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The Bilderberg Group is part of the web that I am researching; though I have not spent as much time on them as I have on the CFR.  Here is a piece, from 2003, that I found today that you might find rather interesting.  I am only quoting a few paragraphs, but if you have the time, read the whole article – it’s amazing and will give you the starting background you will need for the adventure the Monster is taking you on.

The Masters of the Universe

The Bilderberg club is regarded by many financial and business elites as the high chamber of the high priests of capitalism. You can’t apply for membership of such a club. Each year, a mysterious “steering committee” devises a selected invitation list with a maximum 100 names. The location of their annual meeting is not exactly secret: they even have a headquarters in Leiden, in the Netherlands. But the meetings are shrouded in the utmost secrecy. Participants and guests rarely reveal that they are attending. Their security is managed by military intelligence. But what is the secretive group really up to? Well, they talk. They lobby. They try to magnify their already immense political clout, on both sides of the Atlantic. And everybody pledges absolute secrecy on what has been discussed.

The Bilderberg mingles central bankers, defense experts, press barons, government ministers, prime ministers, royalty, international financiers and political leaders from Europe and America. Guests this year, along with Rumsfeld and Perle (US Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz is also a member) included banker David Rockefeller, as well as various members of the Rockefeller family, Henry Kissinger, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos of Spain, and high officials of assorted governments. The Bilderberg does not invite – or accept – Asians, Middle Easterners, Latin Americans or Africans.

An influential Jewish European banker reveals that the ruling elite in Europe is now telling their minions that the West is on the brink of total financial meltdown; so the only way to save their precious investments is to bet on the new global crisis centered around the Middle East, which replaced the crisis evolving around the Cold War. (emphasis mine)

A super secret club of billionaires sworn to secrecy; can that be good for the rest of us?

By Logistics Monster


  • hello m’dear,

    yes, the bilderberg group has been “in business” for quite some time. old man rockefeller (the granddaddy of them all) is rumored to be a central protagonist in this game of “stratego.”
    someone we all love has been rumored to have been in attendance at one time, i can only hope that to be a falsehood. the marionette is putting on quite a show, and i feel confident that we will cut the strings in short order.

    maintain command, mama monster:)

  • Petunia! So good to see you again.

    I will be bringing you more on the bilderberg very soon…stuff you can’t find on the net.

    I do not believe it is a falsehood and we will find out soon enough.

    As for the marionette – less than 6 months.

  • As long as there have been societies, there have been secret cabals and those that deny their existence. The Bilderbergers are the modern form of a group that goes back thousands of years and is based on an ideology most of us are not even aware of. Their very existence is made possible by the preposterousness of their very being. They hide in plain sight, and we choose to ignore their presence simply because we do not wish to acknowledge from whence they come.

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