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…if you are experiencing problems with the new page.  If you are still running Internet Explorer, the page will load slower, and if you are running IE 6.0 – it probably won’t load at all.  I suggest going to Mozilla and downloading Firefox because it is just a better browser!



By Logistics Monster


  • Sandra Miller Linhart -

    Hey, nice change – not that there was anything wrong with the last one.

  • Seems to load much faster. I had real problems with the old one – really slow. I use Firefox. Now it will be easier to comment!!! (you may be sorry you changed!!)

    As for the appearance… not crazy about the base color – I tend to prefer more neutral colors – but over all, I like the organization better. Color isn’t really that important anyway…

  • Hey, I liked it the way it was, & I like it the way it is now. Your posts are the most important thing.

    Ditched my idea of a Cass Sunstein piece. Never Yet Melted covered him quite nicely, & I know they get a whole lot more traffic than I ever will.

    God bless America!

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