Chuckie At His Best

You remember this from last week?  I cannot currently print my thoughts about Chuckie and his comments about us, but that time is coming….

It appears that someone else is very upset about Chuckie’s statement that we just don’t care; Leland Conway and his listeners at WLAP 630.

Chuck Schumer Knows How You Really Feel About Pork
Thanks to the listeners of News Radio 630 WLAP for dropping off over 1500 bags of pork rinds last week.   We’ve boxed ’em up and sent them to Senator Schumer’s office in Washington along with this letter.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
313 Hart Senate Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Senator Schumer:
On behalf of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the listeners of News Radio 630 WLAP in Lexington,
We are proud to present you with these bags of delicious pork rinds.
It is with grave concern for our own welfare and that of our children that we reprimand you for your
careless remarks before the United States Senate during debate over the “American Recovery and
Reinvestment act.”
Many of our listeners were angered by your assumption that “Americans do not care about pork.” When
they voiced their concerns to you through traditional channels they were constantly rebuffed by your staff
and form emails from your office informing them that you had no time to respond to them because they
were not your constituents.
Given that assertion, how then can you presume to pass judgment on the cares and concerns of the rest of
the nation outside of your own state?
The fact is, Americans do care about the wasteful spending and corruption in government.
Remember that Government has nothing that it doesn’t first take from its citizens. These hundreds of
bags of pork rinds should serve as a clear message to you and your colleagues that we are nearing a tipping
point and the American people have had quite enough of Washington’s antics.
Furthermore, Kentuckians being a resourceful and thrifty people, as evidenced by our recent reaction to a
devastating ice storm which affected every part of our state, we would hate for these traditional southern
snacks to go to waste. Since your Democratic colleagues saw fit to leave the military and the brave men
and women who defend our freedoms mostly out of the many “porky” benefits of the stimulus package, we
ask that your office volunteer to ship these pork rinds to our troops deployed overseas so that they might
enjoy a tasty snack.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
God Bless America,
Leland Conway
Dusty Dan
Jason Phillips
News Radio 630 WLAP

Go here to see more pics.

By Logistics Monster


  • If it makes you feel any better, I’m a constituent of Chuckles, and I got a form letter, too.

    I’m all for truth. Hows about this for a response, Senator Schumer:

    Dear Useless Pissant,

    Stop e-mailing me and annoying me. I couldn’t care less about your moronic opinion! When I want it, I’ll give it to you. I am involved in things that are so important and historic that your tiny brain couldn’t possibly comprehend them. SO stop pestering me with e-mails and phone calls and go give what’s left of your miserable little paycheck to Barack so we can have some more Wagyu beef and lobster.


    I think it captures the essence of what you want to say…

  • Bravo Grail.

    I think that is his attitude in a nut shell. He is not my senator, but mine are just as bad. The responses I received from Barbara Mikulski’s office were along the same line. Thank you, but I am too busy kissing Obama’s a## to listen to any complaints about his citizenship or birth place.

    Let’s face it. Most of them are just like Schumer. They think we want what THEY want, and really don’t care to find out any different.

    WE DO CARE ABOUT PORK – especially when it is taken off our own table and wasted.

  • Wow Lee and GG – you actually got responses from your senators? I keep telling people I live in obamaland…there is the proof.

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