Day: February 22, 2009

Just Because You Can, Does Not Mean You Should

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the whole "money" issue?  Have you decided that it is just too complicated to try to figure out?  Has no one ever said the main reason for the revolutionary war that created America was to keep the Bank of England from owning everything we create?  Well here is your chance to understand fiat banker money, and it may explain why you get those butterflies in your midsection every time you think about loans, banks, interest... yada, yada, yada.  Are you one of those people, like myself, that has always HATED banks?  Welcome to the "Central…
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Adolph Hitler Fascist Dictator Award

I do not personally think that Bambi is a radical communist, rather he is vying for the Adolph Hitler Fascist Dictator Award.  The birth certificate and Constitutional Eligibility issue is NOT going away Bambi; better hire more lawyers. H/T to American Genie for sending me this info.  Please pass it around. Obama Acronym = One Big Ass Mistake, America! more item of interest; welcome back KBR and Halliburton.  I am guessing you heard the radio program last night?  Did you enjoy reading The Fed page?
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