Day: March 15, 2009

The Continuing AIG Saga

Remember when TARP 1 was supposed to be used to ease the credit crunch and free up money for small businesses?  Remember when AIG was considered too big to fail? Now that $186 Billion Dollar Fiasco continues. A timeline is in order, and I ask that you read this until you understand it. It is time to stop skimming and skipping.  What is happening to our country is going on because we have told ourselves that the economic aspects of our lives are just too damn complex to understand.  We have allowed people outside ourselves to brainwash us into thinking…
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Glenn Beck’s 9.12 Project

This was the beginning: ...and then there was the 9.12 Project launch on 3/13/09.  This link keeps going down because of the massive amount of traffic hitting the new site.  Hang in there and keep trying because it is rapidly becoming the place to link up, network and exchange ideas about getting our government to listen to us or getting them out of office.   You know there is a problem when 72% of the country is against Stimulus 1.0 and it passes.  There has been talk about Stimulus 2.0 since the first abomination passed.  What are we going to do…
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It’s 8:45am; Do You Know Where The Loony Left Moonbats Are?

This is a story that I have not yet seen put up and it is a piece of information that everybody should be aware of and it also is a piece of the larger puzzle. Pay careful attention to verbage as it is very revealing, and then ask yourself, "Why Would Leftist Moonbat Politico even be printing this story?"  There is a story inside a story here.  Also, for my loyal readers, you know what to look for in these posts and the clues as to some of the rabbit holes I have been down are inside the post. "wink,…
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