Today’s AYFKM? Award: Senator Chuck Grassley

…for being so black-hearted as to say that AIG representatives should resign or commit suicide.  What about, “the people who are in part responsible for the collapse of AIG should not accept their bonuses”; how about that Senator Grassley?  I am wondering exactly how those executives feel?  I am sure there are more than a few that are already shamed and cannot sleep at night, and now Senator Grassley thinks it would be a good idea for them to kill themselves, possibly making some soul-less losers feel better, and depriving the executives’ families of their loved ones.  This is a perfect example of the differences in what drives the “powers-that-be” and the average American.  We do not, as a people, worship money and think that it is more important than our lives, our families, and our principles.  Is everybody seeing the distinction?

Time to empathize people; who is the actual culprit here?  The AIG execs or The Fed that created the surplus money supply; the Clinton Administration that loosened the Community Reinvestment Act so that ACORN could strong arm banks into giving ninja loans, and the congress that shut down the Bush administration when they were trying to avert this catastrophe back in 2003?

Ladies and Gentlemen; this is just more of the divide and conquer mentality of our federal government which wants to pit American against American.

Are you going to fall for it again?

For those of you that missed the actual quote from this incredibly callous, sophomoric, and imbecilic senator; here it is:

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA)

And his way of trying to extricate himself from his I can say anything I want, I am a US Senator moment of stupidity when speaking about an intentional loss of human life:

Grassley dismisses suicide talk as rhetoric

In an interview with MSNBC’s David Shuster, Sen. Grassley didn’t apologize for his comments that AIG representatives should either “resign, or go commit suicide.” Instead, he dismissed the question, saying people should know “rhetoric” when they hear it.

“I hope you recognize rhetoric,” Grassley said, “and I shouldn’t even have to answer that question….”

Pressed by Shuster, who asked if Grassley had any regret for his phrasing, Grassley struck a defensive tone.

“I’ve stated that you oughta be able to tell rhetoric when you hear it,” the Iowa Republican said.

Iowans; is this okay with you? AMERICA; IS THIS OKAY WITH YOU?

Are you going to keep this corruptocrat on the payroll?  And in other news, be on the lookout for the upcoming post about torches and pitchforks outside The Fed instead of AIG.  Open your minds, people!

(My own personal quote:

Money is like Doritos; you can always make more)

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that many of you probably did not notice nor read the following article:  The Continuing AIG Saga which gives a interesting timeline of facts about the AIG bailout and explains why you probably shouldn’t be looking at the bonuses; you should be looking at the $62 Billion US IN TAXPAYER MONEY given to FOREIGN BANKS:

Some of the biggest recipients of the AIG money were Goldman Sachs at $12.9 billion, and three European banks – France’s Societe Generale at $11.9 billion, Germany’s Deutsche Bank at $11.8 billion, and Britain’s Barclays PLC at $8.5 billion. Merrill Lynch, which also is undergoing federal scrutiny of its bonus plans, received $6.8 billion as of Dec. 31.

By Logistics Monster



    Are you referring to the suicide statement only? or more stuff…

    I’m ok with the suicide statement…you have to be aware that Japanese tradition of Hari-kiri was a practice of committing suicide rather than shame one’s family by some perceived failure. The issue here is that the Japanese nobleman would rather die than shame his family – a feeling not shared by those executives who were in positions of power and decision when AIG failed. Obviously, that’s what Grassley is referring to rather than a wish that they would actually commit suicide. American culture doesn’t see business failure as particularly shameful – Grassley is saying that they _should_ be ashamed – that their business failures are causing such a tidal wave of disaster that they _should_ be ashamed – ashamed enough to commit harikiri.

  • Sandra Miller Linhart -

    Then I guess I agree as well – CongrA$$members should fall on their swords – each and every one of them – including our current commander in chief – instead of causing We The People great shame and the oncoming tidal wave of disaster…
    However, it wasn’t obvious to me Grassley was referring to anything other than his blatant feelings of superiority in suggesting AIG should off themselves so he doesn’t have to deal with them. Just my humble opinion, or rhetoric if you’d rather…

  • Suek – I cannot agree. I know you understand what I wrote, but this is not Japan and these people were promised these “bonuses” as their severance pay to stay and wind down the company. They are called bonuses because the government passed a law that said the companies would not be taxed on this money if it was called a “bonus” instead of payroll. So – these people stayed 6-8-10 months, working, in hopes of getting their severance pay. They should not be asked to kill themselves for doing the right thing and not quitting. Dodd approved these “bonuses” and now is against them…wtf?

    Meanwhile – we are all talking about this instead of the $62 Billion going to Foreign Banks – is the picture getting clearer yet? I swear I have to be more specific than I already am.

  • Shell game, bait and switch, business as usual. Yes, PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP and look at that which is NOT being covered, that which is suppressed, for therein lies the key. Many thanks LM!

  • Diamond,

    I have channeled so much anger at the government already that I’d be surprised if my mail even gets through anymore.

    I was very pleased to see at WND this morning a post regarding active military members taking the oath at Oath-Keepers to NOT follow any orders from the government in regards to disarmament of citizens, or unlawful orders of search & seizure of citizens by the usurper in chief or his minions. They are pledging to stand with the citizenry against any and all tyrannical orders from Big Brother!

    God bless them & God bless America!

  • >>this is not Japan and these people were promised these “bonuses” as their severance pay to stay and wind down the company. >>

    Different issue. Grassley was speaking allegorically and saying that those who caused such pain by their personal failure should do the honorable thing. Because we’re _not_ in Japan or living prior to WWII, obviously it was not a serious suggestion in the sense of meaning that he hoped/expected them to actually _do_ it.
    The reference is not to their entitlement but to their failure.

    and I agree with #2…at this point, all or most Congressional members ought to be “falling on their swords” as well. See? _Very_ longstanding tradition regarding failure and shame!

    As to the other matters – no disagreement from me – just on this particular issue. Let it go.

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