Time To Slam The Founding Fathers

I am not surprised that the Media is starting to slam the Founding Fathers due to the rise in patriotism and the resurgence of Constitutionalism in our country during the dark days of Obama.

I will continue to be on the lookout for more of this:

Hidden History “5 Things You Didn’t Know About  George Washington”

By Logistics Monster


  • Slamming the founding fathers is another anti-American ploy. It shows that stomping on the Constitution it so easy for the Left and the Fraud in the WH. By the way the fraud changed his story on the money to Gaza. WND is backing him. I still don’t like the fact we sent any money to Gaza because it just goes in to pockets at the corrupt Hamas and PLA. It will never trickle down to the people. The fraud is stupid.

  • Some time ago I cautioned anyone who had any old history books to save them, as the new ones being written and put in our public schools bear no resemblance to the ones we had when we were in school. Little by little they are deleting our heroes and inserting their false ones. It’s sad that to teach any child the truth about the history of our country you have to use a book that is at least twenty years old. The new crop that came out this year are worse than ever. They are portraying Obama as the saviour of our country and he has only been in the WH a few weeks, and has done nothing yet but talk, talk, talk, and get us further and further in debt.

    I don’t know who that jay-bird was that Steve Ducey was interviewing, I didnt get the introduction, but whoever he is he’s full of manure. Another paid obot of Obama’s probably, looking for his fifteen minutes of fame. To come out with that garbage on President’s day, fox must be hard up for news.

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