Everybody Wave….

….to Davis Polk & Wardwell.  Welcome to the site.

By Logistics Monster


  • Would that be Wardell as in the biotechnology and drug development consulting company? Fancy meeting them here. Welcome!

    [ waves ]

  • To begin with their firm supports Democrat in campaign donations. Records indicate money was given to Dodd, Gephardt and Hillary Clinton. They gave quite a bit to Dean in 2004 and then to Kerry in the 2004 elections.

    However I believe they are the firm representing Obama in his very expensive fight to hide his true identity and all his records. Despite campaign rhetoric even his records from being an IL Senator have been swallowed up by a black hole!

    This fraud has an agenda…which is real. He however is not real. He is a figment of his own mind. He has no substance, he is truly the emporer without clothes….

  • Hi Diamond,

    I’m waving and waving and waving. I want to be sure they know I am here.

    BTW – sometimes I click on the same link in a short time if I want to recheck on something. Hope I don’t get banned. I enjoy coming here.

    Am going to do some checking on Davis, Polk and Wardell and see what I come up with. Must be something important or you wouldn’t have mentioned it.

  • Navy – I think it’s Quinn of the Quinn blah, blah, blah law firm that has been on the site. Anybody has any information, leave it here. I smell blood in the water.

  • Diamond, is that Davis Polk and Wardwell< not Wardell?
    If so, I think it might be your Federal Reserve posts that they are interested in. They were the lead counsel to the Treasury Dept and the Federal Reserve New York in the $85B AIG case.

    Also Interested in the “new economy”, outsourcing, etc. from globalization and currency manipulation by governments and their central bankers.

    They also played a key role in Freddy Mac and Lehman Bros. matters.

    They seem to have their fingers in every pot. Hired Annette Nazareth, formerly with the SEC. Have you been writing anything about the dereliction of duty by the SEC in the Ponzi scheme perpetrated by Madoff?

    Got to go now, but I’ll keep digging. No, I haven’t clicked quite that many times and can’t imagine who would, unless somebody is trying to keep your public from getting through. I told you although I’m not having the trouble I had before, there for a while things were running very slowly. Seems to be better tonight. Got another rabbit hole I want to investigate – see you later.

  • Lee – that would be the correct Davis yada yada yada. Amazing isn’t it that they would be here, yes?

    What this tells me is that….haha stay tuned. My readers are smart enough to understand what I mean.

  • Diamond, there is also a Davis Polk and Wardell as you had. It seems Wardwell or Wardell however he wants to spell his name at any given time has the same connections as the Wardwell. Am I making any sense? It’s 11pm here and I’m tired, but I’ll tune in tomorrow.

    No, Diamond, it isn’t amazing that they would want to be here. The things that have been appearing on this blog are hitting close to home. Were they present at the recent G7 meeting with Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke?
    The one where globalization was discussed? After I get a few hours of sleep I’ll have to find out or I’ll go nuts. Will check in tomorrow.

  • Did you every read JoAnneMor at Blogster- she has some interesting articles as well.

  • Sunshinelvr -

    Just wanted to say ‘Hi. I have been keeping up with your posts as much as I can. Since I switched to Firefox browser, I have had no problems! thanks again on the suggestion.

  • Along the lines of slamming the FFathers— noted on GMA this morning how everyone was talking about what a racist Lincoln was. ‘Course, the Little O and his Borg are not racist.

  • Even if Lincoln was a racist doesn’t that say something more about his character than if he wasn’t? Isn’t that saying that he could see beyond his own prejudices and do what was right for the country as a whole rather than do what was right for himself? Perhaps he didn’t feel that blacks were equal to whites, but he knew that ALL men needed to be free if this country was to stay whole and strong. We’re only human after all and we all suffer from fears and prejudices.

  • Okay Kids – I think I know who is representing Obama and am currently looking for confirmation – I do not think it is Quinn….stay tuned.

  • Jack,

    Mr. Lincoln’s “emancipation proclamation”(lower case intentional) freed slaves only in Confederate States over which he legally had no control. Slaves in northern states were not freed until after the war. I read a quote recently in which Robert E. Lee stated that he would have never surrendered if he had known what Mr. Lincoln had in store for his country after the war in the guise of “reconstruction.”
    In other words, dying for his principles would have been better than what Mr. Lincoln did to the South after his most honorable surrender.

    Go to rice.edu & read the Papers of Jefferson Davis. Enlighten yourself on the history that you were never told.

    God bless America!

  • This is a message for Davis, Polk & Wardwell. You keep coming back here to check the messages and I did not want your time to be wasted. The conversation has moved on – you may want to also – unless of course, you are going to become a patriot and hang with the unwashed masses…

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