Rahm, Rush, and Newt

Grail Guardian left this comment very early yesterday and her question cuts right down the middle!

I’ve been thinking about this since last night, and the question that keeps popping into my head is this:

Why does Barack Obama want Rush Limbaugh to be the de facto leader of the Republican party?

The answer is simple: the two men represent the extremes on each side of the political spectrum. Obama can only be effective if there is a polar opposite to him, and vice versa. Obama scares them to the far left, Limbaugh scares them to the extreme right; those of us in the center are continually ruled by the extremes when they use this method.

Ironically, this is part of what Rush is saying in his pretty little speech, but of course his finger is pointed firmly left. Stop and think about it – he tells the conservatives not to let the liberals manipulate them or make them change their core values, but isn’t that exactly what both he and Obama have demanded that most Americans do? Give up your beliefs about freedom of choice if you’re for being economically conservative. Give up your belief in freedom of religion if you’re in favor of the right to bear arms. Give up the right to bear arms if you’re in favor of helping the poor and elderly, and on and on.

There’s one more thing they have in common: their love of criminals. Remember Rush’s little story about the CEO that used company funds to remodel his home? According to Limbaugh we are supposed to forgive that because by hiring contractors he “stimulated” the economy. So both these bastards think it’s ok to break the law as long as you’re rich and powerful enough to get away with it.

The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

Here is Rahmmyboy later yesterday:

Loyal Readers: you are some of the smartest people I have met in ages; what do you think? Is GG right?  What is the outcome they are trying to produce? What is the direction that the WH wants you to look in?  And could it possibly be that the WH does not want you listening to this? (Take  a moment to listen to Newt and tell me you do not become completely engaged in some common sense…)

By Logistics Monster


  • The point is to produce polarity and anger in the population as a whole, it doesn’t matter so much who it ends up being directed towards. For one thing, in the thrall of big anger, the little subliminal lies slip in underneath, unnoticed. You’re all being subjected to illusion, misdirection, and “black tech” psyops. Divide and Conquer, get people angry, attempt to force a confrontation and provide an excuse to declare martial law. Wake up people! Learn to recognize alpha state induction when it’s being forced on you. Richard Bandler has some good, if rather dated, lectures about hypnotic induction – available via most P2P factory outlets….

    Sparks work best when the kindling is fine, and the wood is dry and ready to burst into flame. They’re just laying the groundwork, waiting for a suitable spark to ignite *something* that pushes things and everyone in the country over the edge. Someone
    that just isn’t going to take it anymore and does something rash? Only a single spark is needed to fan the flames and put martial law in place.

    What better way to turn your followers into mind controlled sheep than de-humanizing the other side and screaming about the “Nazis on the right”, even as you lead your followers down the path to re-establishing the New Democratic Socialist Party. They’re close, and they know it. There will be even more “financial mis-management” and global crisis mongering coming fast and furious now…

    When the Democrats say the sky is falling and point urgently to the sky, you’d better look down because they’re busy stealing the rug from under your feet, your shoes, your wallet, and your pants, besides.

  • Rahm uses the word “failure” over and over as he talks about Limbaugh; the opposite of failure is success – that one who sits in the WH with the bare-armed b****h. He defines the usurper as the opposite of failure. That is Rahm’s job, to sell us his version of success: the downfall of America.

    I listened to Rush ask why he should not call for the O to fail, since the Dems always called Bush a failure. Read today’s NoQuarter entry about Teddie Roosevelt and see what a real president should be.

  • The Republican Party is still the party that allowed the President to erode our civil liberties, suspend habeas corpus, and tap our phones without warrants.

    Sorry Newt, your party is as bad as the Democraps. Peddle your false George Washington bullshit elsewhere muskrat head.

  • The smartest speaker at CPAC was a very young man named Jonathan Krohn. Go to my blog, msplaceddemocrat.com and listen to him. Johnathan says being a conservative is not about being a Republican…He reminds of Alex Keaton!

