(Author’s Note:  Bloggers; I suggest you spread the following information about the protests because the MSM, as usual, is not covering it.)

Are you willing to protect the Constitution against all enemies, Foreign and Domestic?  Have you forgotten what it means to be SO BLESSED as to be born an American Citizen?  DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT THE COST OF FREEDOM WAS?  Has Obama broken down your spirit so intensely with his cowardly rhetoric about the economy in it’s death throes that you are now ready to insert the Koolaid I.V. and be “reborn” in the Obamanation of a country on it’s way to fascist dictatorship

We have been hearing from the Obamanation for what seems like eons and true American Patriots have finally said “enough” to the economic doomsday rhetoric, the bowing and scraping of the sycophants, and the “we won” philosophy of the Democrats in Congress which has just disenfranchised most of the population, created indentured servants of numerous generations to come, and quite possibly brought the world economies to their knees.

The MILLIONS of Americans that DID NOT VOTE for The Messiah and the MILLIONS that are changing their minds who do not believe his lies, or the lies of the pack of hyenas that he has surrounded himself with are now STANDING UP, SPEAKING UP, and ACTING UP!

Bambi; you were not listening and now you shall see what it means to be a true American.  Once again, you and the Corruptocrats have over-reached!  Americans are NOT SOCIALISTS.  Americans are NOT FASCISTS.   AMERICANS are a breed apart.   AMERICAN BRAVERY has saved how many countries from fascism, dictators, and invaders?  England, France, Poland, Germany, Romania, Yugoslavia, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Albania, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq; I’m sure the list goes on.

Americans do not believe in punishing the creativity that has sustained this country and helped it THRIVE for over 200 years.  Americans believe in being rewarded for hard work, integrity, innovation, and intelligence.  AMERICA IS THE GREAT EXPERIMENT and it has succeeded beyond anyone’s imagination because of American Citizens, and IN SPITE OF THE GOVERNMENT. That SUCCESS is why the rest of the world fears and hates us.  The souls of every true American Patriot hear the Founding Father’s voices whispering “We The People” and “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.  The Corporations and Banks have so tried to anesthetize and control the American population that what follows must be a bit of a surprise to the Corruptocrats, their Special Interest Minions, and The Federal Reserve. From this red-blooded American to any that want to socialize this country, move to Sweden post haste and do not let Old Glory snap you in the a** on the way out.

First It Was Seattle, Monday February 16th, 2009:

Seattle Porkulus Protest 2-16-09
Seattle Porkulus Protest 2-16-09

Seattle Porkulus Protest 2-16-09
Seattle Porkulus Protest 2-16-09

Then it was Denver, February 17, 2009:

Denver Pork Protest 2-17-09
Denver Pork Protest 2-17-09

And now on to Mesa, Arizona, February 18, 2009 (From Michelle Malkin):

First, Seattle.

Then Denver.

Next stop: Mesa, Arizona.

President Obama will be there tomorrow to push his massive mortgage entitlement expansion.

The opposition will not be silenced.

KFYI is taking the lead. Go here for all the details.


By Logistics Monster


  • There is a new post up today at “insightanalytical” that is a must read for all of you that believe enough of our tax money and our future has been handed over to foreigners whose main goal is to bring us down and establish their own form of government.

    The links at the end of the article will curl your hair, if you haven’t pulled it all out while reading what the powers to be have in store for this country.

    Keep up the good work, Diamond.

  • Consider it shared! Thanks for the post & the great photos!

    Also, thanks, Lee for the tip on the article.

    Email on its way to you, Diamond.

    God bless America!

  • Diamond, it was so subtle that I missed it. Caught it on the second time around. Also the one about Seattle and all the extra pictures. Thanks- I’ll know now when coming to your site to watch for every word. Now I have to re-read all your posts and see what else I missed.

  • I just wanted you to know I put together an email with links to your website and W.A.M encouraging everyone to go there and read for themselves. I also encouraged them to forward it to all their friends and family also. I’ve highlighted HJ Res 5 today on my facebook account and added several notes with links and info on it too! It’s not much but at least I feel like I’m trying to help wake people up. I just glad that we’ve got you and W.A.M. and other conservative forums and blogs that we can find these things out. As I said today ignorance in this case is not going to be bliss. People worry about their health and want a balanced diet…why wouldn’t they want that with their minds? The media has become the garbage in my diet..the top of the pirimid…limit it to very little if I want to stay healthy longer…this is if I want to stay free longer! Thanks for all you do!!!!

  • Lee, I guess I am going to have to write a post about the power of curiosity and asking the proper questions. Hopefully you will be able to tune in this coming Saturday night for a radio interview I will be doing at 11pm est. More on that coming very very soon.

  • Celestial! Wow – what a great analogy about the MSM being the junk food of our society! Thanks for sending out that email and encouraging people to educate themselves.

    I am still trying to get used to that “conservative” moniker that everybody is labeling me with – I do not think of myself as conservative – just as an american following the constitution. I am sooooooooo tired of labels.

  • hey girlfriend…

    it sure is a frightening time…checking on u..

    off to c The International this wknd and will reference ur research after i c movie…hope all is well…let’s catch up soon!!

    (posted this!)


  • Princess, You Rock! Thanks for the linkup – the MSM isn’t going to tell Americans that Americans are marching!

    I will make a point of seeing that movie also this weekend and we’ll have common point of reference to start from, yes?

  • I really like this blog, and it made my day to see the pictures. Thank you, glad I stopped by again. Be back tomorrow. Keep up the good work.

    Clinton-Dem/Independent( former 40yr. Dem ):)

  • Well slap my balls and call me Charles! Americans are actually doing something. Let’s see if it sticks.

  • Blue – thanks for stopping by again – I may not post for a couple of days because I am working on something right now – but rss my feed to that you know when something new goes up.

  • Thanks for the good news for a change, Diamond! Anything you can post about these events in advance would be great so people can try to attend!

  • DaveinPhoenix -

    I could swear that I don’t see nearly as many Obama bumper stickers anymore…..sure would love a picture of some fool out there in the middle of the night scraping the stickers off of his/her vehicle. Hehehehehe…..

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