The Tavern Is Open

citytavernLoyal Monster Readers:

The City Tavern is now open for business, discussion, and a meeting of the minds on liberty, equality, and human rights.

Please join me and some incredibly amazing bloggers as we delve into a meeting of the minds over issues of American Liberty and Universal Human Rights.

As Shtuey so eloquently states:

A new community blog has gone live tonight that will be examining various fronts in the struggle for universal human rights, and the protection of human liberty at home, and abroad. City Tavern is the name of the establishment in Philadelphia where the delegates from the Continental Congress congregated, exchanged ideas, and no doubt a few impolite words, as they struggled to find common ground, and move the thirteen colonies from the control of Great Britain to independency.

America, make no mistake about it, your federal government has been operating outside the purview of the Constitution for years. We are responsible for letting this happen, and we are responsible for ending it. Part of the Tavern’s mission will be examining that issue, along with the marginalized segments of our society that suffer the most from this abuse. It’s our country. We cannot look to our government to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, as it is the federal government that is abusing it.

I look forward to you joining the exchange and offering your thoughts and ideas.

As always, The Monster will still be here standing on the wall, or chasing mysteries down the rabbit hole.

By Logistics Monster


  • Monster,

    I went to the tavern, had me a sip of courage, and put my thoughts (a small part of them) on the table. Thank you. Your voice speaking for the Tavern is all I need to know that this is a good place to go with your thoughts.

    Thanks for all that you do, and I’ll see you before too long down one of those rabbit holes.

  • Thanks, Diamond. The City Tavern is now on my blog list.

    I have actually written a post at my blog ranting about our lack of representation when it comes to the criminal punk. My writing is still not what I would like it to be, but I think I get my point across.

    Check in when you have a chance. I did accidentally come up with a new word for the dipsticks in congress when I misspelled legislators. I left it in the post with the acknowledgment that I’m aware of the mistake.

    How does “liegislators” sound, guys? It works for me!

    God bless America!

  • I’d love to go, but I’m too far away to hit Philly these days…although I was there pretty often years ago….

    How about a discussion roundtable on this??

    While all the Treasury, stock market, stimulus, TARP etc. etc. crap foments, there is so much else going on that we don’t see where it’s all heading. Here is a great summary that may help tie a lot of the pieces together…

    The Council of Foreign Relations, the melding of Canada, the US, and Mexico is progressing nicely if you go down the list of “goals” for 2010….


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