Day: February 16, 2009

First Honorary Democratic A** Award – Lindsey Graham

To borrow a line from Glenn Beck; "You are the Protectors of Liberty", which means you have a couple of questions to ask yourself. Am I a true patriot that believes in the principles laid down by the Constitution and the Founding Fathers, or am I a socialist sheep that would be running for South America if I were a Nazi SS officer? What, when, where, and how am I willing to protect these principles and liberties for myself, my family and future generations? No answer required; it is just something you need to start thinking about and have clear…
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Chuckie At His Best

You remember this from last week?  I cannot currently print my thoughts about Chuckie and his comments about us, but that time is coming.... It appears that someone else is very upset about Chuckie's statement that we just don't care; Leland Conway and his listeners at WLAP 630. Chuck Schumer Knows How You Really Feel About Pork Thanks to the listeners of News Radio 630 WLAP for dropping off over 1500 bags of pork rinds last week.   We've boxed 'em up and sent them to Senator Schumer's office in Washington along with this letter. 2/13/2009 Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) 313 Hart Senate Building…
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Numbers Do Not Lie

I, and other bloggers like me, have been accused of "nit-picking" the idiot child that is now in the White House (when he isn't taking the weekend off for "date-night" with Mishy in Chicago), and not giving him the benefit of the doubt.  We all know the spending bill that the out-of-touch congressional majority just passed is not going to help our economy, in fact, we pretty much agree with the CBO that it is going to flatten our economy in the long run, but here is where the numbers do not lie.  Take the time to read it and…
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