The Anti Porkulus Socialism Revolt Continues…

Here is a call to all Kansas residents that do not believe in trickle up from the crack-smoking addict economic policies of The Messiah, and are looking for a reason to get off your couches and get MOVING!

H/T to Michelle Malkin for this.

Calling anti-porkulus activists: Next stop…Kansas

Reader Amanda e-mails: “A protest has been scheduled for Rep. Dennis Moore’s office (D-KS) in Overland Park, KS on Sat. the 21st at 10 am in response to his support of the Stimulus Package.”

From Seattle to Denver to Mesa to Overland Park, the grass-roots movement for fiscal responsibility is spreading.

What are you doing to make yourselves heard and hold the wealth redistributors accountable?

And another thing…if you aren’t DVRing Glenn Beck on Fox at 5pm Eastern – what is wrong with you?

By Logistics Monster


  • Maybe I’m crazy, but wasn’t the time to hit the streets BEFORE the bill was passed? Let’s hope the movement can get in front of the ball.

  • This is a way to let the shitheads who voted for the stimulus bill that their futures are in danger. They may find out we don’t want them back in Congress. Plus there is a stimulus II on its way. We also have to face the upcoming omnibus spending bill for our budget. There will be earmarks in that bill too. Maybe worse than Stimulus I and II.

  • To show how things are different from one area to another, in New Orleans they have started a recall petition against Joseph Cao (he just got elected and defeated Dollar Bill Jefferson), because he voted AGAINST the bill. They are mad a t him for voting against billions of free money!!!! Such sore WINNERS!!!!

  • Perhaps the rest of us need to support Cao, if that is truly the situation.

    Thanks for the alert, Diamond! This is what we need – communication about the resistance. Be sure to let me know if you hear of plans for anything more easterly…

  • Diamond, I never miss Glenn Beck. I began watching him during the campaign (while he was on cable, and before I quit watching cable) In one segment he really blasted the bull that Obama was dishing out and he called it exactly what it was BULL CRAP. The person watching with me said, is he allowed to say that on tv? I laughed my head off almost, and from that evening on, I never miss Glenn Beck.
    I was glad to see Fox give him his own show on a respected network.

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