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Silence Leads To Submission:

News Not To Be Seen In America:

But There Was No Problem:

“They Can’t Make Guns Fast Enough”:

…and lastly “The Comrade Report”. Someone please kick Gordon Brown back to the country we revolted against the first time.

By Logistics Monster


  • I’m going to attend one of the April 15th tea parties. Does anyone know of a simple article that shows the truth behind Barack Obama that I could print up to hand out? Things like how a drug abusing, mediocre GPA student got into Columbia and law school (Geithner connection), communist background in childhood and as an adult, muslim/radical connections (as in who paid for his law school education). Obama is actually a child of privilege and influence who has decided to implement a social experiment on the United States. My dad, who worked every day, never went to college, dirt poor background- put in a orphanage when his dad took off and his mom had to raise five kids on her own. Well, despite all this he has done well for himself. Now this PUNK Obama- child of privilege- wants to lecture him and take away everything he has worked for and still works for in his late sixties? Obama never had to work for anything in his life. I wish there was some way to wake America up. Anyway, if anyone knows of something I can print up to distribute, I would appreciate it.

  • Tim, I’ll see what I can find out. We need to fire up the American people! We need to be peaceful, but many. I’ll contact my Tea Party organizer to find out about your request and whatever else he knows about the April Tea Parties.

  • I was adding all these videos to a myspace bulletin when I saw this:

    MySpace Announcement
    Latest Update:
    Mar 5, 11:50pm PT

    Join me in becoming a part of Generation Forward, a conscious community that believes in the power of doing good deeds. Check out all the cool, progressive things you can get involved with now at: including a resolution program with socially and fiscally responsible acts like mentoring, food donations, paying your bills on time, and reducing your carbon footprint. You’ll also find information about MySpace’s first co-branded credit card. MySpace is teaming up with Citi to offer Citi Forward by MySpace, which rewards cardmembers for good credit behavior. As a cardmember, you also get exclusive benefits like VIP access to Secret Shows and movie premieres.

    Maybe I’m getting paranoid but when I read about a Citi and Myspace sponsoring “progressive” programs like this I get a little scared. Myspace already has a hold of the youth in this country. Not too many years ago people were kind of embarrassed to admit they had a Myspace and met people through it. Now when people meet each other one of the first things they ask is “do you have a myspace?” People’s lives revolve around myspace, I guarantee that the more they offer programs like this the more people will fall in line.

    Again I may just be paranoid but my gut says this is bad news.

  • 77Jack:

    Thant is freaking scary! They sound like a bunch of zombies, people programmed to follow. Citi is Wall Street, the Fed, and the powerful sociopathic corporations! Is there no end to their tentacles? I recommend putting an article on your My Space to address this; help educate.

  • Any of you who attend T Parties…

    Make sure your sign is _BIG_!!!

    There was a demonstration on a corner of my city last evening. I was stopped at a traffic light, and tried to see what it was a demonstration _for_, but for the life of me couldn’t read a single sign they were holding up. It appeared to me that many had full sheets of paper – 9 x 11 – and had 2-4 word messages on them. Wasted efforts! I think if you use 9×11, it should have ONE letter! if you really want it to be read from across a street!
    Some even had white poster board, but they appeared to be about 2’x2′ from across the street – and I couldn’t read those either. My vision for distance isn’t the best, but if people can’t read the signs/posters, there’s not much point in being there unless you just want to socialize…

  • Re: Border Problems
    I am willing to be that the “drug cartels” that are starting all of the problems down in Mexico are the CIA. The video even says that the demonstrations seem staged. The CIA fully fund and support the cartels and are their biggest customer. Joe Biden said that BO “will be tested in the first 6 months” and I think this is going to be his “test”. The FEMA camps were built for “uncontrolled mass immigration” (supposedly) and congress recently gave an order to build a minimum of 6 (even though there are 800+ in existence).

    Watch this carefully, Things are really heating up down there. Texas had calls in to Washington for 48 hours asking for help 2 weekends ago, and the White House would not return their calls. Texas finally told them to go to hell, they would take care of it themselves. The Texas National guard has been on high alert since then. Something big is getting ready to go down in Texas. The gov’t needs a major problem to develop to declare martial law, and Texas having a war with Mexico and seceding from the US would surely do it.

    Keep your powder dry, your heads low, and dig your foxholes deep!

  • It is my opinion that this is a trial balloon in advance of a much bigger plan that is in the works. I feel sorry for Texas, or any other border state right now. They will be the pawns in a very serious chess game that is being played by very rich and powerful people who stay in the background for the most part. But we’re on to them and will work against them every step of the way.

  • Lee,

    Don’t forget the northern border. Not that the Canadians are interested in invading, but all they need to do is turn an eye the other way while millions more militant Muslims creep across the porous, long border that’s barely protected (except, of course, from tourists).

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