Problems With Upgrade?

Hopefully this will be the last freakin’ time I have to do this manual upgrade…evah!!! If you have problems or the site is acting weird – please email me.

Many Mahalos,

P.S. If you are one of “those” people still using IE (TIM!), scroll down to the firefox logo and go upgrade.  IE has serious backdoors for hackers!

14 thoughts on “Problems With Upgrade?”

  1. Seriously, I’ve been reading over the site and have been waiting for the “hahah gotcha!” but if it’s there it’s not where I can see it. God I hope I’m just not getting the joke…

  2. I’m sorry Diamond Tiger, after I posted it I realized I should have just emailed you but there’s no option to delete your own posts.

    It’s one thing to know something and another to see it. My mind kind of exploded for a minute.

  3. I’ve switched to Firefox- thanks for letting me know.

    I looked at that site- I thought if was a parody. You aren’t saying it is for real are you?

  4. American Genie- See, that’s what I was thinking too… that it was all satire because some of those comments are just so over the top, but nowhere did I find anything that said or hinted at it being satire. It really sickens me to read that crap.

    Diamond Tiger- I can’t wait to see what info you have.

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