Obama’s Martial Law Endgame

Do not be snookered readers; there is a reason why the insanity of the current government is being allowed to go full throttle.

I want to thank TruthIsGold for sending a link to me tonight.  I know that we all have read our history and have been digging to see what the endgame is actually going to be.  I personally have been following the money, the central banks, and various nefarious personas because I believe the Usurper in Chief is trying to create another perfect storm to turn this country into a dictatorship.  I would be as arrogant as The One if I believed I was the only one to come up with this theory.  I do not know if very many of you know who Pat Dollard is, but his words plow right through the center of the martial law problem.   I am not shameful enough to reprint his whole article, so make sure to follow the link and read the rest.

Now, before you get too excited, bear in mind that all of this was likely Obama’s goal. To bait us into rebellion. Boiled down, all of these state measures are threats of secession. Recall, if you will, Obama’s obsession to be the 21st Century Abraham Lincoln, and his ominous calls to recreate and rebuild America. Who was Lincoln? Why, he was the man who “preserved” the Union by way of implementing military force against states that had seceded. Lincoln knew full well that he would not be preserving the Union, but that he would be conquering sovereign nations, nations whose cultures and ideologies he would then have to destroy, and then remake, in the image of the North’s, in order to maintain their subjugation. And that is precisely what happened in the aftermath of Lincoln’s war of aggression. He didn’t preserve the Union, he changed it forever and handed unprecedented powers to the Federal Government.


Now I’m going to run with a theory.

So, what if Obama, Soros and Emanuel understand fully that our current, sudden, violent lurch into Socialism will not be tolerated by many to most of the American people, and that these people may possess sufficient physical concentration in order to secede in large territorial chunks, including those already defined by current state borders? They understand that they will be facing a crisis, right? Well, what is a crisis to the current Marxist regime of Obama other than an opportunity? Based on Emanuel’s stated philosophy, one can conclude that he and Obama seek the greatest crisis that they can possibly create. And this is it. Civil war born of broad secession is the Mother of All Crises, and therefor it is the nirvana of all crises. The current regime seeks civil war just as it seeks oxygen and food. And the actions of Abraham Lincoln provide the precise blueprint by which Obama can achieve all of his life ambitions. They provide the map with which he can navigate to the zenith of personal power, the desired destination of every narcissistic psychopath. Yes, he is a dedicated Marxist, but only insofar as Marxism is his chosen vessel to reach his ultimate goal of Absolute Power. He will defend Marxism until the day he dies, for Marxism is the only means by which he can be king, and being king is the only reason for which he lives.

In order to possess long-term dictatorial powers, Obama must recreate America as a Marxist culture and Marxist economy protected by both a limitless intelligence agency and a paramilitary police force. Once these goals are achieved, the traditional military will be preserved to support similar revolutions overseas, and to defend against foreign threats. (Subduing you is his first goal, but not his ultimate one. His brain his already 150 chess moves past the end of the upcoming American civil war. You are but stepping stones. In his mind, he’s already buried you.) Audacious? Yes. The epitome of change? Yes.

While you are over there, make sure to check out this link and add your name to the list if you so choose.

I do not believe in secession or civil war because that will give The Usurper In Chief his excuse.  I also do not live with the fear of being scooped up in the middle of the night, and I do not live with the fear of martial law.  There are way many more of us (Americans) than there are of them (Politicians), and dare I say, we are smarter. I am confident the answer to the martial law problem will present itself once we start asking the right questions.

By Logistics Monster


  • I am cynical as you know. I don’t like what Pat Dollard is saying and I am very cynical about it. What does Dollard get out of it if people stop protesting? Who is he answering to? Is he some sort of plant? He could literally put an end to the tea parties, shutting down people’s need to protest. He might be a smart man but I believe he is wrong. The military will not fire upon American citizens….evah! They will go AWOL or UA first. The idiot over there that said the Navy is more liberal is absolutely wrong!

  • I actually think Dollard is right about forcing us to the point where the Dipshit In Chief declares.

    I believe his theory to be sound. That being said – I am not planning on stopping because of fear of martial law…and that is all I am going to say about that.

  • I signed up on the list. As you know there are gun owners here who are looking to me for leadership. I have been asked to just that. And as you know I will. No doubt about it!

    I don’t think the states are declaring sovereignty for secession, they are doing it for financial reasons. They can no longer pay for increased Medicaid roles and other things like welfare because they end up violating their own balanced budget laws.

    Since budget problems for states lag in recessions, their problems will go on long past the federal governments. The states have a sixth sense on all of this!

  • Very interesting. Check out the article called “What you thought he was kidding” at Cinie.wordpress.com- it comes up Cinies World.

  • There’s only one problem with Pampers’ plan. American soldiers will fight for Americans, not Pampers. He can import as many UN goons as he likes. Between our own armed forces and private gun owners, he doesn’t have a chance. Martial law also requires action from Congress. He cannot invoke it by presidential fiat. But chances are he will be removed from office before any of that happens anyway.

