’t already…excellent primer on how to become ‘responsibly active’ in the functioning of government! They can’t ignore all of us.

  • Practical Madman,

    They spray trails in the sky because they want to see how many of us will look and see the signs. So far, it has not been enough. They are emboldened as they encroach on our personal liberties and we barely utter a word. In short, they spray trails in the sky just so they can say they did this in the open and didn’t even need to hide as they took over the world.

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