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So loyal readers, want to go down the rabbit hole?  I want to thank a close blogger friend for sending me this information, and am asking you to go down the rabbit hole and investigate where this b*llsh*t leads.  What say you?  Are you game?  Start with this, and if you have any questions, let me know…and if you see that freakin’ rabbit, tell him I am gonna kick his ass.

FEMA’s Citizen Corps Partners With United States Power Squadrons

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced a newly-formed affiliation with the United States Power Squadrons (U.S. Power Squadrons) to support Citizen Corps, FEMA’s grassroots effort to strengthen community preparedness through civic participation February 21.  This partnership expands the Citizen Corps network of national organizations working in partnership for community preparedness; the U.S. Power Squadrons is the twenty-seventh Citizen Corps Affiliate.

“The alliance between Citizen Corps and U.S. Power Squadrons makes for a natural homeland security team as the U.S. Power Squadrons are playing an increasingly critical role in maritime safety and security via the America’s Waterway Watch and Waterway Awareness Programs,” said Corey Gruber, Acting Deputy Administrator of FEMA’s National Preparedness Directorate.

With over 2,300 local Citizen Corps Councils nationwide, Citizen Corps brings together and involves community and government leaders, community members and organizations in all-hazards emergency preparedness, planning, mitigation, response, and recovery.  Citizen Corps and the U.S. Power Squadrons each view community safety and emergency preparedness as a top priority for their respective organizations and the general public.

“Encouraging United States Power Squadron members to take on a larger role in disaster preparedness and civic engagement speaks to the core principals of our organization,” said Commander Creighton Maynard. Jr., “and, now, through this affiliation with Citizen Corps, we are delighted to expand the U.S. Power Squadron’s role in community preparedness through support for emergency planning, education and outreach, and training for the general public.”

The U.S. Power Squadrons, organized in 1914, is America’s largest non-profit boating organization dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable through public education in seamanship, navigation and related marine safety topics. They have 45,000 members organized into 450 squadrons nationwide and U.S. territories.

For more information about FEMA and Citizen Corps, visit and  To learn more about the United States Power Squadrons, visit

One more thing; who are the first 26 affiliates of Citizen Corps?

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  • I have a friend who use to work for FEMA and the Red Cross. He wrote a proposal for a civilian defense corps. I saw the evidence and had it in my hands not too long ago. After he wrote the proposal FEMA ran with it claiming the work as their own. The problem as he wrote about the civilian defense corps his mail was xrayed by the USPS.

    The reason my friend came up with this proposal is because there were definitely deficiencies in the FEMA system dating back to the Clinton administration. Why it is being drudged up in the public now is unknown.

    I think there is less to this than meets the eye. I read the original proposal and don’t see anything malicious in it.

    Just my opinion!

  • vet, I think your friend’s idea was probably fine; it is the co-option that concerns me. This admin is so well known for turning phrases to its own devices that we are well advised to check everything they do, for what usually lies behind the wording is contrary to our interests as a People and a Nation.

  • With all respects to navyvet, FEMA never does anything without an ulterior motive. Just like signing up clergy from all religions to talk to their congregations and console them into cooperating with the gov’t, when the time comes to turn in your guns as martial law is declared as they did in New Orleans after Katrina (and also going peacefully into the FEMA camps). I am going to keep my eyes open on this one, but I am sure it is because the Power Squadron and the Citizens Corps are very knowledgeable about their local area and citizenry.

    I wish I had more time to investigate this further because this worries me as much as them infiltrating the clergy. I am sure the civilians are being duped just as the clergy was and thinking they are doing a civic good. I will keep my eyes open and pass along any info I can dig up.

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