No, this is not another series like “Riddles”, but it IS all about the riddles and the very interesting visitors I have had since the beginning of this little blog.

Central Park of “Kicking Back With Central Park” has asked me to do a radio interview covering the puzzles, riddles, and the importance of paying attention, following your gut, and asking the “right questions” when something seems out of the ordinary.  So mark your calenders for this Saturday, February 21st at 11pm eastern.  I am hoping my loyal readers will wish to join Central and I as we discuss the puzzles, and I look forward to your questions.  The call in number is (646) 727-3807.

By Logistics Monster


  • Phone number noted and although this is past my usual bedtime I will be looking forward to the event.

  • O/T…thanks for the Skype info…

    Did you see Clinton??

    Anything More Nauseating that Bill Clinton Shilling For Obama on Greta Thursday Night?? (2/19/09)
    (Posted today at IA)

    And I have some interesting info on what’s going on with newspapers in the earlier post I did for today…

    See you soon!!

  • Thanks GG – I just went and read it and just have to think “Are we going to listen to anything that the “other side” is trying to brainwash us with?” They want the American People to panic. Remember this is Soros! Our economy is actually doing pretty well if you look at previous recessions. “Numbers Don’t Lie” covered all that.

    They want us afraid so we continue to let them pass these big spending bills that WILL TANK OUR ECONOMY, but you know that already…

  • George Soros is the Jaybird who started this whole ball of wax rolling in the first place. It isn’t the first time he has ruined the economy of a country. He is a scum-bag of the first degree from way back.

  • Anything the media is saying is only useful if you use it to gain an understanding of where the “party” wants to focus your attention.

    The banner-front-page “bank crisis” is being used to hide something else – but it also serves a double purpose since it begins to normalize the idea of “nationalizing financial institutions” as being something “good for the nation”. Frog. Water. Boil.

    Personally, I’d be more concerned about the NSA, Scitor and Project Gandalf. SkyNet is coming soon to a country near you!

    Here, attention should fall in particular on the ways in which biopolitical stipulations of the worth–or lack of worth–of human subjects are, quite literally, cast into the software code that operates increasingly automated and multi-scale surveillance, targeting and killing systems. Thus, the new technoscience of the urbanized RMA [Revolution in Military Affairs] concentrates on distinguishing ‘normal’ urban space-times and ecologies in the global north, so that the apparatus of an increasingly militarized police state can be used to discipline those deemed ‘abnormal’. (Stephen Graham, “Surveillance, urbanization, and the ‘Revolution in Military Affairs’,” in D. Lyon, Theorizing Surveillance, Uffculme, Devon: Willan Publishing, 2006, p. 264)

    So many hidden little hidden “gems”….


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