The Federal Reserve For Dummies

The title says it all….educate yourselves.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

By Logistics Monster


  • I’ll check these out when I have the time later…

    Here’s our last contribution on the melding of North America…

    Now, in light of the Citigroup/our money going to Chinese business, there’s this other story which involves Citigroup that I’ve been researching…note how RE/MAX is already getting ready to cash in…As I mentioned already, this is the final segment of our accidental focus on the North American Community…which has turned into the sort of research nobody reads…It’s a TOTAL mind-blower, though!

    Mexico Plans World’s Third Largest Seaport, Will Impact U.S. Ports on West Coast; Citigroup to Help Finance?

  • Got the email late about the WAM thing…

    and already had this done! More info to get pissed over… and tied together to our previous work…The stuff about immigration will make a certain someone happy…NOT!! LOL!

    Obama on the Border: The Language Shift & Plan to Use Executive Orders–Tying It All Together (Security, Trade, Immigration )

  • Lee,

    I am still here….my life has interrupted my blog writing…but rest assured I am still researching and should be putting up something rather interesting very soon. In the meantime I am looking around to see what others have missed – because you all know, we are being bombarded on purpose so that we lose hope and give up. Do not give up; do not be overwhelmed; the pieces are all starting to come together.

    Nice to know I have been missed. 🙂

  • Diamond,

    You are missed, and I have fired off an homage to your “Don’t Panic” theme that should be up at InsightAnalytical soon…

  • I’ll never give up, Diamond. I may be overwhelmed momentarily, but I’ll always come out fighting. Isn’t that what Celtic women do?

    I will be coming back each day, whether I have anything to say or not. And yes, you are indeed missed.

  • The videos are terrific!!! I will send your link around. I’ve know about much of this for months, but so many are still ignorant. Our job is to wake them up (and soon).

    The mother f___kers who are trying to destroy our country/world should be rounded up, dumped in the middle of the Nevada desert and blown to bits. But that would be taking matters into our own hands; it’s best to leave their demise to God. I pray every night to God to help us.

    Thanks for all you do, Diamond.

  • lloyd lee -

    Very interesting, but I stopped watching after part I because of that GD banging noise in the background!

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