Grail Guardian left this comment very early yesterday and her question cuts right down the middle!

I’ve been thinking about this since last night, and the question that keeps popping into my head is this:

Why does Barack Obama want Rush Limbaugh to be the de facto leader of the Republican party?

The answer is simple: the two men represent the extremes on each side of the political spectrum. Obama can only be effective if there is a polar opposite to him, and vice versa. Obama scares them to the far left, Limbaugh scares them to the extreme right; those of us in the center are continually ruled by the extremes when they use this method.

Ironically, this is part of what Rush is saying in his pretty little speech, but of course his finger is pointed firmly left. Stop and think about it – he tells the conservatives not to let the liberals manipulate them or make them change their core values, but isn’t that exactly what both he and Obama have demanded that most Americans do? Give up your beliefs about freedom of choice if you’re for being economically conservative. Give up your belief in freedom of religion if you’re in favor of the right to bear arms. Give up the right to bear arms if you’re in favor of helping the poor and elderly, and on and on.

There’s one more thing they have in common: their love of criminals. Remember Rush’s little story about the CEO that used company funds to remodel his home? According to Limbaugh we are supposed to forgive that because by hiring contractors he “stimulated” the economy. So both these bastards think it’s ok to break the law as long as you’re rich and powerful enough to get away with it.

The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

Here is Rahmmyboy later yesterday:

Loyal Readers: you are some of the smartest people I have met in ages; what do you think? Is GG right?  What is the outcome they are trying to produce? What is the direction that the WH wants you to look in?  And could it possibly be that the WH does not want you listening to this? (Take  a moment to listen to Newt and tell me you do not become completely engaged in some common sense…)

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