Today’s AYFKM? Award: Union Members To Switch Parties For Specter?

Oh boy, you know the corruption surrounding the Employee Free Choice Act is wide, deep, and unbelievable.  Today’s Are You Freakin Kidding Me? Award goes to the AFL-CIO for their willingness to “persuade” their members to change party affiliations to help a traitor like Sen. Arlen Specter keep his frakkin’ seat!  At this point, Specter is going to need all the help he can get and this is probably more legal than what the unions and ACORN did during the election cycle.  Now you KNOW for sure that taking away the secret ballot is going to harm the American Worker, the American Small Business Owner and ALL THEIR FAMILIES if this much money and arm-twisting will happen to help one senator….oops….another senator get what the unions want.

EXCLUSIVE: AFL-CIO pledges votes for Specter

‘Check card’ bill on the line


Angling for a critical Senate swing vote to pass the “card check” bill that would make it easier to form unions, Pennsylvania labor leaders promised Sen. Arlen Specter that they will switch union members from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party to help him win a tough 2010 primary election, The Washington Times has learned.

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President William M. George said he pledged Mr. Specter “all kinds of help from the union” in a series of meetings to woo the Republican senator’s support for the bill, which would ease rules favoring secret-ballot elections to unionize workplaces.

“We are pushing to give him help in the primary, including changing Democrats to Republicans for the primary,” Mr. George told The Times. “It’s hard to do because of other races in the state … but we’ll do it for ‘card check.’ “


Pennsylvania persists as a union stronghold with 1.4 million union members and union retirees, accounting for more than 10 percent of the population and one-third of households. About 73 percent of the bloc are registered Democrats, according to the state AFL-CIO.

Mr. Specter’s office declined to comment specifically on Mr. George’s promise.

Mr. Specter previously said he would not bend to party loyalty nor special-interest pressure but do what his conscience tells him is in the interest of the nation or the state.


He can expect to suffer the union’s wrath if he opposes the bill.

“If he votes against us,” Mr. George said, “we will rise the intensity, possibly with another candidate and possibly another moderate in the Republican Party.”

Go to the link above to read the rest…it gets better and better….

(I would like to thank Rob for sending this info along to me.)

By Logistics Monster


  • The fuckhead unions can threaten all they want but I believe Pennsylvania isn’t too happy with Specter’s bullshit….and will more than likely vote in a Conservative. Come on! The stimulus bill isn’t giving the unemployed shit! There are some very strong conservative strongholds in PA. This I know for certain because that is exactly where my grandmother, grandfather and uncle use to live. It remains so today. The rural areas are very conservative. Here’s hoping the fucktard union members and Specter get their ass handed to them. To think fucktard Specter is from rural Kansas.

  • This whole situation is getting worse and worse. “Card Check” is nothing more than another way to corral the American worker. Take back your lives, people, don’t let the union tell you how to vote. IMO, Arlen Specter should be retired. He’s been in there long enough and I can’t see that he has done a whole lot of good for anyone in a long time, if ever. If ever there was a reason for voting him out( besides his corrupt vote with the Dems against the Repubs this last time) this union bit is it. If they feel that he can be amenable to blackmail like this, that proves he’s no good.

  • Be serious here, folks. Arlen Specter is as available for sale as Diet Pepsi or an LCD TV. Walk into the local mini-mart and use your credit card to buy a Specter vote on anything.

    Plus, let us not forget he’s the wingnut that brought us the “Magic Bullet” theory during the investigation of the JFK assassination. I’d say that alone qualifies him as part of “the machine”.

    I think we should be lending our support to anyone running against Specter. He is most definitely part of the problem and none of the solution.

    BTW – Welcome to the Obama Era where a union blatantly and openly purchasing a politician’s vote does not even warrant the bat of an eye! Thanks, ACORN!

  • “BTW – Welcome to the Obama Era where a union blatantly and openly purchasing a politician’s vote does not even warrant the bat of an eye! Thanks, ACORN!”

    Exactly GG – nobody even thinks twice anymore about the blatant corruption of saying this kind of crap out loud. Guess it’s okay to walk on the dark side. Can you say “overreaching again”?

  • It’s the “or something”, Diamond, not that it isn’t important. The unions are part of “it”.
    Went to bed sickish a while ago, but got up to get a cup of tea, and couldn’t resist checking you out before going right back to bed to nurse what has become a humongous cold. Hope that’s all it is. Will see you sooner than later.

  • P.S. People are afraid to address this subject because the unions probably control most of their jobs. They, bloggers, as well as anyone else who has a regular job left in this period of time are afraid their posts or comments can be tracked back and they will lose their jobs. What do you want to bet Google is on their payroll. Everybody isn’t as brave as you are.
    Now I really have to go back to bed to try to fight off this bug.

  • Lee –
    1. Check your email….we need to chat…call me.

    2. I am not brave – I am doing the right thing; that’s all. I know that I am not the only person left in this country that has a backbone.


  • Wal-Mart Bill -

    This is just another way that the unions are planning to take over the nation’s economy. They have already wreaked havoc on the auto industry as well as the cost of government due to their involvement. They are just another group with their hands out asking for more and more of our hard earned dollars to support their bad habits. The unions and the politicians are all lined up with their hands in each others pockets.
    Our conservative estimate of the union jackpot that could be won just from unionizing Wal-Mart should EFCA pass is $500 million a year.
    Do we want to give that kind of vote buying power to the unions? Oh, and by the way,
    I haven’t seen any congressional outcry to limit the bonuses of the union bosses. If they are going to bail out the unions by passing this bill, then maybe they should be nationalized too.

    I woke this morning with a vision in my mind of the money hungry union boss with dollar signs in his eyes standing at the EFCA slot machine pulling the handle. The jackpot lights started flashing and millions of tokens came gushing out of the hopper and each one had the head of an American worker on it.

    Please help us to educate the public on the facts that the unions are strictly a business where the union leaders get rich by extorting money from the businessmen of the world, and in the case of the government unions from us as taxpayers also. Then take this ill gotten gain to elect their own politicians to insure their continued success in their mission.

    Wal-Mart Bill

  • i am not surprised. it’s one of the main reasons that i have been railing against the douchebag unions for a very long time.
    in today’s world, except for certain dangerous jobs such as mining, unions are about as valid as iron lungs.
    they are killing our economy and turning the US into a socialist country and all quite deliberately.
    people need to realize that none of what is happening is happening by “accident”.
    this crashing of the economy is being done on purpose to pauperize us so they can then buy people’s loyalty.

  • >>the unions are strictly a business where the union leaders get rich by extorting money from the businessmen of the world, and in the case of the government unions from us as taxpayers also>>

    Worse. The bill contains language that requires that if a contract negotiation isn’t settled within 90 days, it goes to government negotiators, who will establish the terms of the settlement.

    Can you say “Central Planning”???

    Another _major_ step towards the USSA if this passes.

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