Day: March 20, 2009

You May Be A Domestic Terrorist If….

You know it is time for a bit of snark when a person finds out that reading the Constitution and having Campaign For Liberty bumper-stickers automatically qualifies them to possibly be militia. You May Be A Domestic Terrorist If....... you are breathing. you can read. you can spell. you have thought about taking a trip to Boston. you enjoy a cup of hot tea. you are a Capitalist. you have read a quote by the Founding Fathers. you had a passing thought, sometime in your life,  about reading the Constitution and Bill of Rights. you have emailed your Congressional Representatives.…
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Quick Note About Conspiracies

Is the conspiracy theory that the Federal Reserve crashing the economy so that the Council on Foreign Relations can get us involved in either the North American Union or one global government really a conspiracy when The Federal Reserve and now Goldman Sachs are on this site reading "The Fed"? What do you think about the Federal Reserve printing $1 TRILLION to buy long-term treasuries two days ago? My opinion?  No conspiracy theory here; I've read the facts and done the research and now I am watching a 100 year plan unfolding. Ladies and Gentlemen:  We need to start faxing…
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TSUNAMI MEDIA ALERT: House Passes Brown Shirt and Jackboot Bill

Bambi and Rahmbo are building an army, and this is the beginning; now we have to stop it in the Senate. From Wake Up America Movement: The House of Representatives sailed through HR1388 this Wednesday- without conscience or attention to consequence - in keeping with their voting record so far this year. A version of this measure is now in the hands of the Senate. If passed into law, it will fulfill Obama/Axelrod's largest linchpin to take over our country and our society- by taking over our youth (and even attempt to lure in our needy senior citizens by "paying"…
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Let Me Know…

...if you are experiencing problems with the new page.  If you are still running Internet Explorer, the page will load slower, and if you are running IE 6.0 - it probably won't load at all.  I suggest going to Mozilla and downloading Firefox because it is just a better browser! Mahalo, Diamond
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