Glenn Beck’s 9.12 Project

This was the beginning:

…and then there was the 9.12 Project launch on 3/13/09.  This link keeps going down because of the massive amount of traffic hitting the new site.  Hang in there and keep trying because it is rapidly becoming the place to link up, network and exchange ideas about getting our government to listen to us or getting them out of office.   You know there is a problem when 72% of the country is against Stimulus 1.0 and it passes.  There has been talk about Stimulus 2.0 since the first abomination passed.  What are we going to do about that?  And for those of you that think Bambi just keeps picking the wrong people for his cabinet; be aware that there probably is not an appointee to be chosen that is not corrupt.  They probably all are tax evaders, liars, and thieves.  What are we going to do about that?
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

By Logistics Monster


  • Diamond, I saw it last night Saturday March 14th 2009 at 8pm ET. It was on for an hour and I was riveted to the screen every minute. I have been trying off and on ever since to get the web site but so far haven’t been successful.

    I love Glenn Beck. Back when he was on CNN he was the only one that had guts enough to speak the truth about what was going on. I’m so glad he has a daily show on Fox Cable, but it is at 5pm ET and I have to miss the first half of it. I’m going to have to scout around and see if maybe it might be repeated each day at a different time.

    From the size of the audience last night and the links he put up to other tea parties, it looks like America is responding. There’s hope in the American heart again, and although we don’t have Paul Revere this time around, with people like Glenn Beck, you, insight analytical and other bloggers the word will spread and spread, and like Glenn Beck said last night – we will surround them and take our country back.

  • Hey Lee? Did you know that a person is part of the “We Surround Them” CULT if you agree with Glenn Beck and are part of the movement to clean up our government? THE CONSTITUTION AS A CULT! I guess I am okay with that.

  • Amen, Diamond, I’ll buy that any day. Can’t think of any better Cult in the world to belong to. Constitution Cult – has a nice ring to it.

  • Stephanie -

    Yes! Our forefathers spend extraordinary measures to guard against government becoming what it has become. They are supposed to be “humble servants” of the people. There is absolutely nothing humble about the atrocious behaviour I see coming out of DC on a daily basis. Tax fraud Timmy…ENOUGH! Bailouts…terrible waste of money and a noose around our children’s and grandchildren’s necks. 45% of the world’s wealth – vanished. And Congress is acting like a drunken sailor. I love my country. I willingling rise up to defend her! I believe in the Constitution! I will defend it with all that I have. The time is long overdue. We still have time, but precious little of it left, so we must act decisively and with bold conviction. Write both state and fed reps and keep the letters going. Get to know your neighbours and form groups. Educate each other! We can get our message to DC, and it has to be LOUD and CLEAR!

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