An Interesting Video

(Update: I put this video up this morning, and guess what…someone is trying to hack this post.   “You” can stop trying…ain’t gonna happen.) H/T American Rose 4 Freedom: Go here and view this on YouTube so that we can get this video to go viral!!! Also, if you haven’t downloaded this video so that it … Read more An Interesting Video

The Snowball Is Getting Bigger!

hmmmmmmmmmmm… many more today, tomorrow…… Major General Says President’s Eligibility Needs Proof ‘Most Important’, What I Really Want Is The Truth On the heels of two active duty members of the U.S. military serving in Iraq calling for President Obama to prove his eligibility to be president, a retired major general has agreed to join … Read more The Snowball Is Getting Bigger!

Problems With Upgrade?

Hopefully this will be the last freakin’ time I have to do this manual upgrade…evah!!! If you have problems or the site is acting weird – please email me. Many Mahalos, Diamond P.S. If you are one of “those” people still using IE (TIM!), scroll down to the firefox logo and go upgrade.  IE has … Read more Problems With Upgrade?

Today’s AYFKM? AWARD! The Police Are Not Your Protectors

I would like to believe that the police really do want to “protect and serve”, but we all know that particular phrase is just lip service to what we have been experiencing all over our great country for years now.  I came across a news article that I could not let go by because of … Read more Today’s AYFKM? AWARD! The Police Are Not Your Protectors

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