    Johnathan gets it none of the adults do. I think Obama’s most dangerous enemy is our friend…Johnathan Krohn! I like this kid. He is all about common sense!

  • Newt is right about Pelosi’s plane (it is costing us a small fortune, almost $6 million dollars per year!)! And he is right about Pelosi’s aerobics during bambi’s speech! He is right about the energy taxes. I get my electricity through an electric coop….my electricity is more expensive through them then Westar Energy. These taxes are going to kill us!

    Newt has it partially wrong all of Congress must be fired! They can read the bills if given the chance and Pelosi didn’t want it to happen!

    GG’s question was excellent! It has me thinking. Obama’s enemy is our enemy but not Jonathan Krohn. Please listen to him.

    Newt is right about Bush!

    Just loved those Cahtah days. Oh! Yeah! Right! And I do remember gas rationing!

  • “Remember Rush’s little story about the CEO that used company funds to remodel his home?”
    That’s incorrect. The story was about one of the companys that received a bailout using a large amount of money to redo their corporate offices. Rush’s point was that this is exactly what stimulus money was for – spending in the economy to get it going. That redo – ill-advised as it might be – employed a decorator, furnishing suppliers, painters, contractors, and who knows who else. The big bucks didn’t go in anyone person’s pocket, and it wasn’t illegal.

    >>Why does Barack Obama want Rush Limbaugh to be the de facto leader of the Republican party?>>

    Because it’s an Alinsky principle – “target your opponent, focus on it and destroy it”. They don’t present Rush truthfully – they skew whatever he says, “spin” it and make it sound like something else in order to turn people agianst him.

    “he tells the conservatives not to let the liberals manipulate them or make them change their core values, but isn’t that exactly what both he and Obama have demanded that most Americans do”

    How do you come to this? Rush does _not_ demand American change their core values – if you think he does, please describe exactly what values and how he wants them to change. As for Obama – do you really think that most Americans want socialism? Maybe they do…I don’t think so, but maybe they do.

  • I too believe that this administration is trying to pit us against each other. The goal I believe is to make them the answer to all of our problems, the problem is they are the problem.

    What has happened is that the ones who voted for him are not ones who are paying attention now. Those of us who voted against him are not as likely to react in a knee jerk way. Not to say that it will not happen but we have been aware that he is trying to light the fire.

    Most Americans who are not on the public dole for life, make decisions based on common sense. Common sense being the ability to wade thru the manure and make a prudent decision.

    I personal do not trust any politican at all they are all part of the problem and let this day come to America. We the people have to find answer I do believe we will find that solution with the help of God. Which when I feel there is nothing I can do I pray which is in my opinion the best thing we can do. I pray alot.

    Sadly I also feel that if this administration is not given a reason to enact martial law they will produce one. At that point I do feel there will be a revolt. I pray that I am wrong but the only way out of this is thru God, so I hope he finds us worthy of his help.

  • suek,

    Sorry to offend, but basically that is what Rush Limbaugh does every time he opens his mouth – tries to get us to agree with him, rather than think for ourselves (albeit not quite as obnoxiously as a politician because he needs to make money doing it). My basic point in this is that you can’t trust any of “them” – we are in this alone as protectors of the Constitution.

    I actually posed an abbreviated version of this question at Not Your Sweetie, and edgeoforever actually answered it quite well. It appears it’s one of the Alinski Rules for Radicals

    RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)


  • John H2O -

    I agree with Suek. Rush articulates what he believes conservatism is all about and he is right on the mark 95% of the time. Rush isn’t asking anyone to fundamentally change anything. Either you are a conservative, or you aren’t. What Rush does is educate people to the very real differences between the left-wing philosopy and the conservative philosophy. Conservative philosophy is that which this country was founded upon and of which the constitution was written. Articles like this one diminishes this website and leaves it open to the charge of “nut-jobs”. There is too much good information on this site that risks being labeled as “right wing fiction” if the bad information is left on here. Grail guardian is way off the mark on this one.

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