An amazing number of people have viewed the Tsunami Media Alert: The Trojan Horse Is At The Gate…See What’s Inside post and now you will have the opportunity to listen to the woman behind Wake Up America Movement and the research for “The Trojan Horse” and all the new legislation that is coming right behind this stimulus bill to absolutely bankrupt America.  Tune in; call in; and get involved!


Wake Up America Movement Representative


will be the guest this coming Tuesday on my radio show,

“Let’s Get Real With Reuben Torres,”

and will discuss “What To Do to Stop Washington Madness!”.

Wake Up America Movement discusses practical political
strategies for defeating the slick DC takeover by Chicago style machine politics – and
exactly why these critical actions are needed now. Find out what you can do to
really make a difference.

The future depends on you! Don’t miss the insider info presented here.

“Lets Get Real With Reuben Torres ” is an open
forum where topics on politics, immigration, health, education, and other
global issues, that affect our country and the world at large, are discussed
and debated at local, national, and global levels.

“Lets Get Real With Reuben Torres”

airs every Tuesday evening from 9:00 pm to 10:00 eastern
pm unless otherwise noted.

To listen to the program, go to: Let’s Get Real With Reuben Torres
All are welcome to participate by calling (347) 327-9003

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