Month: March 2009

The Center of The Web; Let’s Start With The Lawyers

(4/2/09 Author's note: Debevoise?  Nice Browser!  And for Debevoise and Davis - why are you looking at the Bilderberg list when the Pilgrims are running the show?) (4/1/09 Author's 2nd note: Davis - you should donate to the Monster!) (Author's Note: Please refresh the page from time to time and go to the end to see the who's who that has come by to see this post.) On New Year's Eve of 2008, I published the first article in the series 'America's Economic Collapse: An Intricate Web of Money, Power, and Political Agendas' which I then moved to The Fed…
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Today’s AYFKM? AND Adolph Hitler Fascist Dictator Awards: Barack On His Way To The G20

Just a little visual reminder of the similarities between these two insecure male egos questing for love and recognition, yada, yada, yada.... and then we will get onto business because You Are Not Going to Freakin' Believe IT!!!! This must be chappin' Hitler's butt.  Do you think the American public is footing the bill for the 500+ Entourage, shipping of "the Beast", other limosines, and his decoy fleet of helicopters?  I WANT MY PIECE OF THE PIE BACK!!! From GuardianUK: Prospect of Barack Obama show causes UK to clear its decks With an entourage of 500 staff, an armour-plated limousine…
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Tea Party Cancelled? Send A Message To Washington And Start Packing Your Bags

This post has been a few days in the writing, but now is a very good time to put these ideas out because now I have a great segue into it.  We have reached the crossroads folks, and we have to make a decision.  More and more people are becoming "awake" to the fact that our government stopped listening to us awhile back.  We did not want a bank bailout; it happened, and over half the money went to foreign banks.  We did not want the stimulus plan; a $1.2 Trillion fiasco; they did not read it and passed it…
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The Second Revolution Has No Leader…Yet

I do not know too many people that could have said this better.  What is it going to take people?  The Government taxing us into complete submission, or coming to your door to take your children away for their "mandatory service requirement"?  By then, it will be too late.  If Canada Free Press has a problem with me shamelessly reprinting the whole article, they can let me know  - but I don't think that is going to happen. From, (believe it or not), Canada Free Press: A Revolution without a Leader By JB Williams Saturday, March 28, 2009 Two recent…
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