  • Navyvet48,

    Dollard is not a plant. I was reading him in the early days of the Iraq war – he’s for real. I haven’t been reading him since he changed his format about 2-3 years ago – I find it annoying(I should check it again – he may have changed it again!).

    As for your statement that the US Military would not fire on US citizens – I wish I were as sanguine. Remember Kent State – I know that was National Guard, but that’s even closer to the people. I _do_ agree that the role of the military is a vital one if an attempt to overthrow the current government is considered.

    As for the concept that “they’re just pushing for you to start a rebellion – so don’t”…that’s a self-defeating idea. One that is certainly tempting, but if there’s another way – get it out there. If rebellion is the only way, then threatening rebels with a “you might lose, so don’t start” threat is a non-starter. It’s a big country, and at present, we have a small military, and it looks like the budget is getting smaller.

    Obama has started his civilian equivalent to the military, but as yet I haven’t heard of any military type training – if he gets that, I’ll get really nervous. He intends to starve the military.

    You might find these site interesting…


  • Shtuey – that is what is making people so nervous – it is my understanding that he can declare martial law without Congress thanks to Bushy. I will find the order or part of the patriot act that allows this.

  • Suek – Dollard is not the only person I know of that understands the theory/plan. I am putting this out there so that people understand and know why so much stuff if being thrown at us so fast and what their outcome is. What we decide to do about it is something altogether different.

  • I’ve been having this thought myself lately…that, no matter who is putting out the “revolt” vibes, it’s playing right into the hands of the government. Even before He got (se)lected, Obama made it clear that he wanted a civilian force greater and better funded than our military(which looks to be forthcoming as he is taking monies from the Defense Depts upcoming budget). If that wasn’t a major clue I don’t know what it would take. A crisis of rebellious proportions would be right up Obama’s ally-plan. And, yes, a presidential directive by Bush cleared the way for martial law that by-passes Congress. It’s the “continuity-of-government” directive. The Plan is obvious and the players are playing. Now, we’ll just have to see who wins the game.

  • I don’t know what to say or think. I only know that I will never cave in. No matter what Obama says or does, He will never be my president.

    The fact that he continues to refuse to show any documentation to prove that he is eligible to be POTUS, even with a law suit filed by active members of the military, who surely do have standing.

    I think the “tea parties” are a good. Didn’t Martin Luther King, Jr, say that Civil Disobedience was the way to go? At least it’s a good first step, since all our letters, emails, and phone calls to our elected representatives did no good. The few, like Ron Paul, who have the guts to speak out on any matter are ridiculed to the point they back-track like Richard Shelby. And even if some agree with us they are too afraid to admit it.

    What is everybody (myself included) afraid of? The unknown – the fact that there is something sinister about the way Obama came on the scene so suddenly and was able to advance to where he is now, with untold amounts of money from unknown backers. Some of us have our suspicions and will never quit searching until we find the truth, or we leave this earth.

    Like Diamond Tiger, every time I go down one of her rabbit holes in search of an answer, I come upon another trail in the rabbit warren that is this mess our country is in right now, and go in search of the answer to yet another question. But as Diamond says, I’m also convinced that when (and we will) find the answer to all this, we will also find that at the center of the web is an evil so dire that we dread finding it, even as we keep trying.

    In the meantime, I think the “tea parties” are a good thing to start people thinking. After all, wasn’t a TEA PARTY the first in the taking our freedom from King George? Ironical that it was another George who started taking it away.

  • What makes anyone think that some of our military is not drunk on kool aid? These are the worst times in my 73 years. I am angry that so many Americans voted for this person with out digging into his past.
    Their tears of joy at his stealing of the election could turn into tears of desperation. This fake has no intentions of creating jobs here. Had he wanted to create jobs..most of the money would have gone into that direction..not meaningless areas which mean nothing to the citizens of this country.
    I curse the democrats and the democratic party for putting all of us through this nightmare. I thoroughly disliked bush..and would have never voted for him. But after I saw obama in action during the primary campaign..I stated..obama will make bush look like a boyscout. I still believe that to be true.

  • To put in my 2 cents…I signed up on the list as well and while I pray that it doesn’t come down to Martial Law or Revolt or fighting in the streets, I dunno, I just get this feeling that when all this comes to a head it’s not going to be peaceful. There are just too many people with too many solid beliefs that their side is right. If the economy literally crashes and people have no money to get food there will be riots and with the riots there will be predators and society will break down. The government will move in to stop it. The military may revolt, but the government has mercenary armies like Blackwater and then there’s the UN. Our military is strong but it’s small.

    There’s a part of me that feels that there is a lot of dead weight in our society and that there needs to be a culling of the heard. That may sound harsh but I feel we have tipped the scale too far into decadence and immorality and there’s going to be “something” that will move the scale in the other direction, to restore balance. I’ve never been overly religious but I feel like I’m being pulled towards it, pulled towards God. Maybe I read too many fantasy novels where everything it polarized into good and evil, but I feel that’s what’s happening to the world we live in.

