As you know, I did a radio interview yesterday with Central Park and Dr. Kate about The Federal Reserve.  I was interested to see who would show up today, and because I always let my readers know who likes to stop by, everybody give a wave to the Hearst Corporation and the IRS.  A few others have stopped by, (they know who they are), and once again, your identities are being protected because I believe that you are on the side of the Constitution and the American People.  As for the IRS showing up; I guess I hit another nerve again.  Not to worry though, dear readers, I am complying with the “volunteer” payment of taxes, and if any of you know a tax attorney that would like to answer some questions I have, please send them over.

All of that being said, here is the archived program for those that missed it.  It is of interest that there were 17 “guests” in the chatroom for this program, and as Central states during the interview, they usually have no more than one or two.

(Update: Everybody wave to Exxon Mobil)

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