The Blob Is Spreading

How many of you remember the movie “The Blob”? I swear that movie is the only way to describe what I keep finding.

I was not planning on writing anything for a few days because I am reading and background processing some information that I received over the weekend and trying to integrate it into the whiteboard web, but I could not let THIS go by.  My loyal readers will know exactly where I am going with this.

Rattner to Join Treasury as Auto-Industry Adviser

Steven Rattner - CFR Member
Steven Rattner - CFR Member

Steven Rattner, co-founder of private-equity firm Quadrangle Group, is joining the Treasury Department as a counselor to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, and will lead a team advising the Obama administration on the troubled automobile sector, according to a person briefed on the matter.

In recent months, Mr. Rattner was rumored to be the administration’s top pick to be the so-called car czar. But that speculation died down last week when the administration said Mr. Geithner and National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers would co-lead an auto-industry task force that would include various members of the administration and special advisers. Mr. Rattner wasn’t believed at the time to be a member of that team.

Mr. Rattner will also be advising Mr. Summers, this person said.

Steven Rattner, as well as Lawrence Summers and Timothy Geithner are all Council on Foreign Relations members.  Can someone do the math and tell me the odds of that?

I forgot to add something here for everybody that is just joining us.  You may be asking why I think the Council on Foreign Relations is just such a bad organization?  Go here, get a taste…

By Logistics Monster


  • Diamond, you keep burrowing more and more rabbit holes for us to dive into. This one has been coming for some time but I didn’t realize it was this close upon us.

    The Blob is a good name for the entity that is spreading its vast gooey expanse over everything and everybody that gets in its path.
    Unlike the Blob in the movie, this nightmare has many willing helpers to spread its poison. And not a Steve McQueen in sight. Just some worried and concerned bloggers to try to spread the warning.

    You say that Rattner, Summers and Geithner are all on the CFR council. Summers and Geithner are also Trilateralists. I don’t know about Rattner, I haven’t checked that out yet. What would you like to bet that they are also members of the Bilderbergers.

    Could you tell me what there is in Rattner’s background that would make him an expert of the auto industry? His first experience was journalism, then banking, now the auto industry? He invests media and communications companies globally, his wife Maureen White is the National Finance Chairman for the Democratic Party, and Rattner manages the fortune of Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City.

    He’s going to be a busy little bee. Perhaps his job will be to oversee the nationalization of the auto industry, and if the CFR is able to put into motion their plans of a North American Community (as per your link in the above post) perhaps move the auto industry to Mexico, or to bring all the Mexican unemployed up north to work in the auto plants for lower wages and sans unions. If the auto industry is nationalized, of course, the unions will be out. They are greedy SOB’s but the man and woman working on the floor shouldn’t be penalized for the unions greed.

    Please enlighten me further on this Blob. It wouldn’t be fair to leave us hanging by our fingernails. There must be something urgent or you wouldn’t be giving up your down time for it.

  • I have skimmed that pdf file before. Last summer I looked into some of the stuff you are researching now…I dropped it because I got so involved in Obama’s ACORN as you well know. I am learning now though! Sorry I dropped it back then!

  • Diamond, when I try to comment on the web post about the Bilderbergs I get shut out. I got in here by the back door, bu clicking on to your previous post. I can’t get anywhere from your Home page. Has the Blob eaten me?

  • Lee – there seems to be some trouble this morning…it’s either The Blob or my server. There has been a spike this morning in traffic…lots of universities and public school systems. If it keeps up – email me.

  • Shoulda posted this earlier but I read this on last week:

    In lieu of appointing a single authority to help guide the restructuring of the Detroit Three, a senior adviser is suggesting that Obama instead plans to look to Treasury Secretary, Timothy F. Geithner; National Economic Council chairman Lawrence H. Summers, and Ron Bloom, a labor union and corporate restructuring expert. The three men will work with a presidential auto industry oversight panel, with Obama “reserving for himself any decision on the viability of GM and Chrysler.”

    I like the last part there where Obama reserves FOR HIMSELF to decide on the viability of two thirds of our auto industry. I didn’t think Presidents could grant themselves power to do anything. The whole article is here:

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