Just Waiting….

I know that people are just waiting for a leader to emerge that will bring everyone together to march on Washington….I still don’t know who that is going to be but I do know someone has planned a date. I will investigate further, but this is for your consideration…and the left thought we were just going to keep sitting on our couches, watching our tvs, shopping at Target, and paying their mortgages because the Republican leadership was slinking away with their tails between their legs.  I got a message for the LIBERAL LEFT:


(H/T Shtuey – you revolutionary bastard you!)

Oh – and I guess I am on my way to D.C.; either July 4th or September 11th.

America Is A Police State

Thought I was joking about Seattle Police being Nazis? Thought I was going off the deep end for moving out of Washington State?  How much worse has it gotten in the last 6 years?

Check this out; brought to you by the Seattle Police:

When are Americans going to march on City Hall about the out-of-control POLICE State?

Rush Limbaugh Gives Keynote Speech At CPAC

You know that Alice has gone through the looking glass when Rush starts making sense. I will keep adding each progressive segment of this amazing speech as they are added to Youtube.

An Interesting Video

(Update: I put this video up this morning, and guess what…someone is trying to hack this post.   “You” can stop trying…ain’t gonna happen.)

H/T American Rose 4 Freedom:

Go here and view this on YouTube so that we can get this video to go viral!!!

Also, if you haven’t downloaded this video so that it does not disappear – better get right on that!

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