    You read that Obamanut site, Diamond, those people will never be like us. They will never stop wanting something for nothing. Then there are the people who want the New World Order. Why? Why do they want all the power? Why do they want to control everything and have all the money? They already have more than most of us could ever imagine, but they want more. I just don’t understand it. They too will never change though. They will never say “oops, well you caught us. We’ll just go back to being regular people”. No, even if we get Obama out of office there will be someone else put in his place. Then what do we do with the Bankers and the Bilderburges and the Illuminati and the Trilaterals and all the rest?

    I’m kinda working myself into a frenzy right now, but I really have no one else to rant to. Through all this I feel terribly alone. I know there are real people behind the screen names and the computer screens but we’re all so spread apart. I know I have my family and a couple of friends but we’re so few. Who do you trust? Who’s doing the right thing because it’s the right thing and not because they have an agenda?

    At the same time I’m thinking of all this I don’t want any of it to happen. I want to keep playing World of Warcraft and hanging out with my friends and basically just screwing off. I want to live the “American Dream” and have a wife and a kid and a house and a car. I want summer BBQs and swiming in the pool. Those things just aren’t going to happen though. Things are going to change because they have to and it sacres the holy hell out of me. I am not ready for what is coming, but I am determined and intelligent and I am preparing as best I can. My time in the military taught me a few things and one was that the human body and mind can endure a lot of abuse and keep on going.

    I’ve been typing this up at work and in between phone calls and people asking me to do things I’ve really lost where I was going with all this. I guess my point is that I really do believe we’re headed for something big, even though I don’t want it to happen. And one thing I’ve come to realize about life is that it is the things that we don’t want to do that will bring about the most positive and beneficial change.

  • To 77jack-

    You say that you feel that you are being pulled towards God. That is a good feeling to have. It proves that although you are distraught over what has and is happening to our country you still have hope.

    You’re absolutely correct. This is a fight between good and evil. There is an evil entity that has been trying to take over the world for a long, long, time. It is a powerful Cabal with untold trillions of wealth, and an enormous amount of power, and not satisfied with what they have they still want more.

    Along came a likely candidate they could use for a front man and they are doing just that. The needed a personable, selfish, greedy, and thoroughly corrupt person to do their bidding. Obama is only the puppet of this nefarious bunch, and was chosen partly because they knew he would appeal to the minorities and the elitists alike. And by using the racist propaganda they would appeal to the guilt complex in the elitists and the “it’s our turn” minorities. With their enormous wealth and power they got him elected. Now he is doing their bidding.

    Mark my words, when he has reduced this country to absolute poverty, they will discard Obama and step in to pick up the pieces and re-make our country to suit their own plans. The ones they have been hatching for years. Be it socialism, communism, or something worse, it will not be America as we have known it.

    You’re right in leaning toward God. He is the only onewho can help us now.

    Not the Supreme Court, not the Congress, only the people who still believe “In God We Trust”.
    The every day men and women like the ones who fought for and founded this country years ago.

    Don’t give up. As long as we have people searching for the truth like Diamond Tiger and others like her, and loyal citizens like you, there is still a chance to save our country.

    Now I’ll get down off my soapbox. Thank you for inspiring me to get this off my chest.

  • BTW, if you follow the chain of where this information comes from it will lead you to neo-Nazi, racist, Jew hater Hal Turner. The Judeophobia and racism in the comments on his blog just go to show that even among those who claim they are defending the Constitution, and talk about the founders of this nation, are bigoted rat fuckers that don’t believe in the founders’ view on religious tolerance and equality.

    This country is fucked.

  • Shtuey – man you are rabid today. The information came from LiveLeak – he is just a crazy loon that likes to put shit up without checking it out. Do I believe the rumor – nope, not yet…but do I believe that it is possible? Yes, I do not trust any of them..and as we are one the subject – I don’t trust Newt either – he just made some salient points.

    We still do not have a leader in this country – but I think the day when someone emerges is coming and it won’t be a politician.

    Have hope friends – the tide is turning.

  • Lee- I’m glad that I could help you out. I was very nervous about posting that comment 🙂

  • To – 77jack,

    Don’t be nervous about posting your thoughts on this blog so long as they are not obscene. I come to this blog myself because I think Diamond Tiger is an understanding kindred spirit who loves this country and is determined to do all she can to remind the rest of us from whence we came, how this country was born, and to keep us alive with hope.

    She is more than aware of the evil out there, but it doesn’t prevent her from digging deeper to expose those who would like to subjugate us to a life that is completely alien from that which our forefathers fought and died for.

    It is by expressing our thoughts that we can reach out and touch others who feel as we do. Keep hoping, and I’m sure Diamond Tiger would say, keep commenting – it is a way of keeping our spirits up.

  • I don’t believe we’re screwed. I don’t know if my comments here support that statement or not but I wholeheartedly believe everything is going to work out.

  • Wow… I can’t believe the ignorance some people have. The bigotry is absolutely amazing. We have a BLACK president and all of a sudden all the white hicks go around proclaiming to the heavens that he’s the USURPER in Chief. Sorry, you’re old ass white butt fucker McCain didn’t get to be president. Thank God, because he would have died in office, and then we’d be stuck with that stupid, illiterate, embezzling bitch Sarah Palin.

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