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In other news, I wanted to leave a little reminder for all the U.S. state governments, Global governments, U.S. and world oil companies, law firms, and all the others who shall remain anonymous, Barack Obama’s Constitutional Eligibility to be president will continue to be questioned and lawsuits will continue to be brought until the correct plaintiff and verbage checkmates the Supreme Court justices into doing their job, and then the situation is going to become very interesting.

Americans (in general) really, really, really, hate liars, thieves, and con artists.

By Logistics Monster


  • And High Treason isn’t too high up on the list of things that most American like, either.

    Should he be found to NOT be eligible, he and Nancy Pelosi are both guilty of premeditated High Treason, and they should both be tried by a military tribunal and treated to a globally televised, public execution by firing squad.

    Lincoln square would be an appropriate venue for that little event, should such a thing come to pass.

    The order the two events (the trial and the public execution) take place in wouldn’t be of particular concern – they could get around to the to trial afterwards – whenever it was convenient. And doing this might restore a bit of respect for our Constitution and would do wonders for America’s image abroad.

  • Careful what you say, Bob. You may be answering questions of the Secret Service. They have questioned others for less recently.

    Don’t get lost down there, Diamond!

    God bless America!

  • The Larry Sinclair book can be ordered on Barnes and Noble now. Might be interesting to read.

  • Scott Easterling one of the soldiers who is questioning his eligibility is the one I am worried about. The military has been all over my site today…msplaceddemocrat.com reading his story. He may be in some trouble…like court martial type trouble! Scott put everything on the line. I hope he can hold out through his trials. The military can be pretty vicious….I never was but the higher ups can be!

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