Adolph Hitler Fascist Dictator Award

I do not personally think that Bambi is a radical communist, rather he is vying for the Adolph Hitler Fascist Dictator Award.  The birth certificate and Constitutional Eligibility issue is NOT going away Bambi; better hire more lawyers.

H/T to American Genie for sending me this info.  Please pass it around.

Obama Acronym = One Big Ass Mistake, America!

…one more item of interest; welcome back KBR and Halliburton.  I am guessing you heard the radio program last night?  Did you enjoy reading The Fed page?

By Logistics Monster


  • I have always loved Alan Keyes. He is a very well educated man and well spoken. He should not be dismissed. One of the few great ones.

  • Keyes / Palin in 2012.

    Assuming, of course, you actually hold to the belief that North Americans will be permitted to have an election in 2012.

    Given the current administrations plan to have the Constitution suspended under the “Continuance of Government” powers – invoked due to civil uprising and the declaration of a “domestic emergency” and subsequent imposition of martial law, targeted to take place during the summer of 2012 – it’s looking somewhat doubtful that elections are going to be held.

    Qui habet aures audiendi audiat

  • Excuse me, what is with all the plans to beat obama in 2012? We need to continue to hammer at him with everything we’ve got to get him removed from office way before then.

    Support Alan Keyes in his efforts, support Gary Kreep & United States Justice Foundation, even support Orly Taitz & Phil Berg. Write to your representatives over & over again.

    Citizen Welles has a post today re: Richard Shelby of Alabama, who I am having a continuing correspondence with on this issue. The difference in what he last wrote me on January 7, & what was reported in the Cullman Times that he said at a recent town hall meeting is quite encouraging. I think Senator Shelby might be persuaded to question the natural born status more officially. I have a letter & other documents going out to him tomorrow.

    They don’t seem to read the posts regarding this on the internet, so it is necessary that we write & send all the info that we can gather. Please write your representatives today. Send them copies of the bogus COLB, the actual press release from the state of Hawaii, a list of all the states that are now considering legislation to assert their sovereignty under the 10th Amendment, & anything else you might feel is relevant.

    We can change the minds of some of these reps, I just know it. I have faith that we will be successful if only we don’t get complacent. If you are more comfortable calling your reps, do that. Just do something, please!

    God bless America!

    Thank you, Diamond!

  • Genie! You are correct. I have actually gone on record with friends and family as giving him six months before he is out of the white house on impeachment charges. The center cannot hold when the center is such a lie. Keep it up – I tried talking to my senators and reps but they aren’t talking or writing back to me…what did I expect? I live in Hawaii.

  • “I do not personally think that Bambi is a radical communist, rather he is vying for the Adolph Hitler Fascist Dictator Award.”

    I disagree with you on this – Fascism is defined as a Nationalist version of socialism, Communism is defined as an International version of socialism. Obama is defintiely a “World Order” sort of person – so I consider him a communist, even if not a “Communist”. He sure as heck can’t be considered “Nationalist” – I don’t think he even _wants_ to be an American – if it weren’t for his political ambitions, that is.

    Regardless of which side you come down on, he’s a Marxist.

    “Liberal Fascism” is a really good book – even if not exactly an easy read. Check it out.

  • Suek – I saw that book this weekend and it is yhe next book on my list after Confessions of an Economic Hitman and The Secret History of the American Empire by John Perkins. I feel like we are way behind but catching up fast.

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