Time To Take Our Medicine

Ultimately, “we”, the American people are to blame for what is happening in our country right now because we have been a trusting, sleeping giant and we have allowed progressively more corrupt Congresses and White Houses to enact laws that are counterproductive to the American Way Of Life, and now it is time to take our medicine.  The only question now is which medicine are we willing to take; the recession medicine or the depression medicine.  Are we going to clean out Washington, or are we and future generations going to be standing in the unemployment line while Bambi turns our beloved country into a Fascist/Communist/Marxist dictatorship?

1 in 9 homes in America are being foreclosed on and the Bambi Administration wants to drown 8 of those homeowners in hopes of saving the 1 that could not afford their mortgage to begin with.  The MSM is not going to explain the tax increases that are coming in this manner, but that is the truth.

What is happening right now is the biggest paradigm shift in the way America operates since the Revolutionary War, and I for one, am not going to let Bambi and his tax evaders turn our country into the soup kitchen he likes to portray it as.  The very fact that Bambi TAUGHT ACORN how to strong arm banks into giving ninja loans to people that would never be able to afford them is enough for me to want to find every avenue possible to get this snake impeached right now.

The numbers do not lie; the housing market needs to bottom out naturally.  The people that cannot afford homes need to be culled from the herd, and the markets need to stabilize themselves.  Everything that the Bambi Administration is doing is going to destroy our economy.

For those of us that are numerically challenged, Glenn Beck explains housing prices since the beginning of the last century.  Also, keep in mind, there are reports of this – which I believe is a rumor and am following to see if there is indeed any truth to these reports.  If there is, impeachment and revolution are the requirement, not a situation where we discuss and ruminate.

By Logistics Monster


  • Monster, you are correct. We ARE to blame. For being complacent and caught up in our personal lives to the point that we were immune to what was happening around us. They came like a thief in the night and stole our freedom and liberty while we slept.

    But we do not have to let them keep their ill gotten gains. If enough of decide we are not going to take it we can still overcome.

    Back in 1774, when the colonists had reached their saturation point they found that there were enough of them with the same determination to take a stand against King George the Third and tell him to stick it. Then in 1776 they made good their word and acted on it.

    Now, in 2009, we have a usurper in the White House bent on tearing down every thing that we and our forefathers built. Are there enough of us now who have reached OUR saturation point? We’ll see. Right now I don’t get around as well as I used to, but I will march on Washington. And in the meantime, I’ll do every thing I can locally to try to throw the bums out of office. If there was a concentrated effort to do just this before the 2010 elections maybe the politicians would think twice before they ram-rod more of their socialist bills into law. If we could just wake up America again as she was awakened in 1774 we still have a chance.

  • “Also, keep in mind, there are reports of _this_ – which I believe is a rumor and am following to see if there is indeed any truth to these reports”

    Any possibility of getting a synopsis of “_this_”?
    I can see it’s a liveleak, but I don’t have speakers on my old computer, so it doesn’t do me much good to go to video links…

    I’m interested…but frustrated!

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