America Is A Police State

Thought I was joking about Seattle Police being Nazis? Thought I was going off the deep end for moving out of Washington State?  How much worse has it gotten in the last 6 years?

Check this out; brought to you by the Seattle Police:

When are Americans going to march on City Hall about the out-of-control POLICE State?

By Logistics Monster


  • I cannot imagine anything that girl could have done with her shoe that would justify these 2 cops attacking her like this. The PD will come up with some BS to justify it, but let’s face it; this is our future. And this is a 15 year old girl who was probably arrested for stealing or drug use. Imagine what the treatment will be like for those that oppose Big Brother.

  • The police are out of control. The cop that did this is on “paid administrative leave”, meaning he got a paid vacation for this act….a real deterrent to try to keep other cops from doing this in the future. We are all in for a long ride because things are just beginning. As the economy sinks further and people get more desperate, the cops will get more aggressive, and they will continue to get rewarded to encourage this type of behavior.

    A large sum of money has been spent already (in the name of the “war on drugs”) and more was appropriated in this last stealfromus bill, to militarize the police. Police in my area (New Orleans and surrounding areas)now have a couple of tanks with all kinds of high tech surveillance equipment, numerous large caliber weapons, and God only knows what else, and they are now getting financing to get more!

    Fasten your seat belts, the ride is just beginning and it will be a bumpy one!

  • This is disturbing beyond words.

    There is NO justification for the extreme level of violence this police officer used against this girl. She wasn’t armed, for pete’s sake. That her assailant is still being PAID after assaulting her like that is reprehensible.

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